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9 Cheapest Country To Visit From India


Hi guys, I want to tell you about such cheap countries, which are much cheaper than India. Whose currencies cost less than our currencies. So, wherever you go, you will feel rich. because here I mentioned the cheapest country to visit from India.

If you have to go somewhere on holiday, then you must go here. My suggestion is that you go there to stay and visit at least one week. Look at the things there and enjoy the holidays with your families.

Here I’m explore the 9 cheapest country to visit from India_

  1. Thailand visiting places
  2. Maldives visiting places
  3. Cambodia visiting place
  4. Uzbekistan tourism
  5. Indonesia tourism
  6. Vietnam tourism
  7. Bali tourism
  8. The place to visit in Chile
  9. Hungary tourism
  10. Currency chart
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQs

Thailand visiting places:

Thailand is a place for all kinds of people. If you are a beach-boom you will love that. If you are a crazy party animal you will love that if you are a history lover you love Thailand. And if you are a foodie lover let me not say more, Thailand has got it all.

Thailand is easily accessible from India. Flying cost is just 3500 around Visakhapatnam.

The accommodation cost is also very low. And don’t worry about food gorgeous incredible street food at a very low rate. The cheapest month to travel to Thailand between March and October.

Maldives visiting places:

This is a small but beautiful country that has the official Republic of the Maldives. Which is the smallest country in Asia. friends, it is the capital city and the largest city Malaya.

The population of this country around 428000 only 95% of this country is covered with water. Hence airways and air taxis are also present here. The currency here is Maldives rufiyaa.

The country is considered the lowest country because sea high is up to 2.5 meters high. It is the cheapest country to visit from India. This country may be small but it is rich, the main reason is that this country is famous for tourism.

Every year a large number of people come from all over the country and abroad. And Maldives attracts here A1 hotel, best resort, and natural beauty tourist. It is quite a safe place for tourists. Its sea view is very amazing, hence it is known as “Bluewater”. It also has an underwater spa.

Cambodia visiting places:

When people think of Southeast Asia countries, people typically think Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia but not always Cambodia. The kingdom of Cambodia is rich with culture and adventure. And somewhere that I highly recommend every single person to visit.

So if you are heading to Cambodia. You are more than likely going to stop Phnom Penh which is the capital of the country.

If you are into history and into culture do not Penh is a great place for this is also the royal place as well as delicious food are cheap.

It is the cheapest country to visit India. Somewhere I was told that I must go to Cambodia to see a new film. It is right on the beach and supposedly a great place for travelers. 

Uzbekistan tourism:

For millennia Central Asia has been at the center of the world, a crossroads of civilization and Uzbekistan home to the legendary cities of the silk road.

The ancient network that connected the Mediterranean. The riches of Asia, making the middlemen wealthy enough to build cities like these. Also, cheapest country to visit from India.

While some organ is a while obviously amazing all the historical buildings are breathtaking. So the mosque has been built in honor of the most white people, actually fell in love with it and he is Monday turkey.

Well in the middle of summer camp in Registan square probably. One of the most beautiful places in Asia if not in the world. So on this specific madrasa, there is a very interesting tour that is the actual representation.

Indonesia tourism:

18000 island 300 languages spoken the largest archipelago in the world it is a big island. A country offering myriad adventures welcome to Indonesia. The cheapest country to visit from India.

The ultimate travel guide Indonesia with over 18000 islands 600 of them inhabited this largest Southeast Asia country. It is no short of breathtaking sights inspiring diversity and deeply rooted histories. The Indonesian spread over 2500 kilometers between the Asian mainland and Australia.

Indonesia has something unique to offer everyone to show their beauty. The cool white sand, and raucous volcanoes of Bali to the vibrant. The capital city of Jakarta to the untouched lands of siumachha.

You can always find something different here this island nation has some of the largest remaining tracts of tropical forest. Anywhere in the world and is home to several beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling spots. As well an most of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

Vietnam tourism:

Done by the rolling waves of the South China Sea. It is one of Southeast Asia’s most alluring countries Vietnam’s cosmopolitan cities are an homage to a culture. That has been crafted over centuries at times it feels like a living breathing museum. The country’s complex history can be traced throughout.

Its ancient temples and crumbling colonial mansions then there’s the stunning diversity of the landscape. Which is teeming with natural wonders that have been there from the beginning of time.

A trip to this stunning country will give you a taste for noodles at breakfast and markets at night from sunrise to sunset.                                                       

Vietnam flips things on its head but perhaps that’s what makes the country’s places so special. In Hanoi you will discover a city as rich in century-old architecture and cultural heritage. It is in mouth-watering food both are primed to grab your attention from the moment you set foot in the city.

