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Coaching Institutes Business for NEET & IIT Students|Case Study 2020


The two main exams for a Science Student are NEET & IIT-JEE and the coaching institutes are always also ready for the small students. But are they so much important nowadays? We will find out here.

There are so many science students in India. There has been a race for a seat in a Medical college and in the so-called IITs.

From the past decade the no. of applications has jumped up from 3-4 lakhs in 2011 to around 16 lakhs this year in NEET and the same is true for IIT.

The no. of students is just increasing because of the Indian mindset and the exam cut-offs are also increasing due to the demand-supply ratio being very less.

Content at a glance :

  1. What happens to the remaining students? (stats)
  2. IIT and NEET institutes Web
  3. Online Learning platforms
  4. Careers other than doctor and engineer for Science students after 12th
  5. Suicide Cases in India
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

What happens to the remaining science students?

This is actually a very big problem in India. Students from their early age are not informed about other career options which are relatively less tough than these exams.

The success rate in NEET and IIT exam is as low as it can get it is around 0.4 % for NEET and 0.2% for IITs.

Maybe they just don’t want to know as well, the craze has been so much high in India that there has emerged a new coaching network for NEET &IIT-JEE in India.

People in India are blindfolded about the fact that there are only 12000 seats in IITs and around 8000 in medical colleges and that was also after the joining of Jipmer and AIIMS in this exam.

The remaining students either go to coaching again or find a general degree to pursue in science.

You see with the data that 12000 people out of 1500000 are selected in IITs so what will happen to the remaining 1380000. The number is thirteen lakh eighteen thousand which is very high.

There is a need for counseling for them which doesn’t happen in India. Maybe a child is very intelligent and has given his heart to studies but has failed to execute in the exam.

The social stigma is also there and many young shoulders are not able to lift its weight.

Also, Let me show you some data for NEET. The total cutoff in Neet is top 15% which is just a gimmick. The top 15% makes you eligible for counseling.

There isn’t any surety that you will get the medical seat.

 Minimum MarksMaximum marks
Local-level colleges /private colleges300500
Dental colleges for BDS500600
Top state-level Colleges600650
Top National level Colleges like AIIMS or JIPMER650720

IIT and NEET Coaching Institutes Business:

It is a controversial topic but it is the truth.

Indian Coaching Institutes have a network of billions and it’s going to beat many industries. According to many reports Kota’s Institutes has reached a revenue of ₹1500 crores in a single year. It’s a very huge amount of money for a single city.

The Education system in these coaching institute business is very much a hierarchal system with 10-20 sections and every section is like a level.

If you are not a good student then you must go to a lower batch. All the good students are in a particular bath with very good faculty.

All their focus is in those cream batches and all the other ones are just a bank check for them and nothing else.

You must have seen many good actors or technicians, they will say in their interviews that they are from IITs or NITs.

Students also have this problem that many faculties are not specialized enough too. Many coaching institutes hire below-average people to save extra money and are playing with the careers of students.

Many good teachers also resign from these institutes and exposed them, they say that institutes are just money factories where a good teacher can’t have a job.

System of Coaching Institutes for NEET & IIT

The system is fraud and what they want is 2-3 ranks out of their batches so that they can print ads in the next session and nothing is important for them after the admission of a student.

Even if they don’t make a student qualify then they will give money to a topper student and print his name and photo in the next year’s newspaper.

Coaching Institutes give ₹ 5 lakhs to the topper and makes a deal with him and print ads and brochure claiming the topper has studied from their institute.

Many people are unaware of this fact and they just react to what they see and invest their money on their son/daughter.

Let’s say the admission turned out to be huge and now the coaching institutes business has 1 crore out of admissions and the profit is around 95 lakhs which is a great amount having just invested 5 lakhs.

Online Platforms for Learning :

This is an Internet age and things are growing rapidly .Many teachers started teaching online and many platforms are there where you can take the same lessons from the same reputed institute just with a good internet connections.

