Customer Lifetime Value(CLV): A prediction of the Net Profit

Simply put, Customer Lifetime Value is the estimated spending that a customer does in your business over time. For the CLV metrics, they consider a customer’s total revenue value and compare it with the customer’s predicted lifespan.  Based on the current stage of a customer, you will be able to calculate a customer’s monetary value … Read more

Generate business ideas of great impact and big money[In 2020]

Being an entrepreneur and running a company is not easy. But with perseverance and continuous efforts one can become a success. This long path starts from the initial step of coming up with a game-changing idea.But I see that most people get stuck at this very step. This is why I am writing this blog to … Read more

Brand Building: Guide to long term success[Updated 2020]

Before going into the mechanics of how to brand building. Lets first understand what is branding. Very simply put, branding is anything and everything that you do to establish a connection between your desired entity(yourself or your company) and target audience.When it comes to doing branding for their company, most people think choosing a name … Read more

Selling Techniques: Learn and enhance your product sales

Have you ever been shopping in a place and the salesperson there awed you with there selling techniques? And you dream of employing such people in your business, but you can’t find one. So let me tell you, no one is a born salesperson.Few people make it look easy with the amount of preparation and … Read more

Business Strategy: Planning for great success?[In 2020]

Developing a business strategy for any brand big or small, new or old is a very essential part.It helps you prepare a realistic plan for whatever vision you have with your business. A strategic plan is different from a business plan.A business plan is about setting goals and deciding steps necessary steps to achieve them … Read more

Color Psychology: Useful in branding and marketing[In 2020]

Color Psychology refers to the study of how different colors affect and stimulate human brains. Researches show that a large percentage of people show the same pattern when exposed to different colors.I think this is probably because of the years of evolution of human brains. Though it is not totally correct because it is a … Read more

Human Resource planning to grow your business[In 2020]

Your organization may start with just you being there doing coding, sales, receiving customer helpline calls, writing checks, and whatnot.Like most others, you may have started this business with the dream of having a huge empire with many employees and customers. But as you grow into a company of multiple employees, it’s not easy to … Read more

Online Beauty Product Store- 5 points to start the Business

Are you interested in the cosmetic industry? Do you want to sell cosmetic products online? Here are some facts and information about the Online Beauty Product Store business model. Every person uses personal care or beauty product in their daily life activity. But people who live in the metro or big city do not have … Read more

How To Get Funded By Angel Investor In India 2020

Do you need finance for your startup ? Don’t worry angel investors are ready to help you. Angel investor is an affluent individual who provides capital for a business startup suppose you are planning to start for introducing a business startup so as an entrepreneur or as a young entrepreneur and you want to start … Read more

Government Scheme For Business Loan

On 8 April 2015, the Government of India announced the launch of Mudra loan saying that it will benefit entrepreneurs by expanding their existing business or by starting a new business. It announces 3 government scheme under the Mudra loan. SCHEME LOAN UPTO Shishu 50000 RS Kishore yojna 50000 to 500000 Tarun Yojna 10 Lakh … Read more