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Traditional Food & Festivals of Sikkim – Local Culture of Sikkim


All we know that when it about the northeast, nothing can be described in a sentence. In Addition, foods of Sikkim has Sikkimese cuisine a remarkable blend of Tibetan, Nepalese and the local flavors of the northeast. Sikkim is a state of scenic beauty with a fantastic mix of culture, heritage and food and festivals.

Sikkim has always been on top of tourist favorite destination. However, It has historical heritage attraction, tribes, languages and diversified cuisine and cultures.

The combination of exotic cuisine of Tibet, Bhutan, India and Nepal. Firstly, we would focus on major typical items of foods in Sikkim.

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TOP 7 Crazy Foods Of Sikkim


It is primary and most loved food. Basically, a noodle soup accompanied by some seasonal vegetables such as carrot, cauliflower, chillies, beans, onions etc.

Tastes enhanced with minced meat or egg in it. Moreover, best to taste at roadside restaurant or vendors if you were looking for the traditional flavor to experience.

Momos – Famous Foods of Sikkim

A type of Tibetan, Ladakhi and Nepali dumpling, However made with a pure flour and water dough, stuffed with vegetables, meat and cheese and served with chilli sauces. One of the famous Foods of Sikkim.

Gundruk And Sinki

Gundruk prepared with leaves of cauliflower and radish and sinki so made with the process of fermentation and seasoned with mustard oil and tomato.

It has its origin of Nepal. Traditionally it has its unique preparation on earthen pots.

Kinema Curry

Kinema Curry is the most liked food of Sikkim. Moreover, it has enriched with protein as it contains soybean. Fermented soybean add exoticness in curry.

Turmeric powder, red chillies, onion and tomato are fried before adding the fermented soybean.


It is one of the most delicious non-vegetarian food of Sikkim. Moreover, made of pork with chillies and radish and usually ate with rice.


Chaang or Thomba is the fermented form of Millet and yeast helps in performing the fermentation process. However, It is made with fermented cereals and sipped from a bamboo vessel with a straw.


It is local Sikkim food which is fermented dairy products milk, taste sour. So delicious chhurpi soup served with rice.

Sel Roti – Special foods of Sikkim

A sort of unique ring-shaped roti made of fermented rice batter and intense fried. So roti served with meat curry and potato. Moreover, there are a lot more foods in the northeast, which is delicious and healthy.

Sikkim has its speciality of flavour and way of cooking which tastes unique and exotic. But Some of the traditional beverages which made with the process of fermentation of millets, maize, wheat, rice and barley.

Top 8 Festivals Of Sikkim

India is a country of festivals, and so northeast which has diverse religions and history. Therefore, many festivals celebrated throughout the year. However, the festivals of Sikkim are glorious celebrations, and native involve in bright costumes with lively dances and music.

In addition, the major splendid festivals of Sikkim are which depict the cultural richness of northeast completely indexed below:

Losoong And Namsoong Festival

Losoong the most vital celebrations of Northeastern of Sikkim as it is beginning of the new year so the end of harvest season ends. The parties are on par across the town and are cheer with joy.

But the celebrations held on Phodong Monastery, Rumtek Monastery and Tsu-la-Khang Monastery and it includes a contest, feast, traditional customary dance, religious rituals etc

Saga Dawa Festivals

It is most celebrated holy festival for the Mahayana Buddhists. So on this day, the Buddhist devotees offer prayer with butter lamp at the monasteries.

Moreover, this festival commemorates the three significant events in Buddha’s life-birth, attainment and Nirvana. It celebrates on the full moon day of the 4th month of the Buddhist calendar. So It accommodates an offering a visual treat of different cultural functions and roadshows.

Drupka Teshi Festival

One of the special ceremonial by the Buddhists is the Drupka Teshi Festival. Therefore, It takes place on the day the Buddha delivers his sermon speech. Because to their disciples in Sarnath at the popular deer park. Likewise this very festival celebrated in July or August and attraction of this occasion is Yak race.

Kagyed Dance festival

The most prominent Buddhists celebration held in December. However, the exciting part is Kagyed dance which signifies the triumph of good over evil. Moreover the dance has glance of Buddhist mythos. But there is one custom of the burning of a dummy made of paper, flour and wood. 

Phang Lhabsol Festival

This festival performed at the 15th of July of every year according to the Tibetan calendar. It is an exceptional festival. So celebrated in which praising of deity Kanchenjunga for its powers and brotherhood between the Lepchas and Bhutias.

Khecheopalri Lake Festival

This festival is very famous and attracts tourist attention all around. Because of its customs of lightening of butter lamps which float over lake water in Pelling. And Buddhist divine chants brimmed up the ecosphere.

International Flower Festival

This is the festivals of exhibition of flowers of an unfamiliar variety of Rhododendrons, magnolias, roses and peerless orchids. However, the festival is celebrated annually in April /May.

Gangtok Winter Festival

This festival is held in December and organised by the Sikkim government so a way to promote tourism of the state. Main Attractions of this festival are cultural folk dance, Sikkimese cuisine.


Sikkim has vivid cultures and cuisines and citizens of Sikkim celebrate their festivals in a very unique way. Which is their dancing costume and mesmerizing butter lamps. So Food is their specialty, such as momo, Thukpa, chaang, chhurpi etc.

And Losoong festival is a traditional festival of Bhutias so the natural inhabitants of Sikkim. This festival is celebrated as the new year of Sikkim. However, the Sikkim festival month is December. Moreover, It attracts tourists more in comparison to other months of year.

Frequently asked question

What is the main festival of Sikkim?

Some notable festivals are Losoong, Drupka Teshi, Saga dawa and Phang Lhabsol.

What is the famous food of Sikkim?

Thukpa, Chhurpi, Momo, Phagshapa and Sel Roti are the famous foods of Sikkim.

What is the state fruit of Sikkim?

Sikkim is the largest producer of cardamom, so it is known as the state fruit of cardamom.



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