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Ultimate Guide, Rules and Knowledge of Basketball-2020


Do you know Basketball Game and its Rules? Yes, You know this Game. This game is very popular and played all over the world. Do you know how to play Basketball?

In this game two team of 5 players each played together using their hands and arms but use of legs are not allowed.

Players tried to take the ball by tossing at opponent team’s goal on a rectangular court and an elevated horizontal hoop & net called a Basket. Whoever team score more goals wins the game.

In 1861-1939 James Naismith invented this game which has become popular all over world now days. In 1891 they played first game by two baskets which represent the sports its name BASKETBALL.

So in this blog I will discuss about Basketball that will teach you how to play which you can implement to improve your game.

Let’s Find Out-

  1. History of Basketball
  2. Rules and Regulations of Basketball
  3. Examples of Best Players
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

History of Basketball-


Dr. James Naismith
  • Canadian James Naismith in 1891 December invented the game basketball.
  • He was the physical education professor at the International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School.
  • He has invented this game for their gym students to keep them active during rainy season. They established basketball at his gym room.
  • After that rejecting other ideas he wrote his own basic rules that basket must be onto 10- foot elevated track.
  • This game has came from football ball itself after that the football ball was reinvented by a lace-free ball construction method.
  • In 1950, the orange color of ball was invented by Tony Hinkle so the ball should be more visible to all players.
  • In 1896 dribbling was common done by players playing basketball but in 1898 the rule of double dribbling was introduced.
  • During the 1895 basketball was established at several women’s high schools.
  • After that it becomes more popular throughout the United States and Canada.
  • During 1893 to1900 many other countries introduced basketball like in France, England, Australia, china, and Japan.
  • Before the First World War l (NCAA) had control over the rules of the game. During 1898, the first pro league was formed, the National Basketball League.

Growth of Game-

  • At Hamline University during 1895 the first time intercollegiate 5 on 5 game was played.
  • After that many other universities start sponsoring men’s games.
  • It was decided that all the boundary lines must be straight during 1893.
  • After that in 1912- 1913 it was decided that the net should be open from bottom.
  • The points of basket or goal was re–changed during 1895- 96.
  • After that in 1909- 10 the professionals has decided to legalized the glass back boards.
  • The backboards were moved to 2 feet during 1920- 21 and move to 4 feet by 1939- 40.
  • In 1894 the size of basket ball was laced to 32 inches in circumference and weighed less than 20 ounces.
  • But in 1948- 49 the size of ball was reset at 30 inches in circumferences.
  • After that in 1915 Amateur Athlic Union, and YMCA formed the Joint Rules Committee.
  • After that in 1936 its name changed to National Basketball Committee (NBC) of the United States and Canada.
  • During 1979 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was formed.
  • After that in 1985 NCAA installed 45 second shot clock which was reduced to 35 second in 1993.
  • During 1994, 3 pointer basket rule was implemented in which ball must be shot from 19.75 feet from basket.
  • They increased the line of 3 pointer to 20.75 feet during 2008.

Source: Wikipedia

Rules and Regulations of Basketball-

Rules and measurement of Basketball vary from tournaments and organizations.

If a players attempt to scores basket at opponent basket than it is known as shot and mainly successful shot is of 2 point & can be of 3 point when ball is shot from beyond three point line that is 6.75 meters from basket in international games and 7.24 meters in NBA games.

A one point shot can be taken by the player only by foul from the foul line.

The Rules of Playing Regulations in Basketball-

According to the rules of Basketball every tournament rules different from each other, I am telling the rules of NBA.

Basketball game is played in 4 quarters in which each quarter is of 12 minutes by the players.

There is 15 minutes half- time break. If the play are not active than the clock is stopped, the time is allowed for actual time played.

Each team is allowed only 5 players to play at a time on the court but they have unlimited substitutions which is only subsisted only when play is stopped.

Players are compulsory to wear jerseys with numbers, shorts that identified the team for whom they are playing. Both the team should wear different uniforms so that they can identify.

