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Warren Buffet King Of Investment


Warren Buffet born on 30 August 1930.

He is an American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist.  Known as the God Of Investing and also the chairman and CEO  of  BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY.

Warren recognized his interest in Business and Investing at a very early stage.

Had gone to the school Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1947.

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Warren Buffet life, Education , Skill

He is one of the best investors in the world, in addition, started his journey at a very early stage.

Considered as the fourth wealthiest man in the world.

Warren had continued his investing when he was in school.

Before transferring and graduating from the University of Nebraska at the age of 19.

He went to Columbia   Business  school, where Warren came in the contact of Benjamin Graham who was his teacher and also the writer of the book  Intelligent Investor

Here Warren sharpens his skill of Investing.

He joined The New York Institute Of Finance   ( American Education Company which was founded by The New York Stock   Exchange ).

After that warren started his partnership including one with Graham.

From here a journey started he started Buffet Partnership ltd in 1956. In accordance with that, he acquired the textile manufacturing firm, Berkshire Hathaway.

His children’s name is Susan Alice Buffet, Howard Graham Buffet, and Peter Buffet.

Parent’s name is Howard Buffet and Leila Stahi Buffet.

At a very early stage, he found his interest in investing.

Warren was influenced by the book Thousand Ways to Make 1000$.

Instead of the Buffet was from a good family he had sold chewing gum,coca-cola bottle, and weekly magazines door to door

He had also worked in a grocery store.

On his first income tax return in 1944, Buffett took a $35 deduction for the use of his bicycle and watch on his paper route. 

From the book 1000 Ways To Make 1000 Dollar Warren got an idea to buy a used pinball and placed it in local barbershop as a result he earn and bought another pinball ball.

Warren works as an investment salesman from 1954 to 1956. If you see Warren was good at Rich People Habits

 Buffett marry to Susan Thompson at Dundee Presbyterian Church.

Warren said in one of his interviews. If I can’t become rich then he would jump from his building as a result he becomes billion

He is very fond of reading the book ,his average reading hour is almost 6 hour .

He is a good friend of Bill Gates and charity 90% money to the Bill and  Milinda gate foundation.

Buffet is a very attractive personality. He is a role model for many of the people. His work is studied as a case study at a prestigious university.

Warren Buffett Quotes On  Investing life And Success

Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1 – It is very often in a stock market to price the things wrong . You can find wonderful businesses on sale often.

Remember that the stock market is a manic depressive investing it is very necessary to hold the money. News is spread in the air. You got to stick to your to stock in the time when the market is disturb

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. It is seen that people run behind the quick money. Beware of showing off .good steps are always appreciated.

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. If you are doing the thing with proper knowledge and understanding you are not doing wrong. 

It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price, than a fair company at a wonderful price.” In investing either of looking for the best company, search for wonderful at a low cost.

If you aren’t thinking about owning a stock for 10 years, don’t even think about owning it for 10 minutes.  Warren Buffet said that if you don’t put stock for a long period don’t put it for  time.

Our favourite holding period is forever.

It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.”   You are the average of five people you spend your life with.

If you spend your time with drunker then next drunker will be you. If you are with five rich people than the sixth rich will be you.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. good things take time to build.

I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute. The majority many people stop due to self-doubt very less fail due to failure.

You only have to do very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong. Do only where you are good at.

Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.”

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful person says no to almost everything.”

You’ve gotta keep control of your time, and you can’t unless you say no. You can’t let people set your agenda in life.

In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love.”

The most important Investment you can make is in Yourself.

