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6 Powerful and Proven Steps to Stay Fit and Active


Everyone’s dream is to stay fit and active always but the fact is that in today’s lifestyle, everyone spend most of your time sitting in the car or on the front of computer. 

You also makes resolution every year that you will go to the gym. You even succeed in purchasing the yearly membership of the gym but your laziness doesn’t allow you to go to your gym for more than 2 days.

Starting a task is not difficult. The difficulty comes in maintaining the regularity.

There are lots of surveys done in the whole world every year which tells that obesity is the first stage of all diseases but still obesity increases in 40% of people every year. This happens only because of some bad habits which people do regularly.

Changing habits is not a one day task. It needs consistency. According to a popular study, if we do the same thing for at least 21 days, it becomes our habit. You can make a to do list for 21 days which can help you to make a good task your habit.

If you are also a victim of obesity or you are just in a starting phase of it,

Then I am going to describe some important steps below which you should implement from today in your life. I guarantee you that you will never face obesity or laziness in your whole life.

  1. Maintain a strict diet
  2. Do exercise daily
  3. Do Meditation
  4. Personal Trainer
  5. Never do Dieting
  6. Follow 32 Rule
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ

Maintain a strict diet

You have to stop eating fast food if you want to stay slim always because it only increases body fat and makes you a victim of obesity. Make a health plan and follow it regularly. You have to be strict on yourself especially when eating something.

You cannot change everything in a single day and you cannot even eat the same dish daily. It is a long ongoing process. 

First change with your breakfast. Take fruits and juice on one day, corn flakes on the other day. Try to change your dish all the 7 days of the week. Then after a month, use this same trick to change your lunch and then after some days change your dinner. 

In the starting, allow yourself one time a week in the diet to eat fast food and slowly change it to a month, then a year and so on. 

If you have to go outside your home for work regularly, then take your healthy meal with yourself.

By using this method, you will be able to wipe out your habit of fast food from your diet. In the end, you will feel fit and active always.

Do Exercise daily

You cannot force yourself to do exercise daily. Your brain will never allow you if you will force it.

First find a motivation for yourself that why you want to exercise daily ? What benefits will you get if you exercise daily ? Is it good for your health ? 

Ask these types of questions to yourself and let your brain find the answer to it. When it will get the answers, It will automatically trigger some chemicals of motivation in your body which will help you to be consistent in exercise.

Some people will not believe this trick because they haven’t read how a human mind works but those who will believe this trick and implement it in their life, they will see a positive change in their life.

There are many types of physical activities which will help you in achieving different goals in your life.

If your goal is to lose weight or stay fit and active then below are some exercises which you should do daily for at least 15 minutes in a day.

  • Walking – walking is the best exercise to start if you are a beginner. It will not impact too much in your body but it will help you to make a routine because you will feel good while walking. Do it daily for at least 15 minutes in the starting then increase to 30 minutes 
  • Running – It is the next step after walking. It will burn your calories more than walking in a short span of time but don’t over run because it can make you dehydrated also.
  • Gym – This is the third level of exercise. You can also do weight training or weight loss exercise as per your goal in your home but in Gym, you will meet new friends also which will motivate you to do it daily. 
  • Yoga – you can do either weight training or yoga. These two are opposite to each other. Don’t do both because it will make no changes in you. Yoga makes your body flexible but weight training makes it tougher.

Do Meditation

Meditation helps you win over your brain. In simple language, it helps you to find yourself. It does not make any direct impact in losing your weight but it makes a direct impact in making your body active. It will help you understand what is good for you and what is not. There are endless benefits of meditation in life.

In the starting, you will find it difficult to meditate but once it becomes your habit, you will be one stage ahead of other people who don’t.

It also helps you to control your anger, your other emotions also. 

At one stage you will become so calm in nature that you will not be able to scold anyone even if they have committed a serious mistake. you will feel fit and active from inside.

Personal Trainer

You can hire a personal trainer also who will help you to build your diet and routine. There are a lot of things which have to be taken care of while building a diet according to body type and a professional can do it much better.

There are a lot of benefits of having a personal trainer ->

  • Having a trainer also helps you to stop eating junk or oily food because there is someone who is there to remind you about your goal. 
  • A trainer can help you achieve your goals in much less time than you can do it alone.
  • A trainer can make a special routine for you because everyone is different and everyone needs a different method to achieve their goals.
  • A personal trainer is also a kind of therapist for you because they meet you daily. They know what’s going on in your life and can also help to get you out of your daily stress of your life by being your friend.

 Anyhow, it is not at all necessary to have one but it is always more beneficial than struggling alone.

Never do Dieting

Dieting is the most stupid invention of human. People think that it helps to lose weight but in actual it is the most harmful activity a person can do in their life.

Weight loss is removing excessive fats from the body but dieting removes nutrition, proteins along with fats also from the body which results in headaches, fatigue, muscle loss and many more side effects. It makes you weaker from inside. 

Remember one thing, you can lose instant weight by dieting but you cannot do dieting for your whole life. Once you stop it, your weight will increase by double speed.

Follow 32 Rule

This is the most effective and underrated rule which can help you to stay fit and active without compromising with any food. 

According to this rule, if you chew a bite 32 times in the mouth before swallowing it, you can face obesity in your life. If you are already obese, then you can lose your weight without leaving any junk food by following this rule. 

The study says people eat more than their body needs which then stores in the body in the form of excessive fat which results in obesity. It happens because our body takes 15 minutes to tell our brain that we are full.

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If you eat by chewing 32 times then it will take you more time to eat and your body will get enough time to tell that it is full. This will help in stopping overeating which is the main cause of being unhealthy.


Being fit and active is not a high tech thing. It is as simple as picking up a pen but all it takes is effort and commitment. If you will be consistent and committed, then nobody can stop you from staying fit for a long time and lead a happy life.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask in the comment section below.


1. Why is it important to stay active ?

It is important to grow and succeed in life because when you will be active, you can learn new things very easily.

2. Is it necessary to go Gym to stay fit and active ?

No, it is not at all mandatory. you can do Yoga and basic exercises while staying at your home with good diet to stay active and fit always.

3. Can I do workout daily ?

Yes, there is no harm in this but make sure to change exercises daily. Don’t repeat same exercises daily because your body will make a habit of them due to which its improvement will stop after some days.

4. Can I get fit in a month ?

It totally depends on the body type. There is different concentration of fat present in everyone body due to which time frame is different of anyone getting slim.

5. Why my belly fat is not reducing even after implementing strict diet ?

Sometimes the fat concentration is very high in some people due to which they need to work double to reduce their body fat.



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