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Top 7 types of pants | The ultimate pants guide for man

Top 7 types of pants | The ultimate pants guide for man

Trousers and pants, Are they the same or different? they are a little confusing for many people. Especially in the UK, people consider pants as underwear. In America, pants and trousers are the same thing. Pants or trousers are a very important garment in men’s style. Every man should know about the types of pants.

Do you know that trousers or pants have been worn since ancient times? The only reason trousers are here today is because of horses. Trousers are invented because robes were uncomfortable on horseback.

Here are the top 7 types of pants every man should know.

  1. Chinos
  2. Khakis
  3. Jeans
  4. Dress trousers
  5. Sweat trousers
  6. Jodhpur trousers
  7. Cargos
  8. Conclusion


The name chino is derived from china. Chinos come with different colors and have belt loops, zip fly, and can have loops, usually have cuffs. These types of pants are made from twill fabrics which are made from 100 percent cotton. That’s why these pants give us comfort and can be best for summer.

The best colors for your chinos could be beige, navy, grey, black, and pastel. Beige chinos ideal for casual look and best combo for this color could be navy or dark grey shirts or sweatshirts. What about navy chinos? you can go for white shirts and t-shirts. You can also wear them with a cardigan.

Grey best go for a light blue shirt or white t-shirt and shirt with shades of grey. It also fits with navy blazers. Gray chino goes for almost anything because of his natural hue like black shirts, light blue oxford button-down, denim court. The great thing about chinos is that you can wear this with almost anything.

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Khaki is a name of color which is similar to sand or dust type color. Khaki colored trousers are called khakis. These types of pants are Indian heritage and usually made of cotton or cotton twill. That’s why they are very comfortable.

You should have khakis if you don’t, because you can wear them formally as well as casually and they look great with any type of shirt. Now khakis also come in different colors like black, navy, beige.


Jeans trousers are made from denim fabrics. Denim is strong durable fabrics blended with indigo and white yearn. These types of pants are informal and have different colors, styles, and varieties and are widely worn anywhere in the world. Every fashion-conscious man has jeans, in fact without jeans your fashion sense is nothing.

Different types of jeans like skinny jeans, slim fit jeans, loose fit or baggy jeans, regular fit, relaxed.

Skinny jeans are close-fitting throughout the legs. This means they are skin-tight fit from waist to ankle. Generally low or mid-rise. They don’t offer great mobility. Skinny jeans are best for thin or skinny people. Not a good choice for a heavy guy.

Slim fit jeans are not too tight and not too loose. Slender from the hip to the ankle means straight through the hip, slim through the thighs and tight opening. Generally slim fits are mid-rise and best fit for skinny men.

Baggy or loose fit jeans are roomiest fit jeans that give you plenty of room for your hip, thighs, and legs.

Regular fit jeans are straight from the hip to thigh and then knee to hem. These types of jeans are made for the average man’s body shape. These jeans are generally mid-rise.

Relaxed jeans provide extra room for your waist and thigh. They provide a comfortable fit. Relaxed jeans are high-rise. These jeans are great for thick thigh guys.

Dress or formal trousers

You can wear dress pants formally and semi-formally. They are designed to be worn with a matching suit jacket. Dress pant’s fabrics can be wool and polyester. There are many different types of dress pants like the flat front, pleated, wide leg, cuffed, slim fit.

Flat front dress pants have no cleats. That’s why we call them flat front pants. These types of pants are great for skinny men and can be worn both casually and formally.

Pleated pants can have a single pleat, double pleat, and also triple pleat and best for men who have wider hips and thighs. If you want a classic and sophisticated look, you can go for it. These pants are very popular for men of all ages.

Slim fit dress pants are suitable for thin men, for a clean and fashionable appearance.

Wide-leg dress pants are best for a man who is larger on top and makes a balanced look for upper and lower. These pants have a pleated design.

Cuffed dress pants are a sign of quality and cuffed give a modern and elegant look.

Sweat trousers

These types of pants are made with soft and fuzzy fabrics. Sweat pants are loose, thick, and elasticated.

Their waist can be drawstring as well as elastic. These pants give you great comfort, relaxation, and warmth and you can wear them during different types of athletic activities.

Jodhpur trousers

As the name says jodhpurs pants are Indian origin and these types of pants get the name from the city jodhpur situated in Rajasthan in India.

Jodhpurs are not the same as breeches. These pants are traditionally made of cotton, flared along with hips and thighs, and very tight fitting along the calf.

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These pants are best for outdoor purposes. Cargo pants are durable loose-fitting and have large patch pockets often with an accordion fold to increase capacity closed with a flap secured by a button. Cargo’s were made for the military, that’s why these pants are also called combat pants.

Despite their practical use, cargo pants have become popular as a fashion piece. Best colors and types you can choose are blue or denim cargo, navy, khaki and green.

Denim cargo can go for many combos. You can wear it with a shirt and cardigan for a sophisticated look. Another combination is you can pair it with linen shirts or in shades of grey.

Khaki cargo can go with a white shirt, you can also pair with loafers. If you want an urban city look combine it with a grey t-shirt and jacket.

Because it’s a combat pants, you can wear cargos for trekking, hiking, and other such sports activities. Cargos are best suitable for adventure lovers.

Now if you are planning for trekking, the best combo you can make with your green cargo is team up with a bright yellow shirt or any graphic printed round neck t-shirt.

A little consideration

Before you buy any pants, this consideration may help you to buy batter.

What is the rise? Rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. It usually ranges from 7 to 12 inches. So take your best-fitted pant and measure it, because it will guide you to buy a batter-fitted new one.

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Pants are the ground of a man’s fashion and style. That’s why every man should know about pants basics. You can’t go to the office with your green or khaki cargos and on the opposite side, it will be ridiculous to wear nice dress pants in a sports activity. It will be very helpful for anyone knowing about the pants sizes, types, materials, and other information, so they can choose the best suitable pants for their different life events, occasions, seasons.

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