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Hair Problems and their different types of Treatments


Nowadays Hair Problems are very huge problems for everyone. Almost two-thirds of the total population are facing different types of hair diseases.

Hair is the Jewelry of every person in their life. Everyone wants their hair will be healthy, silky, and smoothy whether it is a boy or girl.

Women are more possessive about their hair.  Due to pollutions and dust,  the cause of hair damage increase day by day and it is taking a  form of a serious problem which is needed to be solved.

In this blog, we will see different types of hair problems, their treatments, the effect of chemical treatments, and many more.

What is special in it? Let’s see the index.

  1. Types of hair
  2. Types of Hair problems and solutions
  3. How to reduce hair Problems?
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Hair

The type of hair mainly depends on the curly pattern of your natural hair.  According to Hair pattern, it is divided into  4 types:-

  1. Straight
  2. Wavy
  3. Curly
  4. Kinky (coil)

 There are some other types of hair according to their nature.  These are:-

  1. Dry hair
  2. Oily hair
  3. Coarse hair
  4. Thick hair
  5. Thin hair

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Types of Hair problems & their Solutions

Here we will see some most common hair problems faced by most people once in life. These common problems affecting hair and scalp including hair loss, infections, etc. Let’s discuss it.

Dandruff problem:- 

Dandruff are those dry, white flakes of skin. They are the particles that cling to the root of the hair. It can be caused by poor diet, infection,  inactive metabolism, weak immune system, hormonal imbalance.

Solution:- Concerned with doctors or hair professionals and use recommended anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioners for this hair problem. Also, add some healthy diet rich protein in your daily routine.

Hair Loss:- 

Hair Loss

It is the most common hair problem among both men and women. For most men, it may be a male pattern balding.

But for women, it can occur due to change in hormones, stress, medication, etc. Chemical-based hair styling products such as shampoo, conditioner are also reasons for hair loss.

Solutions:- Don’t use or limit the use of chemical-based products or heating products. Concert with hairstylist or doctor and use herbal hair loss products for this hair problem. 

Dry Hair:-

Dry Hair

It occurs due to many factors. Using the wrong hair care product according to your hair is the first factor. If you are using a wrong hair shampoo then your hair may become dry due to an unbalanced pH level.

Another factor for dry hair is to wash your hair every day. It removes the natural oil from your hair.

Solution:- Do not wash your hair every day. Wash your hair at most 2 to 3 times a week. Use a suitable hair care products like shampoo conditioner with balanced pH value.

Oily or Greasy Hair Problem:-

Oily or greasy hair

Many people have naturally oily hair because their skin secrets natural oil but the scalp is not able to absorb this oil. It can also produce bad hair odour.

Solution:- Use blondest and mildest shampoo for oily hair. Wash your hair and scalp gently and do not scrub or over-massage.  Use a low-fat diet and drinks a lot of water.

Split Ends:-

Split ends

The main cause of the split end is over-heating. If you use a hairdryer or straightener too much, it increases the split end problems. Over-brushing, lack of good conditioner, and excessive perming are also reasons for split ends.

Solution:- If you have split ends problem, then get a trim by a professional. Handle your hair with care.

Dull hair:-

Dull Hair

Primary reason for the dull hair is over-exposure of hair to the sun. The ultraviolet rays break open the hair cuticles and damage the natural colour of hair. Chemical and heat-styling are also the cause of dull hair.

Solution:- Use cold water to wash your hair. It causes the hair shaft to contract, which leaves hair looking shinier and smoother.

Gray Hair:-

Gray hair

The main reason for gray hair is Pollution and dust. Hormonal imbalance is also a reason for hair graying.

Solution:- for gray hair problem, Protect your hair with dust and pollution. Go semi- or demi-permanent dye to cover gray hair, it is harsh but less damage than a permanent dye.  

Frizzy Hair:-

Frizzy Hair

Take shower too much with hot water cause Frizzy hair because it dries out all the natural oil of hair.

If one’s does not brush his hair before a shower is also another cause of frizzy hair. Daily use of shampoo and dryer with ionic charge also cause of frizzy hair.

Solution:- Use a pH balanced shampoo and do not use regularly. Avoid too much use of hot water or dryer for this type of hair problem.

Colour damaged hair problem:- 

Colour Damaged Hair

When you colour your hair, it goes deep with structure and opens your hair shaft, and then it has to break through the cuticle, thus causing permanent damage to hair structure.

Solution:- Use dye with special moisturizer and ammonia-free hair colour and get a trim (pre-colour trim) before applying hair colour for this hair problem.

Heat damaged hair Problems:-

Hot damaged Hair

Excess use of hairdryer, curler,   straightener, or flat iron damage your hair and your hair becomes rough.

Solution:- Do not use heating machines or hot water too much. And starts getting your ends trimmed once in a month.

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 How to reduce Hair Problems?

The best way to avoid any problem is to eliminate the cause of that problem. Like that, to avoid these problems we should follow some precautions for better care of our hair. These are:-

  1. At the time of buying hair care products, make sure that your products are genuine and chemical-free, and perfect for your hair or not?
  2. Use a small amount of shampoo and apply it on your scalps only not on the body of hair. Similarly, apply conditioner only on the body of hair, not on the scalps. You should leave it for 5 minutes only to absorb the required nutrients.
  3.  You should apply hair oil either an hour before you wash your hair or night before deep conditioning.
  4.  The oil should be applied on the scalp, not on the body of hair. You can also heat the oil before applying it.
  5. The coconut oil helps to grow faster. Peppermint and Tea tree oil help with dandruff while almond and argon oil make your hair thicker.

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In conclusion, now a days Hair problem is very serious issue in India. We have to overcome this problem.

To reduce Hair problems, you should avoid chemical-based products like shampoo and conditioners. Also, you should avoid the travelling without any hair mask.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Problems

1. What is Hair treatment?

Ans:- It is a treatment in which experts deal with dry, dull, and damaged hair and protect them from dust and pollutions. These treatments vary with different problems.

2. Which Hair treatment is best?

Ans:- The answer to this question depends on which hair problem are you facing and product type using for this problem. The correct way to do this is by using the best herbal shampoo and conditioner related to the problem.

But before knowing about the best treatment for different-different problems, firstly we should know the types of hair and hair problems and use the Best Hair Treatment according to hair problems.

3. What is the price of treatment?

Ans:- The cost depends on the products that you used for treatments.
The cost of shampoo and Hair mask is between ₹300-500 and some branded shampoo costs ₹800-1000. The price of hair oil is between ₹50-500 only.

4. Does treatment damage hair?

Ans:- If you are using natural and chemical-free products then it never damages your hair. There are no side effects of natural and herbal products.
But you have to keep in mind that use the correct product that required for your hair problem.

5. From where I can buy Hair treatment products Online?

You can buy all the required Hair treatment products through online platforms like Nykaa, Purplle, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.



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