Best Android Games you must try [2020]

Nowadays, Especially this Lockdown Android Games(e.g:-PUBG,Free-Fire etc.)are becoming  the biggest Support in our daily life. But,Many of the people today are not playing PUBG & All because the two major Reasons:- They don’t have High end devices. Or,They aren’t able to download such heavy Games. Therefore,the Best Android Games that I’m Going to tell you … Read more

Cricket Rules and Regulations | Full Cricket Guide

Cricket rules & regulations are a set of rules which is established by Marylebone Cricket Team (MCC) which describes the rules & regulations of cricket globally, to ensure consistency & globally. Read this full guide on Cricket Rules and Regulations to know everything about it. Index Players & Umpires Playing Field & Equipment Score and … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about BCCI | Full Guide

Introduction BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) is a national body that handles or we can say govern cricket affairs and tournaments in the nation. Under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, the board was founded way back in December 1928. Its headquarter is Wankhade Stadium, Mumbai. There are 42 rules in the … Read more

The Ultimate Business Model of IPL | How IPL Make Money

Introduction of IPL Indian Premier League(IPL) is the highest watched and attended cricket league in the world. It is the professional t-20 league played in India in April and May every year. The league was formed in 2008 by BCCI (Board of Cricket Control in India), which is the leading cricket body in the world … Read more

Salary of Indian Cricket Players, Management team, BCCI Staff, ICC Staff

Cricket is one of the most famous sports in the whole country, and day by day its popularity is increasing. All cricket boards or team players’ management staff’s income are also on the rise. Nowadays, almost all cricketers earn a lot of money and in future cricketers can more than what the current cricket players … Read more

T-20 tournaments in the World | The Ultimate Guide

Cricket is among one of the trendings or we can say followed sport after football. The fan following of this sport is much higher than many of the other sports. One of the trending formats of this sport is a twenty-twenty format. In T-20 tournaments, a 20 overs game is played between the teams and … Read more

Importance of Cricket | Future of Cricket in India

Where do you see the future of Cricket in the next 15-20 Years? Cricket is growing day by day very fast in all countries. So, in this blog, I am going to talk all about the Importance and Future of Cricket in India. What will you learn in this blog? Importance of Cricket Test Cricket … Read more

Do you know spices export of India? Indian Spices export 2020-21

Do you know the spices export business of India? India is one of the highest spices growing and exporting country in the world. Around 70% of worldwide spices export done from India.  And the remaining 30% from other countries. India is the largest spices exporting country in the world Quality of Indian spices is best … Read more

What is the spices Board? Spices Board of India 2020-21.

Do you know the spices board of India? Spices board helping platform for Indian spices exporters. Spices board provides a various certificate for spices business.  India is the largest prices exporting country in the world. Indian spices are well known for test and medicinal properties. What’s in it for me? Introduction to spices board of … Read more

Which are top spices growing states? Top spices growing states in India in 2020-21

Do you know about Indian spices production? Currently, in India, there are 28 states and 8 union territory, and all have their own contribution in spices production no matter is state small or large. India is the largest spices producing country Nearly all types of spices we grow in India. The quality of Indian spices … Read more