3 ways to live a healthy life

Meaning of healthy life Having a healthy life is a gift and its important that you do not waste it by living it in a meaningless and unhealthy way. A healthy life gives you everything, having a good working body, enough money and best relationships for healthy life For example, you have enough money but … Read more

Top secrets of living a Balanced Life

Keeping balance in life Do you know how peace and happiness is gained in life? A simple answer is by keeping balance in life. Keeping balance between all the forms of life, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. The idea of keeping the balance and what does it really means differs from one person to another. … Read more

8 Effective Tips to Manage Study and Relationship

Never be afraid of failures but be terrified of regrets, it applies both for relationship and study. Priority changes after coming in a relationship, Relationship is sharing. Finance should be the number 1 priority whether it’s a long term relationship or short term. You’re sharing 50% of your life with your partner If you’re only … Read more