The game is controlled by crew chief in NBA and 2 or 3 umpires referred to as referees in NBA. Team’s scoring, timekeeping, individual and team fouls, player substitutions, the shot clock, and team possession arrow is tracked by table officials.

The Rules of Equipment’s in Basketball-

According to the rules of Basketball they mainly required important equipment’s for basketball game such as ball, court, a flat, rectangular surface with baskets at opposite sides of court.

But at the time of tournament they required equipment’s such as clocks, score sheets, scoreboard, alternating possession arrows, and whistle- operated stop- clock systems.

A basketball courts of 94 by 50 feet in NBA. They usually painted the logo and name of home team in the center of court.

The backboard is of 18 inches high and 2 feet wide in which steel rim of basket of 18 inches in diameter with a net attached 6 by 3.5 feet on backboard.

In almost all the tournament the rim is exactly on 10 feet above the court and 4 feet inside the baseline.

The weight and size of the ball is different for men and women. For men and women is 29.5 inches and 28.5 inches in circumferences & 22 oz and 20 oz in weight.

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The Rules of Fouls in Basketball-

According to the rules of Basketball-

  • Any type of physical contact with opponent team is illegal.
  • Which team has done the foul give the ball to opponent team for free throw.
  • All the fouls are judge by the referees weather it is illegal or legal.
  • For various rules violation the foul is charged is called technical fouls.
  • Which result that 2 or 3 the player gets free throws at the time and can be taken by any 5 players of the team.
  • They can be disqualified if they repeated any incidents.
  • Either excessive or unnecessary physical contact is known as blatant foul.
  • If before the half team reaches to 7 fouls then opposing team gets one free throw and this is called shooting one on one.
  • If before the half team reaches to 10 fouls then opposing team gets 2 free throw.
  • The free shots gets to opposing team is called as Bonus or Penalty.
  • If they get 2 free shots and if they had missed one of them then no other player interfered in between until 2nd shot is not taken, after that if the shot is missed then players could interfere and continuing the game.
  • Any player is attempting shot and fouled & shot is unsuccessful then they gets extra free throws equal to the value of the attempted shot.
  • If any player is attempting shot and fouled & shot is successful then player get extra free one throw for one point it is called three point play or four point play because the previous shot was successful with the additional one point free throw.

Examples of Best Players-

  1. Michael Jordan- NBA Debut at 26 Oct 1984
  2. Magic Johnson- NBA Debut at 12 Oct 1979
  3. Kareem abdul-jabbr- NBA Debut at 18 Oct 1969
  4. Larry Bird- NBA Debut at 12 Oct 1979
  5. Hakeem Olajuwon- NBA Debut at 27 Oct 1984
  6. Wilt Chamberlain- NBA Debut at 24 Oct 1959
  7. Shaquille O’Neal- NBA Debut at 6 Nov 1992
  8. Kobe Bryant- NBA Debut at 3 Nov 1996
  9. LeBron James- NBA Debut at 29 Oct 2003
  10. Kevin Durant- NBA Debut at 31 Oct 2007

Source: howtheyplay


It is the sports which makes healthy and relax to the person and I can play with my friends and family members. Its helps body to run and remains exercised mainly legs exercise. It also helps to live peace with others.

By playing this game anyone can improve their shot taking techniques and many more. This game also improves the height of body as well as height of jumping at my opinion.


1.Why basketball is better than football?

Because basketball is easier to explain and pick up on than football.

2.Why basketball is not popular in UK?

Because UK govt. does not hive money for basketball sports.

3.Will basketball make me taller?

No, it does not make you taller.

4.Who invented the basketball?

James Naismith

5.Where basketball is most popular?

Mostly in United States

6.Where basketball was first played?

Springfield, Massachusetts at 21st December 1891.

7.What is the weight of the basket ball?

For men and women are 22 oz and 20 oz in weight.

8.What is circumference of the basket ball?

For men and women is 29.5 inches and 28.5 inches in circumferences.



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