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Tips to accelerate growth in any field[works 100% if applied]


How can someone accelerate their growth? Have you noticed that for learning a new skill someone may take months and another person finishes it in mere days even if they were are at the same level when they started.

If two people start a similar business, one of them skyrockets and the other business closes in a few months of operation, even if they had the same initial resources. 

What decides all this? Who wins who doesn’t. What is our success really depended upon?

There are many factors involved in deciding this, both external and internal. External things are not always in our control but our internal factors are totally in our hands. Factors like focus levels, time management skills, stress management skills, etc. 

So these are the things that we need to work upon first and bring them to our maximum capability or at least to a reasonable level before starting our journey to accelerate growth and increase the chances of touching success.

Let’s get a little deeper into how to do it in this article.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Identify your GOAL.
  2. Break them in small steps.
  3. Have a fit body.
  4. A fit mind, bigger necessity.
  5. Learn to build focus.
  6. Frameworks to help you be productive
  7. FAQs

Identify your GOAL.

This may seem like a very simple thing to do, but personally I have seen a lot of people stuck at this very step of their journey. They just can’t figure out what is it they actually want to achieve and that is the reason why they can’t accelerate growth in any field.

Most people decide a goal, take some steps in that direction and then find it difficult, or find something more lucrative than that(or, at least they think so), or simply start getting bored of it and thus change their goal and start over again from the beginning.

It is not wrong to change your goals. In fact, it is natural for you to see more possibilities as you grow with age and experience, and this digital age acts as a catalyst in this regard. But the fact is that if you keep changing your goals to often you will end up getting nowhere.

So take some time out. Maybe withdraw from all the noise around you of different people and then decide what is it that you want to do in your life. What is your why behind it? Will it be meaningful to you a few years hence. Ones you have decided try sticking to it as much possible in your later journey.

Break them in small steps

Ones you have decided what does your end goal looks like to some extent. Now its time to break them in small steps and define them in different categories of importance and urgency.

According to the Pareto principle, 80 percent of outcomes come from 20 percent of your input. Thus identify which are the really important steps to reach the destination, and prioritize accordingly.

Having a list of actionable tasks with definite time frames will help keep track of your pace, and also be on the right track so that you don’t get deflected in some other direction unnecessarily which would not let you accelerate your growth and waste your most valuable asset, time.

Have a fit body

After you have decided your goal and actionable short term plans to achieve it. Now its time to do some self-analysis. Lets first talk about your physical health.

Unless your domain of work is such that your physical fitness is the main thing like bodybuilding or some kind of athlete you don’t need to spend too much time and resources on your body. Just eating the right kind of food and doing half to one hour of exercise daily will serve your purpose.

With just this much investment in your body, you can make sure that your body will never become a hurdle in your journey. And also if you don’t already know, your body and mind are directly connected so if you have a fit and healthy body, your mind automatically will be at a higher level of function. I guess this should be enough motivation for you to strive towards a healthy body.

A fit mind, bigger necessity

A fit mind is something that you can not compromise with at all. Because irrespective of the nature of the work you do, you always have to apply your brain. So if you don’t have a really fit mind you will obviously stay behind in the game.

So the question is what is a fit mind, and how to achieve it? A fit mind is one that is always alert and curious.

Just these two qualities will help your sail through your journey effortlessly else every time a problem comes, and you are having to force your mind to find a solution that is very cumbersome and at the same time, it won’t yield the best of results because if you force your brain into something beyond a certain point, it will start playing all kinds of games with you.

Then you are in a big mess.

So better keep fueling that inert childhood curiousness that you have and that itself will keep you alert all the time, and also keep track of what you are eating, you can’t expect to put the wrong fuel into you and expect good output.

Cut on the non-veg, junk, sugar, and stale food as much as possible and consume fresh veg items. Have sufficient sleep. Doing these things will largely keep your mind and body in a very healthy and active state.

Learn to build focus

It has been seen that with more curiosity mostly comes lack of focus because you are always interested in the next thing and next thing, and thus it will be tough for you to focus on the task that is really necessary currently. But focus is among the most important elements to accelerate your growth and find success on any path.

So if you also find something like this happening with you, not to worry much because focus can be improved over time. Only the key is to keep working at it every day.

Take sufficient time and decide where do you want to focus. Now, look at it based on past data, how does not being focused on it, and getting distracted every few minutes by something unimportant is affecting you. Ones you build sufficient internal will to strive towards a better focus. You are ready.

Few things that can fuel this process:

  • Meditate every day. Start for short periods of time and eventually increase the duration.
  • Do some kind of physical activity daily.
  • Practice being mindful throughout the day. Whenever you find yourself wandering in the past or future just come back in the present moment and live it fully.
  • Try focusing on one thing at a time.
  • Be persistent with all the above points. Because results may even take weeks, months, or even more. But in the end its totally worth it.

Frameworks to help you be productive

One of the simplest ways I can suggest you, based on your current level of focus, fix a certain amount of time for work and break. If you are just beginning, start with 20:5. 20 minutes of continuous focused work and then 5 minutes of break. Keep all the external distractions, like notification sounds, any person, etc. away from you in that work time.

But in those 20 minutes, there are most chances that multiple thoughts will occur in your mind. But no need to attend to them then and there, just write them on a piece of paper or digitally on your phone or laptop, whatever is handy, and attend to them in those 5 minutes of break. This way you will have the satisfaction of not missing out on anything and also be focused on what is actually necessary for most of the time.

Eventually, as your brain becomes more and more organized, you will not need any enforcement on your mind. Quality and quantity of focus both will increase, and that will accelerate your growth in anything that you are trying to do. So just keep persevering till that time comes, because it’s worth it!

After implementing the above steps in your life if you wish to start a business, I have a blog that will help you generate great business ideas.


How to build focus in a child?

It is the best and easiest stage of life to build focus if handled well. The best way to do it would be to give the child games and make them do exercises which helps in focus and attention. You can find plenty of such games & exercises on internet.

Best food for your mind & body?

Some of the best foods which support a healthy mind & body are fruits green vegetables, nuts, coconut oil, honey, turmeric, certain leafs like neem.

How many meals should we have in a day?

Three or Two meals a day is more then enough for any human being. Also stop eating just before you start feeling full in stomach.



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