critical thinking process – In 4 Steps With Additional Tips

Critical thinking is the route to arrive at a conclusion. That is unbiased, logical, honest, and is supported by strategically structuring thoughts with the information gathered and judged. So in this blog, I shared a critical thinking process that may help you to develop this skill. It is analyzing, studying, verifying an issue, or subject … Read more

Critical thinking activities – Improve Your Thinking Ability With Mobile Game

It is easy to learn new skills like critical thinking with fun and entertainment. So, I shared some critical thinking activities in this blog. There are so many strategies, tips, and tricks on Google or YouTube. But your mind does not work with all things for a long time you get bored and leave it … Read more

Critical thinking strategies – 12 Strategies To Boost Your Thinking

In this time-critical thinking makes a powerful skill. And everywhere its importance is increasing day by day. That does not matter you are a student or an employee. So it is too important to develop critical thinking by developing critical thinking strategies. Everyone should have this special skill. So what exactly is critical thinking?  There … Read more