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Why Honda engine is better than other companies


Honda became one of the best engine manufacturers in the market.

Soichiro Honda was a mechanic who worked in the garage. He went on to lay the foundation of Honda.

He wanted to create a company which can provide innovative technology to the customer under their brand name.

Soichiro aim was to make Honda grow further into a self-sustaining company.

The company makes the highest number of internal combustion engines in a year being close to 14 million.

Honda cars in the assembly line

We will learn about

Beginning of research facility

Eventually, when Honda launched its first bike, it became a sensation in the Japanese markets.

Therefore, Honda grew steadily in its course to explore new segments of the automobile.

The company always excited the customers with their new upcoming products.

Henceforth, they set-up a Technical Research Institute in Japanese city of Hamamatsu.

However, the company objective was to create bikes from scratch without any interference.

Hence, the institute was for research on the production of manufacturing equipment and internal combustion engines.

Honda started its technical research team with only 24 members to manufacture their first bike.

Research & Development of Honda Engine

Honda workers fitting engine in the car

The first engine made by Honda for their bike was a 2-stroke 50cc A-Type auxiliary bicycle engines.

The engine was designed using a die-casting of multiple components.

However, in 1948 the company decided to mount its engine on a bicycle because they did not have chassis for the bike.

Thereafter, Honda manufactured a bike named RC-160 to enter in Asama Volcanic race achieving the third position in their debut race.

The RC-160 bike was based on the latest technology engine having a 250cc engine with four-cylinders.

The company made engines along with several other products including power equipment on the request of farmers.

Consequently, Honda had created a new sector specialized in farming to help farmers.

Therefore, the sprayer made by Honda was better than those available in the markets.

As a result, Honda won the award for the best-improvised power equipment.

They made their first engine from aluminium die-casting combined with the latest technology.

The engine was more powerful than the previous traditional power equipment. In addition, it was durable and cheap as well.

An engine named “H-type” produced around 1 horsepower used to pump water in crops.

Honda power machine

The first car build by Honda

Honda became the largest seller of motorbikes globally.

The company achieved huge growth in the four-wheeler market and wanted to diversify into other segments.

Hence, they decided to enter the motor-car industry but they lacked knowledge and technology to produce cars.

However, the company faced several crises because of a devastating earthquake in Japan.

Above all, Honda managed to launch its first four-wheeler vehicle overcoming several issues.

Then they came up with a semi-truck in 1963 called “T360 mini pick-up truck.

It was Honda’s first automobile powered by a 356cc Straight-4 gasoline engine using chain mechanism similar to bikes.

Honda’s car was classified under the cheaper kit car tax bracket being used for commercial use.

The company decided to reduce its cost significantly so they could enter the market.

Honda T360 mini pick-up truck

Honda’s first Honda T-360 semi-truck

Honda engines are used in manufacturing various products

They had developed their brand value by expanding their bikes production.

In conclusion, Honda progressed in the market by providing new powerful bikes with a better engine.

Also, they faced competition from Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan in the cars segment also.

Motorcycle Engine

In 1969, the first 4-inline cylinder engine with air-cooled was Honda’s biggest achievement as it produced a powerful 750cc engine.

As a result, it became the world’s fastest bike reaching a top speed of 190km/hr.

Honda created cheaper mini-bikes which had only 49cc of power running on OHC single cylinder mainly targeting the youths.

As a result of being made exclusively for the USA, around 500,000 bikes were sold.

To sum up, Honda had been looking for opportunities to enter other markets as well.

Car Engine

The first automobile launched by Honda was the low-priced semi-truck to grab market share.

The semi-truck, T-360 mainly for the commercial purpose had a 4-cylinder straight line gasoline engine which produced 360cc of power.

Meanwhile, they continued to produce semi-trucks for years, they launched their first sedan two-doored Honda 1300.

Its engine was based on the latest technology of an air-cooled, 4-cylinder gasoline-powered engine.

Soichiro Honda made a statement in a press-conference that the outboard engine has been polluting the marine environment.

The company launched its first-ever 4-stroke outboard engine in 1964 which did not have any oil spilling problem and less noise.

The concept of the making Honda 2.3L Vtec had been taken from their outboard engine.

Above all, Honda offered 5 years of no-declining warranty on their outboard engines.

Honda Accord engine is based on 2.3L Vtec engine

Outboard Engine

This opened Honda’s entry in the outboard engine market with BF series having the highest sales in the US annually.

Jet Engine

The jet can speed up to 444 knots or 778 Km/h which is the fastest in their category elevating up to to a height of 43000 feet.

Regarding efficiency, it is better by more than 17 per cent.

Therefore, they stepped up to learn about planes during 1980 from another company.

During 1990, in Mississipi State University’s Raspet Flight Research Laboratory their first light jet assembly started.

Prototype MH02, their first light jet had been sent for approval in Japan after that.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the manufacturing in 2007 which completed in 2011.

They sold around 20 jets in 2015 and then 60 in subsequent years.

The HA-420 uses GE Honda HF-120 turbofan engine developed by GE-Aviation under GE-Honda which makes their jet engines.

Honda Jet

Future of Honda Engine

Honda has different R&D in every section of their business, be it motorcycle or jet.

Honda has firmly set their feet because they made their most important parts product themselves which make them efficient in their research and production.

Unlike other companies, Honda does not depend constantly on the other company.

For the last 23 years, Honda has been making fuel-efficient engines for planes as they do for their cars and bikes

Honda is looking to make electric cars as they are trending and due to its less evironment-friendly nature.

The company has also started to research on e-bikes because governments will encourage their production.


We learned about Honda’s diversified business which showed that the company not only made vehicles but also crucial parts for other subsidiaries.

Honda’s history revealed how the company gradually became one of the largest company in the world.

Other sectors of Honda which also use its own innovative and cutting edge technology to manufacture their products.


1. What is future plan for Honda Super bike engine?

Honda has recently launched its revamped version of superbike Fireblade, built on a new type of engine.

2. Is Honda going to outsource their jet engine?

Yes. Honda has announced to outsource their engines to different aviation companies.

3. What will be the changes in engine of the racing teams?

Honda will change them as per the guidelines of FIA and FIM for the new season. The company has already started the manufacturing of its new engine.



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