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7 Powerful Proven Methods to step out of Comfort Zone


Comfort zone is the most harmful thing for personal growth. It’s not an easy job to step out of your comfort zone because as the name says it is a person’s most comfortable and safe zone but you should keep in mind the most important point that growth never comes with being comfortable.

If somebody has achieved something bigger in his life, the first thing which he did was to step out of his comfort zone. 

Now you must be asking, “ How can I get out of my comfort zone ?”

I am going to list 7 habits which you should implement in your lifestyle which will help you succeed to get out of this cosiness.

  1. Leave bad Habits
  2. Self esteem
  3. Set your goals higher
  4. Fears are enemies of growth
  5. Make targets for short terms
  6. Procrastination 
  7. Become astrologer of your life
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

Leave bad habits

A person’s habits decide what he will achieve in his life. Developing the right habits is the first and most important step which will help you to step out of comfort zone and walk on the road of success. Right habits include waking up early , prioritizing the main works , not spending uselessly the savings on unnecessary stuff etc.

I know it will be very difficult for you to change your habits. Your mind will force you to sleep more because it has become your habit. Keep in mind that changing habits is not overnight work. It needs patience and 21 days of rule.

What is 21 Days of rule ?

According to a study, if you do the same work for 21 days continously, it feeds into your subconscious mind and you don’t need to force yourself on the 22nd day to do the same work because it will become your habit. So in order to change a habit you need to do the right thing smartly and continuously for 21 days.

The thing to keep in mind is that you cannot force your mind to move in a different direction because your mind is a lot stronger than you can even imagine. But anything in this universe can be controlled by emotions of  fear and the same thing applies to your mind.

If you can successfully convince your mind that after doing the wrong work , your life will be destroyed then your mind will develop the emotions of fear and will itself stop your bad habit.

You can do this in the form of storytelling. you can even visit the place like a cemetery if needed.

For example, Imagine If you are a becoming a drug addict, then to develop the fear in your mind you should go a drug addiction center and tell your mind that this will be future if you will take drugs for a long term.

Later you can take yourself to a cemetery and narrate the story of fear to your mind there too.

Self esteem

If you seriously want to change your life and leave the comfort zone, then you have to believe in yourself. You have to build self confidence. Self respect is the most important quality which every successful person has. It stops a person from doing things which can harm other people.

If you are in the 20+ age group and you are still not earning enough to even sustain yourself then you have lacking this ability in yourself. You have to stop taking unnecessary gifts from anyone. You have to understand your mind that you can earn them yourself.

By implementing this ability in your life, no comfort zone can bind you with itself. You will even forget what is a comfort zone because your focus will only be growth.

Set your goals higher

Do you know why only 5% of people become successful in their life ?

The problem of people is not that they make goals and they do not achieve them. The main problem is that 95% of people make goals which are so small that they achieve them very easily. The majority of people think very small because they don’t know about the power of thinking.

If you will think big, your mind will help them to make strategies to achieve that bigger goal but the majority of people don’t believe this philosophy due to which they always work their whole life to earn bread and butter. But the ones who understand this thing at an early age are the 5% ones who became successful.

If you also want to step out of your comfort zone, then you need to set your goals higher.

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Fears are enemies of growth

There are two very strong emotions in the human i.e. fear and greed. A person can easily be controlled by using these two emotions and smart people actually use them.

A person’s fear of losing his job stops him to try something bigger and his greed of salary stops him from quitting his job. This is exactly what is called a comfort zone. To grow in life and get out of the frustrating life, you have to learn to handle these two strong emotions. If you can battle the war with your emotions, 90% of the work is done. 

Make targets for short terms

We have already discussed about setting your Goal higher but the sad part is that the majority of people who set higher goals also quit in the middle of the goal because they don’t make strategy to achieve their goal.

It is not possible for a person to keep patience in himself every time because goal achieving will take 2-5 years depending on how big the goal is.

As you have read in the last point that greed is the strongest emotion so now it’s time to implement that thing for your use. To have consistent motivation, You have to split the long term goal and make small short term goals of that major goal also. 

For example, if sahil wants to become a cricketer and he has set the bigger goal to play in the national team then he can’t play in the national team directly. First he has to play district level then state level then under 19 level. After then he can play in the national team. So here District level, State level and under 19 are the splitted short term goals of sahil to achieve his bigger goal to play in the national team.

This process will make it very easier for you to step out of your comfort zone.


Procrastination is one of the major reasons due to which some people are never able to leave their comfort zone. They will keep on postponing their important tasks and goals which they had decided earlier to achieve and will do unnecessary stuff to waste their time. Actually these people are controlled by their mind chemical dopamine. This chemical only gets released when you will do some work which you enjoy to do and get pleasure instantly.

For a long term goal , you do not get instant pleasure but when you play a video game and win a level in 5 minutes, you will get instant pleasure which your body loves. This is the major problem of unsuccessful people.

If you are also suffering from this poor habit, you need to start a task list where you have to write work according to prioritizing.

You have to make your brain understand by constantly repeating yourself about the harmful effects on instant pleasure things in the long term.

If you constantly repeat the harmful effects with emotions, your subconscious mind will capture this thing and will help you to focus on the prioritized things.

Become astrologer of your life

To leave the comfort zone and achieve something bigger in life, you have to become capable of seeing long term effects of what you are doing right now. You have to understand if you are wasting your time today, time is not coming back again and after the next 10 years, you will be only left with regrets. You have to become the astrologer of your life.

Your today actions can change the rest of your life.

If you want to succeed and achieve something in life which the rest of people can only imagine, you have to take action right now. Don’t wait for the right time to come because it never comes. You can only make the time right whenever you want. 


To make yourself better and your future shinier , you have to pick some strict steps today. You will be uncomfortable in the short term but after some years, you will be glad that you took this step today.

Just implement all the steps mentioned in the post, I guarantee nobody can stop you from becoming successful in your life. You have to keep patience in implementing all the steps. Life cannot change in a single day. All the best for your future.

If you have any questions , please write in the comment section below. I will be very happy to help you.


1. Why some people are never able to leave comfort zone ?

It happens because our emotions are the strongest in the body which some people never understood due to which their bad emotions overtake their decisions.

2. What comfort zone means actually ?

Comfort zone is a situation when a person is unable to change his habits which directly affects his growth.

3. What are the examples of comfort zone ?

Drugs , Alcohol , Pornography habits.

4. Is it okay to be in comfort zone always ?

It is easy but it is most harmful thing for a persons growth. If you do not want to grow in life, you can stay in your comfort zone.

5. Is comfortable life is same as comfort zone ?

Comfort zone is exactly opposite to comfortable life. Comfortable life comes when you are financially free but comfort zone stops you from achieving anything in your life.



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