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How to Apply Concealer – 2020 Makeup tips


Today in this blog you will learn makeup tips on how to apply concealer.

It’s very important to keep in your mind that in makeup always start your makeup with less product.

When it’s come to application of your foundation needs additional consideration.

While the thought is straightforward — to make an even surface and disguise imperfections and blemishes — it requires practice and focus.

When you know the application method and product outcomes of various foundations and concealers, you can accomplish your desire results easily.

Concealer part takes the top spot. To use a concealer its important to start with a less quantity and correct method of blending.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Importance of Concealer
  2. How and Where to Apply Concealer
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Importance of Concealer

A good Concealer is one of the most important and must-have make-up products in your make-up bag.

Concealer work is to elaborate makeup and highlight prominent facial areas such as the center of the nose, cheekbones, center of the chin and forehead.

Concealer not only conceals blemishes and darkness-but it can also use to create a base for the eye shadow.

It’s not only cut out the discoloration around the eye area but makes them awake and younger.


Say No to Over-Apply Makeup Tip

Does it obvious to be sensible that the more concealer you apply, the more you’re ready to conceal flaw?

Possibly that applies well in some way —yet it’s not the truth of how concealer functions.

At the point when you load on with too many items  (concealer), you’ll be finished with visibility of the darkness you were attempting to hide.

Rather, apply an unmeasured layer of concealer to begin.

You can Start with Fewer Products and If Needed Then takes the Product According to your Requirements.

Makeup Tip to Follow Correct Steps

It’s always important to follow makeup steps to get the desirable makeup look.

If you are skipping steps and following not in a sequence then you are doing a wrong activity which can cause dull skin, makeup oxidization, uneven skin tone, and unattractive look.

The biggest mistake people generally do is apply concealer before foundation. This is one of the biggest mistakes people do while doing their makeup.

So Make Sure you Follow the Order and Apply Foundation First and Then Concealer.

Click Here to Know How You Can Apply Foundation.

Prefer Triangle shape Makeup Tip

Is there any scope of learning and improvement you are feeling when applying concealer?

No concerns!

It is advisable to use concealer to hide only uneven tone, blemishes, blackness, and dark circles.

It can not use all over the face that’s why we used foundation first then concealer.

To Apply, Draw an Upset Triangle Shape Under Each Eye and Mix with a Beauty Blender.

Catch Up with a Concealer that Coordinates your Skin Tone. 

Prep your Eyelid with Concealer Makeup Tip

It’s a tip that before starting your eye makeup you must prep and conceal your eyelid with a concealer to get a more attractive look.

It can help to make a smooth and base for your eye shadow just as help keep it set up—and concealer goes as the ideal substitute.

It’s a Very Good Way to Secure your Time and Products. 

Cover your spots/ darkness well

Every girl wants to hide their dark circles and spots well so that it will be not visible on their faces but without proper technique and the product it seems impossible.

Use a green color corrector to kill the redness on your face and imperfections.

Then you have to follow your same steps followed by using foundation first then concealer and so on.

Important Note: Use a Clean Concealer Brush to Apply a Green Color Corrector to Hide Redness and Any Other Imperfections. 

Use Concealer to highlight

If you are not satisfied with results and want 2-3 toner lighter complexion then we have a trick to do so.

This step not only highlights the facial features but also hide the dullness.

First, apply a  lavender color-correcting concealer after prep your skin well.

You have applied the color corrector on the effecting areas that you think look like they need to be a little cheerful.

Now Take your Blender to Blend the Product and Follow Steps to Create Makeup Base on Your Face.

Shape your eyebrows Makeup Tip

Do you want to define your eyebrow look?

If it’s a yes then after using an eyebrow pencil and fill in your eyebrows it’s time to use a concealer.

Be sure to use light strokes followed by your natural eyebrow hairs, then use a spoolie eye brush to soften harsh and visible lines.

Now you are pro in applying concealer. Isn’t it sound great?

But Yes Don’t Forget to Practice this on Your Own Through Applying all the Given Tips When You Do your Makeup.


From the above tips, I conclude that in makeup there is always room of experiment. But don’t forget that only the right technique and continuous efforts will show you desire results. Try to implement all the above makeup tips on your own to apply concealer and get a natural skin tone look.

Check out this blog if you want to know how to get perfect eyebrows shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why we use concealer?

The major reason to apply concealer is to hide not only uneven tone, blemishes, blackness but also dark circles.

What is the difference between concealer and foundation?

Foundation is applied on full face to give full coverage and create natural skin
tone. On the other hand concealer is used to hide uneven tone and cut down skin uneven darkness.



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