Many Online websites have made it big in this growing market in no time. Some of them are:

  1. Unacademy
  2. Byjus
  3. Vedantu
  4. Meritnation
  5. Topper Learning

Many reputed institutes like Allen Coaching Institutes also started their online classes because they now understand the growth of online classes in the Institute Business.

Benefits of Online Coaching over Offline:

Time: You can schedule your time as you want because there is no boundary.

Accessibility: The accessibility is a great factor as your doubts are also cleared as soon as possible. You can view your lessons directly on your phone and you can see it again and again until you fully get comfortable with it.

Cost: It is less costly as your travel expense and hostel and food expense are no longer there.

Careers other than doctor and engineer for Science students

There are various career option other than MBBS and Engineering for Science students.

Some of them are:

  • BBA
  • BCA
  • BSc Biotechnology
  • BSc Nursing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Event Management
  • Government Jobs After 12th
  • Some Unconventional Job Fields

Mental Pressure and Suicide Cases in India

There has been much news of suicides in India. Farmers and Students are the ones who really find it difficult to survive in this world and especially if you are a medical or engineering student.

Things get a little changed when you take admission in KOTA (the hub for coaching in India). Everyone is not the same in this world but you have to compete.

Your previous education doesn’t matter, your money doesn’t matter and everything else doesn’t matter is a myth in Kota.

I guess everything matters that’s why students commit suicide.

Let’s take an example, Shyam belongs to a poor or middle-class family and just wants to study and someone from his relative’s circle tells his parents that Engineering and medical are the best field, so they all make up their mind that now KOTA will be the next thing for our child.

They also take a loan from various sources because as I mentioned earlier the Coaching Institute business for medical and Engineering has become big.

KOTA FACTORY (Institute Business)

Ok, now Shyam is in Kota with every difficulty possible he now competes with everyone for single seats and after 2-3 months when the first test result arrive he gets dejected because of lesser marks.

Due to poor performance and less basic knowledge he changes his routine and starts to study 12 hours a day with no friends and no conversation.

It becomes his lifestyle and now he remembers that he doesn’t get selected what will happen to his parents and their loan etc.

Now the self-confidence becomes so low that there is not any other option that SUICIDE.

It’s a psychological thing the peer pressure, performance issue, loan issue, and other stuff lead to suicide.

It’s happening in India even after getting into IITs and Medical colleges people suicides because of bad mental health.

In the beginning 2-3 years of 21st century around 20,000 committed suicide. After four years from 2004 to 2008, this no reaches around 28 thousand and after that, in 2013 the no. was a 37,000. In the past five years, around 50,000 students killed themselves.

There can be other reasons for bullying and ragging in India but most of them are because of the poor mental health and pressure they feel.

It’s very sad to say, but the number of deaths will grow in the future with more number of students and less no of seats available in medical and Engineering College.

Some Helping Hands

There are some foundations who are helping these students to get out of this depression by having a helpline. Here any student from India (mainly Kota) can call and they try to help him or her out.

One such foundation is the HOPE foundation in Kota which has helped around 10 thousand students. They even rescued some students who called them when they were about to suicide which is a commendable thing.

The helpline no. is 07442333666.


I just want to conclude by saying that there are various career options. You just have to look for the best for you. You won’t be late in something just try the unconventional way.

I want to quote


Death of a doctor or any engineer won’t affect the world as such, but the death of Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, or Amitabh Bachchan will affect it. So, maybe you are more than you think, try to become the best version of yourself, if not a doctor you will heal the world in some other way.”


1. How many students are studying in kota ?

According to a survey in 2017, around 2 lakh students are studying in Kota in 2017.

2. What is better online coaching or offline ?

It depends upon the individual, online coaching is less costly and time management can be done there but the solution of doubts is done through offline coaching effectively. The choice is yours.

3. Which are the best coaching institutes for NEET?

Some renowned Institutes are:
1. ALLEN Coaching
2. Akash Institute
3. Bansal Classes

4.What is the Success rate of IIT?

It is not even 4%.

5. How to apply for Jipmer and AIIMS?

Previously, Both the institutions were organizing their separate exams but now there will be only one exam i.e NEET. You can get admission there if you crack the NEET exam.



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