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Is BBA Best? – Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, and Jobs?


BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is one of the most chosen. Bachelor degree programs amongst the youth after their High School. This program consists of complete knowledge about Business and Management.

It gives you sound knowledge about the business. And after BBA it gives you sound knowledge. To pursue MBA as it is Master of Business Administration.

Multiple job options in India. Many MNCs give preference to do BBA. Grads as they have sound knowledge about management.

Let’s Start Learning more about BBA

  1. How I Have Choose BBA
  2. BBA Admission Process
  3. Specialization
  4. College
  5. Jobs
  6. Career After BBA
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ

My Experience Regarding Choosing BBA?

In my high school I think about what I will do in my life. So studying commerce I have made my mind clear. That some days I am gonna have my own business. Start my own company, or have a startup.

But as a middle-class mentality, we think how, we don’t have money,
My father is not rich, how I will or gonna start my business.
So then I have decided if I have to do business or go for the job.
And not only for the job. But a good job which gives me good knowledge and knowledge about business.

So then I have focused on these all fields. Which are providing for best education for business.

Then after lots of research. I have found to one of the most premium degrees to pursue business studies.

  • First BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Second BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)

So I am pursuing BBA from BU Bhopal

They are providing me good knowledge. About business how our business runs. What are the essential elements of a business?

Admission Process – BBA

There are institutes and colleges in India. Are offering Bachelor degree to students.

This degree need criteria to get desired college or Institute.

Various top management institutes in India. Perform entrance test to get enter the institute. The entrance test on a national, state level & management levels.

Those institutes, which are not taking entrance test. Rest on the merit list on the basis of board result.

Criteria were simple, students pass 10 + 2 exams from a recognized board. Major colleges have criteria for securing at least 50% in the exam. And the Age limit is at least 17 years old.

BBA is a specialisation course where they are core subjects like

Financial Management

Specialization in Finance

This is specialization which focuses on financial topics like.
Like corporate, investments, venture capitalist, financial Institute.

Pursuing this is specialization. Student can get job in the field of finance. Like Stock Broker, advisory form, banks, financial Institutions etc.

Marketing Management

Specialization in Marketing

This is specialization which focuses on marketing topics. Like market research, sales, consumer behavior, distribution.

Human resource Management

Specialization in Human Resource

This is specialization which focuses on Human Resource Management.
Where topics are like employee managing, salary, activities.
And by these students can get a job. In HR field, staffing, recruitment sector.

Supply chain Management

Specialisation in supply chain

This is a specialization which focuses on supply chain management. Are student studies topics. Like Six Sigma, distribution, managing task, channels of distribution. By which students can get jobs in manufacturing sector easily.

Retail Management

Specialisation in Retail Management

This is a specialization. The whole focus on retail management.
The business where students learn about the retail market.
B2C, consumer behavior, direct selling, sales. By which a student can get jobs in outlets, Big Showrooms, etc.

Rural Development Management

Specialisation in Rural Development Management

This is specialization in rural development. You have to study the rural parts of your country. And its development in the field of business,.
By this you can get job options. In the field of government business program or government jobs.

Operation Management

Specialisation in Operational Management

This is specialization in operation sector. You have to study about the operation management. Activities of managing task, time management, task management, roles management, deadline, recovery etc.

By this you can get jobs in operation sector department.

List of Top BBA Colleges in India

  1. Shri Ram College of Commerce
  2. Saint Stephen’s College
  3. Sikkim Manipal University
  4. Amity University
  5. Mumbai University
  6. Bangalore University
  7. Loyola College Chennai
  8. Wilson College Mumbai
  9. Saint Xaviers College
  10. Symbiosis university
  11. Lovely Professional University
  12. DAVV indore

Jobs after BBA

Graduating from a degree program like BBA. There are many options foreign job options. For opting for higher education like MBA.

So show the Jobs available after BBA are in these domains are:

  1. Bank
  2. Advertising Agency
  3. IT companies
  4. Accounts Companies
  5. Finance
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Sales
  8. Media
  9. Entertainment Agency

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Top companies which are offering job opportunities for BBA students

Source: Forbes
  1. Google
  2. Apple
  3. Nike
  4. Kelloggs
  5. Nestle
  6. Facebook
  7. Amazon
  8. Many more

Positions offered for BBA students

  1. Financial analyst
  2. Marketing executive
  3. Back office executive
  4. HR executive
  5. Sales executive
  6. Business Development executive
  7. Digital marketing executive
  8. Administrator

Career options after BBA

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

MBA is a good option for students. Who wants to go and work for big Corporate.
MBA gives a boost to your career. As some good institutes like IIM, FMS, SP Jain. Give promising placement options in top leaders of the Business world.

MMS (Master of Management Studies)

MMS is a good option for students. Who have done BBA or BMS it is same as MBA. But these are specialization in management fields. With a promising future to work in Big MNC and corporate firms.

M.Com (Master of Commerce)

Master of Commerce is an option for students. Want to pursue their career in the field of Commerce. And want to more focus on financial and accounting fields.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

CFA is a great option. For the ones who want to pursue their career. In the field of stock and Finance analysis. This is a 3rd level exam with specializing knowledge. In the field of finance. This is the best option who want to pursue their career and big finance firms.

Job (Private or Government)

Job is a great option whether it is private or government. We see the practical we do the more we learn. So a job is a better option to learn more achieve more.


Today we here discussed Bachelor of Business Administration degree program. Which is an ideal degree for students.
Wants to go in the field of Management. And business want good leadership skills and positions for their upcoming careers.

We have understood about what is BBA. It is criteria to get an entry in BBA programs.
In different institutions and how BBA is changing the world.
And giving knowledge to about student business, management.

I hope you find this information useful and best of luck for your career

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What is better BBA or B.Com?

According to my knowledge both are good degree.
But it depends on where you see yourself in next phase of your life. You want to pursue career in financial field. In managing financial transaction you can opt for B Com.
But if you want to go in manager and leadership position. You can out for BBA so both are good. But you need to choose to accord to your interest and plans.

Can a science student study BBA?

Yes, any students who want to pursue BBA. Should have 10 + 2 exams passed from recognized institute.

Can I do CA and BBA together?

Yes, CA is a professional course and BBA is a degree program. You can perform it. But you should confirm it with your college.

Which is best college in India?

There are many best and recognized institution to pursue BBA in India some of them are, Symbiosis, Loyola, DU, MU, DAVV, NMIMS & many more.



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