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What Would Happen if all the Plants on Earth Died?


So imagine a world without plants and trees? Could such a world even exist? Imagine no paper, cardboard, chewing gum, or any other tree product.

Everyone would have to go to the other resource but only if there was anyone will be alive. Because plants not only provide us with paper and other things but it also plays an important role in the carbon cycle. They are the only reason for our very own existence. But due to our increasing population, the end of us is near.

So in this blog, we know about life without plants with these steps.
1. Without Plant What Effects:-
2. Other Facts
3. Points to Keep in Mind
4. Conclusion
5. FAQs

Without Plant What Effects:-

Many solutions are given for the environmental issue named deforestation. But what we are missing that those calm things outside not only hold the earth together but they also hold us together. Without them, not only paper or timber would be missing but nothing would be there in the first place.

If we ask anyone nowadays that what ate trees? they would just answer that the thing standing outside is a tree, but what are trees? Are they just useless things standing outside or they are of some importance or can we destroy them when we want.

Let’s start with what are trees. Trees are the largest and the longest living things ever on this planet. Trees have a tremendous and miraculous feast of engineering that combines a complex chemical factory with huge biological systems. They also can transport water and salt from the earth’s soil to the tree’s leaves and some of the trees are humongous and have the heights crossing over 400 feet.


It absorbs the necessary resources from the soil and then begin the complex process of making food for the plants by using the process of photosynthesis.

They not only produce food for themselves but also create wood. As well as many chemicals, seeds, and fruits for the use of mankind. It does not end here they also remove carbon dioxide from the environment. Major greenhouse gas and all this process take place in the physical structure of the trees.

All the above things were to serve mankind, but they do more things than that. They are house for different species of biological entities along with cleaning the environment. They are small earth in themselves. More than half of the biological species on earth are living in tropical rain forests that are the reason they are so important.

2. Other Facts

But due to our nature that we take everything for granted, we have reduced them with less than 6%. Just because we have them for so many years. We think that it will be there forever but that’s not how it works. We have blessed with so many things but we keep on finding a luxurious life and nowadays trees are themselves a part of luxurious life. Because not everyone has access to them.

We all know that one day there will be that time when there would be nothing left but regret our own decision that we have made. We have cut a lot of trees for our luxurious lifestyles. Which have to lead to degradation of the environment and the loss of many key species.

Trees are the lungs of our planet. They breathe life, and as it has said that “there is enough for man’s need but not enough for man’s greed”. If we continue with our ways of deforestation the time is not far away. When we will be at a point when we have to decide to make room for humans or animals and trees, and that would not be a hard decision to make, and afterward. So without plants, it is not possible.

It will lead to massive extinction. First the animals than humans but this is not the first time that a large species have extinguished and this may not be last because we never understand.

Without Trees What Happened?

So without trees, we eventually will die. There is not a single thing in this world that survive, as the population increase and trees decrease, the oxygen gets depleted. And there would be more of the carbon dioxide will be left because there will be very fewer plants or trees will be left to take carbon dioxide. And give us oxygen in the environment.

Trees are the basis of life. They have leaves and fruits which animals and humans consume, they provide a home for animals by no letting the soil to erode by keeping the soil tight by their roots.

Have you ever wondered why roads have trees around them though they cover place? And the roads could be wider if they were no there, this is because they act as a barrier to all the noise that is made by the vehicles on the road. They don’t let the noise pass through them so that that we don’t get disturbed?

They are home to many small insects and animals which are food for large animals. So they are an important part of the food chain. Our food is based on animals and plants and animal food is based on the plants and trees.

And no trees means no animals and no animals means that no us. This is known as the food chain and that’s another reason. That we will die because the balance of the food chain will be disturbed. And due to the disturbing food chain. There will only be chaos and destruction of us and our earth.

3. Points to Keep in Mind

As the race of humans has progressed from cavemen to the people living in space. We have invented many new machines and to provide us with ease and comfort. And we were just thinking about that the future would all about ease and comfort and nothing except progress and luxuries.

We only saw that tomorrow will be better than today and in the race of getting all those things. We forget the bitter side of getting these things that we were sacrificing. But all those people who were selling these all the moneymakers knew it.

But they care nothing more than money but they didn’t know that money cannot buy them their lives. That they have put on the stake for getting just this paper that they thought. They could buy anything from and in the blindness of making money. They didn’t put their lives on stake but also the lives of our and our loved ones.

If we see that way that trees are just one part of the nature that we are putting to extinction. Then we are wrong, many important species and animals have also wiped out due to the extinction of trees and plants.

Also Pain Point

For example, the heath hen an extinct bird that was used to found in some parts of America is now no more just because of our doing of deforestation and increasing population.

Because increasing population needs more space and more places can be found by clearing out forests. And each biological entity is linked with each other and so was all the extinct species were linked to us and we all are linked to the mother nature. So, their extinction means a part of us is also gone forever and will never return.

Everything has its purpose nothing is worthless in this world and loss of any species is beyond repair. Everyone Is related to each other loss of one will affect others this is the nature of our world.

For example, a small bacteria in Antarctica have decreased due to UV rays and that binds the glaciers from braking and melting but depletion of them will create an increase in the water level of the ocean which will lead to floods.

And all that is because of the depletion of the ozone layer and entering of UV rays. That’s how our world work and we all have to understand this if we don’t understand this then we won’t be alive afterward.

4. Conclusion:–

What I was trying to convey that from all of this is that I have told you many measures of how we can die if don’t save the plants and trees but what will help everyone to understand is that if we don’t do any measure to save them then one day there will be no one to lead your family tree will have no one to lead it forward and there your family will come to an end. I don’t want any of you to be scared but we should understand the causality that we might face if we don’t take these things seriously.

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5. FAQs

Q.1. Why can’t we live without plants?

We couldn’t live without plants. For people, there are three necessities of life: clean air, clean water, and healthy food. … Because plants produce oxygen, clean and retain water, and plants form the basis of our entire food chain.

Q.2. What world without plants?

Without plants, there would not be any life on Earth with the exception of simple chemotrophs organisms. Predators take their food from herbivores, and herbivores take their food from plants. If there are no more plants, everybody must be a predator.

Q.3. A world without trees, what happened?

FILTHY AIR: Without trees, humans would not be able survive because the air would be unsuitable for breathing. … Therefore, the absence of trees would result in significantly HIGHER amounts of carbon dioxide in the air and LOWER amounts of oxygen!




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