Business Plan for Startups – Startup India

A startup or start-up is a company, how are in the early stage or a starting by an entrepreneur to seek, effectively develop, new business idea and also validate a scalable business model. why Innovations for business plan for startups is important. Innovations may progress more quickly in a focused startup than in an academic lab and also a … Read more

BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application – Admissions, Specialization, College and Jobs

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is one of the most chosen. Bachelor degree programs amongst the youth after their High School. This program consists of complete knowledge about Computer & its Application. It gives you sound knowledge about the Computer. And after BCA it gives you sound knowledge. To pursue MCA as it is a … Read more

Best 6 Important Business models in E-commerce

First of all, we have to know what is e-commerce? So, e-commerce is buying and selling of goods through the internet. Let’s discuss business models. 6 Main Business Models in E-commerce B2B- Business to Business B2C- Business to Consumer C2C- Consumer to Consumer C2B- Consumer to Business D2C-Direct to Customers B2G-Business to Government Conclusion Frequently … Read more

What is Organising? Detailed outline.

Most of us heard this term organising but only few knows what it is ? In business this is the second function of management after planning so, let’s start a detailed on organising. And understand in dept what it is. what is in it for me Definition of organising Process Of Organisation Significance of Organising … Read more

What is staffing? detailed information.

You may hear the name staffing. Do you know what it is and how it works? It is one of the most important functions of management and it deals with the selection of people for an organisation. so let’s start a detailed blog on staffing. Whats if it for me? Definition of staffing Importance of … Read more

What is MANAGEMENT? detailed guide.

You may hear name management and everything which is working successfully and efficiently is depends upon the administration. So, do you know what is management and how it works ? But Management is available everywhere whether it is a company, hotels, hospitals, or school. So let’s start a detailed blog on how management works what … Read more

What is Directing? detailed information.

Do you know what is directing? it is one of the management functions in which an institution directs its employees towards the success of the planned goals. so let’s start a complete blog on how managers direct employees with the help of directing function. What’s in it for me? Meaning of Directing Importance of Directing … Read more


HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST HACK TO SAVE TIME AND STAY ORGANISED… By the way. There is no such field in the world where professionals do not need productivity and calendar hacks to save time. But the entrepreneur is more than they need because for their company, They have to do many times, which usually … Read more


Chart pattern is graphical presentations of price information of securities over time. They plot historical data based on a combination of price, volume as well as a time interval. For example, line, bar, candlestick chart patterns are the major ones. TOPICS TO COVER Types of chart patterns Parts of candlesticks History of candlestick Categories of … Read more


The continuation chart pattern indicates the continuation of the prior trend. They can be formed in an uptrend or downtrend. TOPICS TO COVER Flag Chart Pattern Bullish Flag Pattern Bearish Flag Pattern Pennant Chart Pattern Bullish Pennant Pattern Bearish Pennant Pattern FLAG CONTINUATION CHART PATTERN WHAT IS FLAG CONTINUATION CHART PATTER? Flag is one of … Read more