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Affiliate Marketing in Flipkart (2020): The Best or The Worst Choice?

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a simple tool, helping people earn some really good cash. We all know a salesman, right? A person who sells the product made by others moreover takes home his commission. Likewise, Affiliate Marketing in Flipkart helps you generate your commission.

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But here in India, the concept of a salesman is as someone who goes door to door and sells the product and guesses what the times are changing now! It is easier to reach a person without knocking his door.


Through his screen!

Gone are the days when the advertisement was a luxury to few, now everyone can advertise, so the advertisement industry has changed and even a good Instagram account with 10k followers can advertise his or other products

So here affiliate marketing comes into play.


  1. What is Flipkart affiliate program?
  2. How to join Flipkart affiliate program?
  3. What products sell best on Flipkart affiliate program?
  4. Commission rate of Flipkart affiliate program?
  5. How does it pay?
  6. Is Affiliate Marketing in Flipkart worth it?
  7. FAQ

Affiliate marketing is the same as a salesperson but instead of going one on one with a person, you interact with him through your ad or blog or post.

Most importantly make sure to show him the goods of buying a product you wish to sell. And trust me,

People believe so much in what they read online that they form their opinion based on it.

Therefore all you have to do as an affiliate marketer is sell someone a good product from an e-commerce platform through your blog or post or ads and make some great profit.

Make sure you sell good products because a satisfied customer will bring more profit.

So one such platform to make money through affiliate links is FLIPKART Affiliate program.

Started as an Indian eCommerce site, Flipkart once had one of the best affiliate programs in the country but now it is in doubtful hands. Let’s figure out all about it.

So let’s dive straight into it and figure out everything related to Flipkart affiliate program.

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What is Flipkart affiliate program?

Flipkart Private Limited, d/b/a Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company based in Bengaluru, India. It was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007.

Similar to many other eCommerce websites, Flipkart has an affiliate program.

The concept is rather simple and unlike other platforms where you need to show good traffic on your website or youtube channel, Flipkart does not ask for any of it.

Therefore Flipkart is a choice for many! Firstly we all know how vast is the catalogue of Flipkart and the trust this site has.

Secondly, being one of the leading e-commerce players in India Flipkart attracts customers to it and people have genuine trust on their website.

And thirdly, with a vast variety of high-quality products to choose from, Flipkart affiliate program is indeed worth grabbing. 

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So how to sign up for it? Let us see in our next topic.

How to join Flipkart affiliate program?

Joining Flipkart affiliate program is rather a much simpler process. Do you personally have a Flipkart account? NO, so go ahead and create one.

Because joining Flipkart affiliate program is as easy as creating your account on Flipkart. Unlike most affiliate programs that analyze your application, go through your website, know your traffic details, Flipkart is just leading the game.

  1. Firstly SEARCH

    search Flipkart affiliate program on goggle and click on one of the link.


    Once you complete the first step, wait for the page to open up. Once open, click on the button that is highlighted in yellow and says “Join for free.”

  3. Thirdly ENTER DETAILS

    Wait for the page to open, after that all you have to do is enter your email, Password, read the terms and conditions, agree with them and Boom!
    You just became an affiliate. Creating a Flipkart affiliate account is much easier than creating a Facebook account.

  4. Finally Spread the link!

    Since you have access to your affiliate account. Go ahead and above all find some amazing products, create their affiliate link and spread the link around using your affiliate skills!

Once you have all of it covered up, time to make the next move, and select some products! But which?

Do you have a niche decided yet? No, don’t worry here is a list of most sold categories online.

Which products sell best?

Anything can be sold online all you need is dedication and skill development but as a beginner, we often try to find what is the best way to earn maximum profit.

So here is a list of the products that you can sell using affiliate marketing in Flipkart.

Products that Generate Maximum Online Interest

Top product categories that generate maximum sales are:

  1. Electronics
  2. Apparel and Accessories
  3. Books
  4. Beauty and Personal Care
  5. Home and Furnishing
  6. Healthcare
  7. Baby Care

Products with Maximum Sales Figures

The sales that are made online on these websites category wise:

Apparel and Accessories84%
Beauty and Personal Care64%
Books    62%
Household Products61%

Since all these categories are highly profitable make sure your niche is among one of these categories. After that all, you have to do it put efforts in the right direction.

