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Benefits of Plants | If it Not Then…?


There are so many benefits to plants. Some are improving air quality and humidity levels, Reduce stress, Make people calmer and happier, Reduce workplace negativity, Reduce symptoms of discomfort and minor ailments, Reduce absenteeism, Speed up recovery from illness, Improve concentration, productivity, and creativity.

Since the old time’s plants have been very using full to mankind like in desperate times of hunger, Illness, etc. They have been so helpful that people have started keeping them in their houses for several benefits. They not only help by crushing them and using the juice for the medicines.

So in this blog, we understand the Benefit of plants in these points:-
1. Know by points
2. Other Facts
3. Conclusion
4. FAQs

1. Know by points

Firstly In the section of the benefits of plants that Some people say that plants in our home make us feel that we are outdoors. This lets us feel less boxed if you live in the inner city. Plants are patient and docile they don’t care about the busy day. They just sit in one place and grow and help us to be more patient than the always rushing around so the calming nature of the plants helps us to be calm.

a). More Oxygen
b). Mental Health
c). Immune System
d). Recovering The Patients From Illness Faster
e). Increased Productivity
f). Sense of Compassion

a). More Oxygen

And the air quality benefits are also there more oxygen leads our body to work more efficiently and effectively. Our brain feels less occupied, and our body releases the right type of hormones that support our mental health.

b). Mental Health

Firstly If we keep some plants with a good smell we feel more relaxed and our sense of smell helps us to bring good memories. All this leads to improving our mental health. Plants not just improve our mental health but also give a boost to our immune system. Especially in the season of flu.

c). Immune System

When we get more sleep and feel more relaxed your immune system can work more. And we will find it much easier to fight off the viruses and bugs. Plants have many airborne chemicals. These chemicals help us to reduce the amount of stress we feel throughout the day.

When you feel less stressed your immune system will automatically increase. Similarly, you will not find it then but you will get to know once. When you don’t have a cold that all your friends have had. And there are also nutritional benefits when you eat or use the plants. This also leads to the boost of our immune system.

d). Recovering The Patients From Illness Faster

Plants also have healing benefits that the reason you must have noticed the plants outside the hospitals. You will also find the hospital staff more than happy to have plants besides. The patient because they have shown positive results in recovering the patients from illness faster. Studies have also shown that illness has dropped by 60% by keeping plants at home.

e). Increased Productivity

In the benefits of the plants section, Researchers have found that people who live around nature feel much happier than the people who don’t. This is not necessary that living near nature has to be there but a few plants in our home could also help.

It a fact that if you have a nice place to work then only our productivity is increased. This is because if our workspace is more decorated and has more pictures, plants, etc. Then it reminds us of why you are working and the goals you have in your life.

Workspaces without any form of personalization can be dull and demotivating which will lead to a space you are not interested to work in. And will make your mental health suffer and will never feel the fulfillment of the work after doing it for the whole day, or month, or year, or ever.

That’s where plants help us to get rid of that feeling. When you see a new plant you gain new inspiration and creativity. And can do the work quickly for which you have been struggling for a while. That’s how you can increase your productivity. And you don’t need too many plants just two or three will do the same thing also.

f). Sense of Compassion

 When we get a plant, we get a sense of compassion as when we have them. We develop a feeling of empathy for the plants as there is another living thing in our home to take care of. Talking to plants is a good way to help them grow.

They thrive on the carbon dioxide that we breathe out. While we thrive on oxygen, this means talking builds a connection between the plant and us. Plants are a must for the ones who are lonely or the ones who have very few social circles. So that’s how one’s relationship is improved.

We know that plants help to boost our productivity levels but not just this. They also help to boost our focus and give us mental clarity. This makes us focus on the task we have and help us to complete it fast and easily. So above all, that reason the benefits of plants for our life and nature is great.

2. Other Facts

Every person can improve their learning abilities from children to adults. Adults can have more focus on their work and college tasks. While children can find it easier to learn to their basic education.

