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3 ways to live a healthy life


Meaning of healthy life

Having a healthy life is a gift and its important that you do not waste it by living it in a meaningless and unhealthy way.

A healthy life gives you everything, having a good working body, enough money and best relationships for healthy life

For example, you have enough money but have no time for your family and friends and even for yourself.

What is the use of having so much of money when you cannot have the love of your family and friends.

You yourself do not know about yourself and not taking care of your body. That is not a healthy way to live a life.

Its important that you have money to fulfill needs, have good relationships, a body and mind which is not toxic .

What’s in it for you

What does a healthy life includes

A healthy life doe not only includes taking care of your body and mind it is a more wide subject.

You do not need your bank accounts full of money and lockers with bonds and jewelries.

What you need is enough money that you can survive with your family and help someone in need.

Real relationship

You need real relationships which gives you happiness and you should know how to take care of your connections. Your body, mind and soul needs to avoid toxicity and be healthy.

Right approach

A healthy life includes right approach towards life, a right and positive attitude towards everything.

A proper way of living and enjoying everything and above all living in present.


A good and healthy life needs you to be creative everywhere, you yourself is a art of god.

ou can find beauty in everything. To be grounded you need to be attached with any art you posses like dancing, paintings, pottery, writing and many more.

Creativity is the one way of contributing something beautiful in this world.

Take actions

To live a healthy life it is important that we take actions, you need to take actions for everything.

or fulfilling your dreams to travelling the world, you need to be the maker, discoverer, explorer and the creator of everything.

You need be curious about everything and participate in anything you want to.

Watch this video by Sadhguru for more detail.

Keys to healthy life

There are no hard and fast rules for living a healthy life.

Different approaches help different people, same rules cannot be applied to everyone.

Healthy life

3 ways to improve your life

  1. Simplicity

    Keep your life as simple as you can, do not get yourself involved in things which are not necessary or makes your life more difficult.

  2. Love yourself

    Love and care for yourself first before helping anyone else, try to make your love ones important and your priority, prioritize what are your needs and what you want from life that can bring clarity in your life.

  3. Take actions

    Remember life was not given to you to achieve things which you never wanted, to be in relationships which does not mean anything, or to make lots and lots of money, life was given to you to see the beauty of world, go help and show kindness to others, to be a human and live.

Health as an important part

Your mental and physical health both, plays a critical part in achieving a healthy life. Your body and mind is capable of doing anything, and works so much.

Mind and body are too sensitive and complicated to be handled roughly.

Its important to take a good care of both.

Your full body including your brain works like a machine with so many parts running simultaneously.

Eating good and healthy food, taking out time and working on your brain, meditating helps you maintain a healthy life.

Physical activities like running, jogging, stretching, yoga helps you to stay fit.

It improves your strength, stamina and gives you energy to keep going on.

Drinking water properly and eating the right amount of nutrients is the only way to keep your inner systems working properly.

Healthy life : mind, body and soul

Not only your body but your soul, mind and emotions also needs care as they are the keys to your life.

Your soul needs happiness, clarity, peace and satisfaction which all depends on you. You can be happy and satisfied whenever you decide to be.

If you think clearly, ultimately you will be at the path of achieving peace.

Your mind needs to be feed with right information and knowledge.

It needs proper nourishment and it can expand with no limitations becoming one of the greatest weapon you have in the world.

Mind is powerful enough to create things which never existed and change others lives with your life.

Emotions needs to be stabled and expressed so, that it does not become burden on you and start killing you slowly.

Its very hard to control and need to be expressed and processed whether its excitement, anger, joy, sadness.

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Wealth as a pillar

Wealth is the most desirable thing in this world. If I would ask you what do you want in life. Most of you will answer that you want to become rich.

You know that money is important for livelihood but its means to survive not an end of our survival.

You need money to feed yourself and your family, to fulfill all the responsibilities.

This world is running by money but you cannot run after money all the time.

Make money from the work you love, in this way you will not work for a single day.

Because you will be doing something you love.

There are many ways to make money easily, you do not have to give up all your life to money. Narrow down your needs, make a list of things you need.

For one day just live with little money, you will find that your needs are no more than just feeding, a home, education and clothes.

What would you need if a pandemic strikes the world.

Would you need to roam around in your luxurious car or need to make money for food.

Wealth does matter in your life but wealth is not your life.

Relationship, a critical part

Relationships, the connection you share with humans or animals are the most precious thing you ever have.

You are a social creature and its your basic need to have connections. Involving others in your life makes your story a complete book.

Watch this video by Sandeep Maheshwari for more details.

Whether the person in your life brings happiness or gives you lessons, you need relationships.

Relationships not only gives you happiness, it helps you to grow as person.

ou know about yourself that how you behave when, what do you want and what things you can do for others.

Its just not your love partner, but the relationship with your parents, siblings and friends defines you as a person.

You cannot live with support, love and care.

You need people to fulfill you with kindness and so does you need to give love and care to everyone.

Valuing your relationship is the key to maintain a healthy relationship. Everyone needs respect, validation and someone to trust on.

You needs to know that someone is out there who is ready to understand and stand with you every time.

Not just someone but everyone you love is the important part of your life.

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How to get peace

Work for peace

You need to.be peace with everything you get in life, but also needs to work what you actually deserve or else you will not find peace anywhere

Peace is karma, your actions and the results gives you peace

It is a spiritual term where you achieve the highest point of life where you are not attached to everything but also not detached to everything

Prioritize your happiness

Your life is already filled with so many things which you do not need, get yourself a list which include things which gives you happiness be happy and stay true to yourself.

Watch this video by Sandeep Maheshwari for more details.

Satisfaction is the key

Find contentment and satisfaction, there is nothing you could do to change things which is out of your control.

This world has so many things to offer accept it and be at peace.


There is no key to live a perfect life.

Life is not easy and you need to do things to keep your life meaningful until you stop taking breathe.

But one day you will die that does not mean you stop living and try to make everything perfect.

You certainly cannot have a perfect life but you can have a healthy life.

A Healthy life will give you meaning, a purpose to live.

Above all it will give you satisfaction that you will never waste in your life.

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What are the aspects of healthy life style?

The aspects of a healthy life are your body, mind, and souYou need to maintain your health both physical and mental, body composition.
You need to work on your stress, anxiety, depression, need to feed and develop your mind, improve your skills, have enough money,On the aspect of soul you should be happy satisfied, and contented.

What is a healthy life expectancy?

A healthy life expectancy is the number of average years where one can live without the interference of serious illness.It is also called health adjusted life expectancy (HALES).

What is the routine of healthy life?

A healthy life routine includes waking up in morning when you had enough sleep, exercise and give peace and relaxation to both body and soul.
Eat healthy food for every meal. Enjoy the day and make time to connect with people.
Take time for yourself and add something new in life try to change your boring habits. Focus on your work and have goals on daily basis.



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