Commission rates:

In short, the commission rates on Flipkart vary from category to category. But with the highest commission set at 12%, it is pretty good a deal.

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So here is a list of commission rates offered by Flipkart:

Grocery- Flipkart Supermart 

(Live in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bengaluru)

Existing customer order: 3%

New customer order: 11%

Books & General Merchandise

 (Auto Accessory, Toys, Personal Care, Books & Media, Baby Care, Sports)

Existing customer order: 10%

New customer order: 10%

Large Sports, Fitness Equipment’s, Bicycles, Exercise, Food & Nutrition(Non-Grocery)

Existing customer order: 5%

New customer order: 5%

Home & Furniture 

(Home Decor, Home Furnishing, Home Improvement, Household Supplies, Kitchen & Dining, Kitchen, Cookware & Serveware, Pet Supplies, Tools & Hardware, All Furniture)

Existing customer order: 8%

New customer order: 8%

Fashion & Lifestyle Categories 

(Bags, Wallets & Belts, Clothing, Eyewear, Footwear, Kids Accessories, Sunglasses, Watches, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Kids’ Clothing, Women’s Footwear, Kids’ & Infant Footwear, Men’s Footwear)

Existing customer order: 4%

New customer order: 4%

Electronic Devices & Electronic Accessories 

Audio & Video, Automation & Robotics, Computers Accessories, Laptops & Desktops, Gaming, Health & Personal Care Appliances, Home Entertainment, Wearable Smart Devices, Camera & Accessories, Storage, Tablet & Accessories & Power Banks)

 Existing customer order: 4%

New customer order: 4%

Large Appliances 

(Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens, Refrigerators, Washing Machines)

Existing customer order: FLAT 400

New customer order: Flat 500

So with such a detailed list of commissions, I hope this helps you in making a decision.

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How does it pay?

Payments are made on the first of every month but the minimum balance required is 2500 INR.

But here’s a catch! And that is all Payments are made using these methods only!

  • Electronic fund transfer: It requires a minimum balance of 5000 INR before the money can be transferred to your account. If it is less than this, you are paid in the form of Gift vouchers.
  •  Gift Vouchers: It requires a minimum balance of 2500 INR before the money can be transferred but Flipkart pays you in the form of gift vouchers only and these can only be used to buy products on Flipkart.

In short, Isn’t It Pretty insane? This subsequently leads to one more essential question, Is Flipkart worth it?

Is Affiliate Marketing in Flipkart worth it?

Affiliate marketing in Flipkart once used to be one of the amazing affiliate programs in India but since a few years, especially after Walmart bought Flipkart, the fate of affiliate marketers kind of died with it!

Ruining with one of the worst policies known as FAP( Fair affiliate policy) and under this policy, it sets a limit on your income.

In conclusion, no matter how much sales you make if the limit is set at 2500 INR, you only get 2500 INR, rest go back to Flipkart! Above all it is unfair, right?

But then these big companies have their way of doing business. As soon as this policy was implemented most affiliate marketers left Flipkart affiliate program and joined hands with some other more rewarding affiliate programs.

So as of now, Flipkart affiliate program is not worth your time and efforts.

Recently the reports suggested that the program even stopped enrolling new affiliates.

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1. Is Flipkart affiliate legit?

Yes, Flipkart is one of the big e-commerce players and it’s affiliate program is legit.

2.How much can I make using Flipkart affiliate program?

Back in the days, Flipkart paid well to its affiliates but now with its new Fair Affiliate Policy, your earnings are restricted to a great amount with a minimum of 2.5k and maximum of 10k.
In conclusion, you earn nothing for your efforts.

3. Should I do the Flipkart affiliate program?

There are better affiliate programs that pay good and do not steal your money, so Flipkart affiliate program is the one to avoid. In short never fall prey to this affiliate program.



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