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How to take care of your car?


If you own a car, that’s great but do you know how to take care of your car?

Stay tuned and enjoy the complete blog for your car care. 

What is car service (car care)?

motor vehicle service or tune-up is a series of maintenance procedures carried out at a set time interval or after the vehicle has traveled a certain distance.

The service intervals are specified by the vehicle manufacturer in a service schedule and some modern cars display the due date for the next service electronically on the instrument panel.

A tune-up should not be confused with engine tuning, which is the modifying of an engine to perform better than the original specification, rather than using maintenance to keep the engine running as it should.

Source: Wikipedia

Here is a story which you can easily relate with.

Sharma Ji recently bought a new brand car. Things are going very well for Sharma Ji, all free services are over now.

Then comes the time for the service which is completely paid and nothing is free for Sharma Ji now. The car service executive guy told Sharma Ji about the car that car needs some spare parts to be changed immediately.

And that spare parts costs about  ₹10000 which also includes the service. 

But Sharma Ji got a little confused that whatever the service guy is saying is true or not? Because Sharma Ji won’t able to believe that his car is demanding  ₹10000 rupees as his car is just 15 months old and hasn’t completed 10000 KMS yet. 

That’s the story of Sharma Ji, most people buy a car in their lives and get confused or shocked by the maintenance cost. But maintenance is also compulsory and, in this blog, I am sharing some tips which can save you a lot of money. 

car cleaning

What you get to know –

  1. Explanation to topic 
  2. Do’s and Don’ts  
  3. Never underestimate these things
  4. Conclusion 
  5. FAQ’s 

The complete guide for your car care. 

Explanation (Car Care)

Buying a car is not that complex but maintaining a car is. Not everyone knows how to maintain a car and if you don’t either you end up wasted your money or damaging some parts of your car. If you always keep some measures of your car, it’s never a difficulty for you at the end. This small thing can save your money in the long run as the car gets old someday and needs more precaution to be taken care of. 

Do’s and don’ts in car care

Here are some things you need to do and keep an eye on: 

Change engine oil and engine filter on a regular basis:

one needs to change the oil filter with regular intervals as the serviceman recommends. And also ensures to change air filters as it carries a lot of impurities which is not good for the engine and need to be replaced at regular interval. 

Engine oil type: 

Always ensure before changing the engine oil that you are not using less than octane 91. 

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wash is necessary for your car as it gets dirty. Waxing is as important as washing. It protects your paint from scratches and also hides some mini scratches. 

Check other fluids also:

 Not checking and changing of engine oil is enough to maintain a car. But there are some other fluids also like gear oil, power steering oil, brake oil, etc. All these oils are compulsory for their works. 

Always keep your tire inflated:

keeping your tire inflated not only keeps your tire in a good position to run longer and it also maintains a mileage. 


Do not think that coolant only needs to be changed in summer only because of AC but it also keeps your engine cool. And never use local or cheap coolant in your car it damages your car’s copper piping in which coolant circulates. 

Check some basic screws:

There are some parts in the car that are not greatly mounted and can be separated easily from your car like bumpers, side mirrors, radio antenna. Always check these things basically bumpers are mounted on plastic screws. 

Keep your windshield water container filled:

keeping the container filled is considered a good habit and keep you away from some situations like when you don’t want to come out of your car. 

Never trust your mechanic blindly:

How do you buy your car? From your hard-earned money and how you maintain a car. From that same hard-earned money. Some mechanics can charge you for parts that they never fitted or replaced in your car. They just charged to increase the bill amount. Always take care of your known mechanic and try to get the work done in front of you. 

Warm-up your car: 

It doesn’t matter which car you own whether luxury or ordinary, it has an engine that needs to be warmed up before picking up a car.

Warm-up allows the engine oil to flow in every part of the engine which gives you a smooth start to a ride.

Warm-up is usually of 2-3 minutes depends on the car to car. And also do one thing ride a car with a warmup and without warm-up and see the difference of smoothness. Thank me later. 

Use handbrakes while parking:

 keeping your car in gear while parking may be good but it can affect your gears if someone pushes your car or your car is parked at a sloppy position. Always use the hand brake to ensure that your car is safely parked and cannot move in hilly areas too. 

Never underestimate these things in car care

I think you get some basic idea of taking care. But are these enough in real. No, this is just few things which can be considered as a checklist. 

But do you know that there are three things in your car which can prevent you from major accidents which happens due to some damaged part. What are the three things? 

The three things are: 


Yes, steering not only balances axles. Many times, it is seen that an accident is happened because of steering failure.

car steering

What you can do if your steering fails, you lost control. Steering is not just a rod-type thing connected to your axles but in actual it is much more than that it contains many parts.

One-part failure means steering cannot work properly now. Always ensure your steering is working fine and change the part if not working properly. 


Ever drive a car with almost no working brakes. If you have driven it then you know what I am talking about and why they need most in the car.

Brakes can save not only your car but your life too.

Imagine if anyone suddenly came in front of your vehicle. What happened next – Accident. But if you take some precautions and change your brake pads and brake shoes regularly as recommended you can save yours and someone else’s life.

Some people I meet with think brake pads are just an unusual expense that is of no use. Nut always remember one thing that your someone else’s life is more important than the cost of brake pads. 


Yes, again you heard it right, tires can also save you or put you in a situation of an accident. Tell me one thing what is common in all tires which is present in every tire but in different styles? Grips.  

car tire

Tires grips make better connections with roads and due to this brake worked properly because just applying brakes isn’t enough to stop a car but tires also need to be in a good position. 

A common example to the three above points for care care: 

I am giving a common example because there cannot be a different example of interrelated things. 

E.g.- Giving this example as an imagination. You take this as you are driving a car for a better understanding. 

Imagine you are riding your car on a highway. Everything is going well until a dog appears in front of your car. What do you do in that situation?

Of course, apply brakes (until you have something else option in your mind). What if you applied brakes and your tires are not in a great position to handle the force of brakes and your tire bursts in that situation.

Your brakes are good but your tires are not which pushed you in an accident. 

Many times, it is seen that when tire bursts, the car is at a high speed and couldn’t maintain the balance which leads to accidents. 

The same thing is with steering, what happens if your steering fails. Can’t do anything unless there is some kind of option left. Accidents also happen with steering failure in those cases it is seen that the rider lost its control over the car which became the reason for the accident. 


Buying a car is a different thing and maintaining it for a longer period of time is different.

Maintaining is not a complex process but not keeping an eye on the car and if it gets some parts damaged than it gets complex.

However, it’s not necessary to depend on your mechanic for all the short things like top up brake fluid, washing, and waxing, inflating the tires (in case you have a tire inflator machine), etc.  

Ride safe. Stay safe. 


1. Is it recommended to not to buy a car because of such incidents?  

No, this blog won’t tell you not to buy a car but taking care of somethings in your car prevents you from accidents. 

2. How many things can I done under DIY (Do It Yourself)? 

Mostly things you can do under DIY like washing, putting up some basic accessories, etc. 

3. What if I failed to take care of my car? 

It actually depends for how long you are not taking care of.
If it’s more time say 6 months or more then you need to worry a little and take your car immediately to service center for routine checkup through software’s. 



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