But Vietnam is also a country where the excitement of sailing beside thousands of limestone islets topped with rainforests. Halong bay is as exhilarating as the energy that powers Ho Chi Minh City day and night.

There are memorable experiences everywhere you turn but each one is unique. And stays with you for different reasons so let us take off on a journey towards the intoxicating chaos of Hanoi.

The pulsating spirit of Ho Chi Minh City had the breathtaking beauty of Halong bay. All of it unforgettable kick off your deep dive into all things Viet Nam.

Bali tourism:

Bali is the most visited place in all of southeast Asia but there is a reason behind the madness and. I’m here to show you why you need to book your next ticket Bali.

It is the living cost that is more affordable it is home to many resorts. Incredible fine dining, and excellent nightlife, and speaking of good food. Motel Maxicola is great for nightlife and food but beware it is quite expensive.

Gunung Kawi is an incredible temple built into a hillside in the lush green forest of Bali. The 11th century as a massive tombstone for the king and his family. The incredible tombstone is surrounded by beautiful rice Terrace it’s definitely worth exploring.

Jimbaran is one of the most remarkable sunsets. Jimbaran can also be quite touristy there’s a lot of people here to enjoy the sunset, enjoy some fresh seafood.

Places to visit in Chile:

Let me introduce you to Chile. It is one of the countries in South America to visit Chile to show you the highlights of the country.

Torres Del Paine, this one shouldn’t be missed when in South America as the national park. Torres Del Paine offers so much diversity in a comparative ting area glaciers, lagoons, impressive mountain ranges, grasslands, and green forests.

Marble caves you have possibly seen those caves on pictures all over the internet. In a collection as a place to see before you die. But the truth is not many people have seen those caves.

It is the second-largest lake in South America and the Atacama desert. It is the driest desert in the world. But it has a lot to offer here to see a lot of incredible things.

Hungary tourism cheapest country to visit from India:

It has always marched to a different beat with a language culture and cuisine like no other. Its Europe at its most exotic Hungary’s scenery is more gentle than striking. More pretty than stunning but you can’t say the same thing about the built environment architecture.

It is a treasure trove with everything from Roman ruins to medieval townhouses. Baroque churches to Art Nouveau bathhouses there’s more to Hungarian food. Just goulash to the country boasts some of the most?

Sophisticated kickings in Central Europe Budapest has architectural glories in spades. But the castle tearing over the west bank of the Danube River.

Is the Hungarian capital at its most spectacular the quieter side of Lake Balaton mixes glorious beaches and yacht-filled? Harbors with the Gothic waterside towns like Kelly T Han is home to the beautiful abbey church?

While Buda show draws the crowds with its cultivated slopes and robust. White wines with more than 300 thermal hot springs in public use across Hungary

Spa & Water park

It’s not hard to find a place to take a dip. Among the most unusual spa experiences are floating on a giant thermal leak. At getting into hot water beside a castle in gula Hungarian wines have been made for millennia. And have celebrated the world over honey gold sweet Tokai and crimson.

From the city of Egger is the best-known cultural capital of the great plain. And Hungary’s third-largest city the university town of Sagat. It is filled with I popping Art Nouveau masterpieces open-air cafes and green spaces straddling.

The Tisza River high season runs July through August autumn is particularly. Special in the hills with festivals marking the grape harvest travel costs in Hungary.

A spa or waterpark trains are punctual but slow and buses are often necessary. Alternative stunning architecture piquant cuisine vital folk art and steaming thermal.

Spas are Hungary’s major attractions. But it’s the uniqueness of the people their culture and language that makes it so mysterious.

Currency chart:

For your information, let me tell you in which country is our Indian currency how much?

Country currencyIndian currencyCountry currency
Thailand1 Indian rupee0.43 Thai baht
Maldives1 Indian rupee0.20 Maldivian Rufiyaa
Cambodia1 Indian rupee53.03 Cambodian riel
Uzbekistan1 Indian rupee132.42 Uzbekistani Som
Indonesia1 Indian rupee201.91 Indonesian Rupiah
Vietnam1 Indian rupee306.44 Vietnamese dong
Bali1 Indian rupee201.91 Indonesian Rupiah
Chile1 Indian rupee11.15 Chilean Peso
Hungary1 Indian rupee4.24 Hungarian Forint


If you are planning to go abroad for traveling, then this blog is important for you. Because I have told you here about such countries that are in your budget. Here you will feel like rich because the currencies here are less than Indian currency.


Which country is best for visit from India?

The Maldives, this is a small but beautiful country Maldives attracts here A1 hotel, best resort, and natural beauty tourist.

5 cheapest countries to visit from India?

Thailand, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Bali.

How much money can we take to travel abroad?

Most countries takes a minimum of Rs 50,000 rupee.



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