Stand up comedy is one of the best things which takes place in an open mic event. It is a comic style through which the comedian or the performer expresses his/her views on something or tells a story which is funny enough to make the audience laugh.

Comedians present a group of humorous stories, jokes, and one-liners, and these things collectively form their content. To write a great collectively forms their content.

To write great content the comedian must have a great knowledge of the latest topics and must have a good sense of humor. Let’s discuss standup comedy in this blog.

The elements that create the plot of a play or any story, and divide a play into acts include the exposition, which gives information, setting up the rest of the story.

In other words, an act or a drama is a group of scenes that gives us information about a topic or scenario or situation.

Now following are the points which we will cover in this blog:

  1. What is stand up comedy and drama
  2. India history of stand-up comedy and drama
  3. Future and scope
  4. Stand up comedy in India  
  5. Conclusion
  6. QnA


Stand up comedy is basically a good and funny interaction between performer and audience. Stand up comedy is stated to be the freest form of comedy. Some standup comedians use props, music, or magic tricks in order to enhance their acts.

Stand up comedy is often performed in corporate events, comedy clubs, bars and pubs, nightclubs, colleges, theaters, and open mic.

Drama or act can be varied in three categories:-

  1. One-act play
  2. Three-act play
  3. Five-act play

The one-act play is a short drama that doesn’t consist of more than only one act.

The three-act play is the most commonly used structure and is divided into three acts.

The five-act play was used until the 18th century, most plays were divided into five acts.


Stand up comedy in India is a young art form. In the 80s of the 20th century, live comedy performances were started and taken as a main role. Before this, stand up comedians only taken as a supporting role in acts.

The iconic comedian, Johnny lever, who is well recognized for his talent in stand up comedy gained his name and fame when he once performed in a charity show called ‘hope 86’ which took place in 1986.

He was performing as a filler in front of the whole Hindi film industry. He was loved by his audience. And was appreciated by everyone.

Stand up comedy gained huge popularity and started getting recognized by 2005 when the television show was started which was very famous at that time ‘THE GREAT INDIAN LAUGHTER CHALLENGE ’.

Many comedians became popular and started performing various live and television shows.


Whereas, Roman theaters were the first to divide play or drama into a number of acts separated by intervals.

Acts can be further divided into scenes, in a classical theater, intervals were given during entrances and exits of actors in a scene.

SANSKRIT DRAMA is the earliest form of Indian drama. In the Indian history between the 1st and 10th century, many plays were written.

Sanskrit Theatre
This is the earliest form of drama. Vedas contain no part of it .”MAHAKAVI BHASA” is known as the father of Indian drama. He composed many stories based on Ramayan, Mahabharta, and many other stories.

Modern Indian Drama
“RABINDRANATH TAGORE” is the father of modern playwright. Normally, his plays are in Bengali.


Now we know what the history of standup comedy and drama is, what standup comedy is actually? Many of you would like to know about the scope in this line. Thousands of questions must be running in your mind.

Can it be taken as a career option? Can we earn through it? If yes, what would be your income? If not, why? All of these questions can be answered. So, first, discuss the scope as a stand-up comedian


You can choose any stage for standup comedy and drama and can proceed. Like you can perform anywhere it could be an event, comedy club, open mic, etc.

Open mic is the best platform for beginners. At present, many stand up comedians perform in an open mic.

Mix open mic takes all the talent in their show and on the other side, some open mic for stand up comedians like LAUGHTER CLUB, as the name indicates work.


You can also make your own youtube channel, Instagram id, Facebook page, and many other social sites. Make videos and posted them on your channel.


You can publish your own comics, which can make up for other expenses, like traveling. The comic contains sequential images.


You can use your talent as a startup business. You can make your own show, open mic, etc.
The question which comes in the limelight is how to earn by standup comedy.

The answer is, many comedians have day jobs. If you have a good sense of humor and the talent to impress your audience you can earn in standup comedy.

In a comedian’s first five years, they will lose money from traveling and performing. An open mic is a good option for comedians to gain name and fame or to get known.

Many smaller venues hold open mic events, where anyone can take the stage and perform for the audience


Raju Srivastava, Kapil Sharma, Sunil pal, Zakir khan, etc. they have millions of fans from not only India but from all of the world.

Most of the comedians started getting recognized after 2005. They started performing various live and television shows.

The demand for comedy content continued to increase.
In the most, admired Indian personality list by the economic times in 2015, Kapil Sharma is ranked no.3.

Kapil Sharma

Currently, he is hosting one the most famous and loved Indian comedy television show ‘THE KAPIL SHARMA SHOW after his hit television show ‘COMEDY NIGHTS WITH KAPIL’.Around 2011, people started organizing different comedy open mic events in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Gurgaon.


Hopefully, you can find the answers of all the questions in our blog about what is stand-up comedy and drama, history of drama and stand-up comedy, future and career scope in stand-up comedy and drama

How to earn by performing in events, open mic and by drama, and by stand-up comedy. If you still have any doubts regarding anything then you can ask in the comment section or inbox. THANKYOU.


1. Is there any scope of stand up comedian is in India?

Yes, there are many open mics are available, you can also publish your comic and also create your youtube channel.

2. I observed that mostly open mic give chance to poets and have less chance for stand up comedians. That’s why I’m confused. Please suggest me.

You are correct that most of the open mic take topic poetry but it doesn’t mean that stand up comedian has no value. Mix open mic gives space for all talents and for stand up comedians also. For stand up comedians, many options are available which are given in this blog

3. Let me clear about drama.

Drama presents a story in dialogue in theatres. It contains many characters.
The writer of the drama is known as ‘Playwright’



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