Calming Nature

It is also helpful for children who suffer from a mental disorder. They can also get help from the plants as they have phytonutrients. Which helps them to settle the mind, creating a safer space and environment for them to learn. We know that plants have a calming nature so by looking at them. We also develop a calming nature. This leads to the improvement of focus and can do pretty well master a particular subject.

Sense of Smell

The other factor that helps us is the smell factor as the sense of smell helps to bring forward memories. when you study around a particular smell, one can use that scent in an exam/ test to remember the things we studied. Researchers have found that attentiveness has shown an increase of 70% because of the plants in the room and the more attentive someone is the better they are likely to remember stuff.

Air Quality

Nowadays air quality Is a major problem but do you know that air inside our houses is much worse than the air in the middle of the city, this is because pollutants come inside but are very hard to get them out. The viruses and bacteria stuck around the houses and leads to a higher chance of getting ill in the winters there plants play their role and help us.

They use their airborne chemicals and tackle the pollutants in the air and leave us with healthier air to breathe. The improved air quality also helps for the above benefits as it also increases our immune and mental health. The improved quality of air helps to boost our health as when we breathe pollutants our lungs are irritated with them, but by breathing fresh air our lungs are no more irritated and we can breathe much better .

Improve the Lives of Our Pets

Plants also help if you have any pets they take the pollutants from the pets which they bought from outside so, they improve the lives of our pets also. The researcher has found that plants remove around 87% of the total pollutants even benzene and formaldehyde which are known for causing cancer so getting rid of them from our house is more essential.

And the greatest thing is that we don’t have to worry about the plants dying as they will put the chemicals in the soil and these chemicals will turn to the food for the plants. So, until our health is improved, they thrive with food. And this is how improving the quality of air by the plants in our house is helpful to us and our pets too.

Increases Health

Do you know that plants release almost all the water they take in and the humidity in the air will help us improve the air quality and the improved air quality increases our health too? Dry air can lead to irritation in the lungs and it could lead to several problems like dry mouth, overheat, etc, so our body needs as much moisture it can get because it is necessary and could lead to problems like the ones mentioned above.

Today there are products for creating humidity in the air that are also available like the humidifier, so what the reason to buy it and waste our electricity and increase our bills on it. When you could just do it by buying a couple of plants and without spending a penny on these products whereas there are a lot of benefits as mentioned above.

Many people have the problem of sleeping at night due to the dry air on a night, we can avoid this problem by keeping plants in our bedroom, they will release water in the air throughout the night and our room remains at the best level of humidity as it can be. We can also use plants in our living and dining room to keep these places more comfortable. Plants also soak some of the moisture to use for later purposes, we can also manage the humidity level in the bathrooms and kitchens to improve our breathing health. So, that’s how plants help us in many ways.

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3. Conclusion

All that I am trying to convey to everyone is that these little things have so many benefits of keeping them that if I don’t have a limit that this would never end, so I would like to end it saying that plants can help us with so many things from relaxing our minds to saving our lives. So, keep them around you and they would never disappoint you.

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4. FAQs

Q.1. What are the benefits of plants and trees?

Trees give off oxygen that we need to breathe. Trees reduce the amount of stormwater runoff, which reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways and may reduce the effects of flooding. Many species of wildlife depend on trees for habitat. Trees provide food, protection, and homes for many birds and mammals.

Q.2. What is health benefits of plants?

Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. It’s how they turn sunlight into food, a process called photosynthesis. Some, like gerbera daisies, keep giving off oxygen even after the sun goes down. Put a few cheerful pots in your bedroom and the extra oxygen may help you sleep more soundly.

Q.3. Benefits of desalination plants?

The advantages of desalination plants
a). They provide accessible drinking water.
b). They help with habitat protection.
c). They provide water to the agricultural industry.
d). They consume a large amount of energy.
e). High costs to build and operate.
f). The environmental impact can be high.

Q.4. Benefits of Plants quotes?

Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them. A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust

Q.5. Benefits of Plants, any reference book?

Plants With Benefits: An Uninhibited Guide to the Aphrodisiac Herbs, Fruits, Flowers & Veggies in Your Garden Hardcover
by Helen Yoest (Author)




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