Warren Companies

Acme Brick CompanyHome Services of America
International Dairy Queen, Inc.Ben Bridge Jeweler
IMC International Metalworking CompaniesMetalworking Companies
Metalworking CompaniesJohns Manville
Berkshire Hathaway AutomotiveJordan’s Furniture
Berkshire Hathaway Direct Insurance Company (THREE)Justin Brands
Berkshire Hathaway Energy CompanyH. Brown Shoe Group
Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance CompaniesLarson-Juhl
Berkshire Hathaway Homestate CompaniesLiquidPower Specialty Products Inc. (LSPI)
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty InsuranceSpecialty Insurance
BH Media GroupLubrizol Corporation
biBERK Business InsuranceMarmon Holdings, Inc.
BoatU.S.McLane Company
Borsheims Fine JewelryMedPro Group
BrooksMiTek Inc.
Buffalo NEWS, Buffalo NYMLMIC Insurance Company
BNSFNational Indemnity Company
Business WireNebraska Furniture Mart
Central States Indemnity CompanyNetJets®
Charter BrokerageOriental Trading Company
Clayton HomesPampered Chef
CORT Business ServicesPrecision Castparts Corp.
CTB Inc.Precision Steel Warehouse, Inc.
DuracellRC Willey Home Furnishings
Fechheimer Brothers CompanyRichline Group
FlightSafetyScott Fetzer Companies
Forest RiverSee’s Candies
Fruit of the Loom CompaniesShaw Industries
Garan IncorporatedStar Furniture
Gateway Underwriters AgencyTTI, Inc.
GEICO Auto InsuranceUnited States Liability Insurance Group
General ReXTRA Corporation

Company save lots of tax by finding loopholes in Corporate Tax

Warren Buffet Invested  In Some Of The Prestigious Company :

  • Kraft-Heinz – 26.7% Ownership  
  • American Express – 17.9% Ownership
  • Apple – 9.5% Ownership
  • Wells Fargo – 9.8% Ownership
  • Coca-Cola – 9.4% OwnershipBank of New York Mellon – 8.8% Ownership


Books of Warren

Here is given names of few books which Warren think everyone should read

The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin   Graham: This book warren had read at the age of 19 where he got clarity about investing .he has read all the books of this series.

Security  Analysis By Benjamin Graham David L. dood :If you are good at analysis you can found the value of the company.

Common Stock And Uncommon Profit By Philip A. Fisher: Financial statement is not enough you also have to know about the company management because they are actually running the company.

Stress Test Reflection on Financial Crises: How to manage an organization in tough times.

The Essay On Warren Buffet by Lawrence A Cunningham: This book is about the warren buffet if you want to know about him

Jack Straight From The Gut Jack Welch With john A Byrne

The Outsiders by William Thorndike

Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street” by John Brooks.


Buffett Paytm

Berkshire Hatchway Invested in Paytm. Since Paytm is the biggest online payment app. Even warren buffet sees opportunity in Paytm.

Since they have not disclosed the detail some reports have said that they have invested around $360 million in Paytm 3-4% stake.


Warren Buffet is an American investor businessman and philanthropist. His net worth is $88.9 billion. He had born in Omaha, Nebraska. He improved his skill of investing. There are also American Business Man like Grant Cardone and Robert Kiyosaki who are known for investing .

Started his partnership including one with Graham

The government provides lots of benefits to the Corporate and Business Man since they are the biggest source of revenue for government through Public Finance

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question )

1:What’s Warren Buffet’s Net Worth

Warren Buffet’s net worth is $88.9 billion. He is considered as the fourth wealthiest man in the world.

2:What Warren Buffet Reads

He reads books, hundreds of pages of corporate reports, along with five newspapers each day

3:Are Warren Buffet And Bill Gates Friends

Warren is good friend of Bill Gate and charity 90% money to the bill and  Milinda  gate  foundation

4:Is Warren Buffet a Democrat

Once he had said that he supports democrat, he also supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in her 2016 White House run. His father was a Republican congressman from Nebraska

5:Where Warren Buffet lives

He lived in omaha ,Nebraska united state

6:Why Warren Buffet sold delta airlines

Warren Buffett says Berkshire sold all its airline stocks because of the coronavirus.
 Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and billionaire value investor Warren Buffett said that the conglomerate has sold the entirety of its position in the U.S. airline industry. The world has changed for the airlines



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