5 Online Business Ideas for Making Successful Brand – 2020

Have you ever noticed products without brand? Might be. Brand play an important role in any business, if you can wish to take any of business ideas for online then you need to work on your brand. But they too have problems which if we solve, we can convert them into a here we can … Read more

Brand Building: Guide to long term success[Updated 2020]

Before going into the mechanics of how to brand building. Lets first understand what is branding. Very simply put, branding is anything and everything that you do to establish a connection between your desired entity(yourself or your company) and target audience.When it comes to doing branding for their company, most people think choosing a name … Read more

Brand Positioning- 3 effective steps to differently Positioning a Brand

Do you know what is brand positioning? Brand positioning is a process where a company designed it’s products, services differently from other companies and create a positive image in the consumer’s mind so that they can occupy a distinctive place in the minds of the target market or potential customer. Did you ever realize why … Read more

Job or Business Which one is Better in 2020? Job VS Freelancing

Job or Business what to do?? Hi, there if you are 17 or an 18-year-old then you are in the right place. We will discuss Jobs VS Business, which one is for you, what are the skills required, and everything else. So, let’s get started. Content at a glance Important Factors to Consider Indian Mindset … Read more