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Top 6 Best Business Books In The World | 2020.


Business books are those books which involve entrepreneurial knowledge, reading them can widen your thinking towards entrepreneurship. Also your mindset towards entrepreneurship. Knowledge of different concepts and facts can be given.

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to learn how to grow your business, how can you mitigate your errors and make the right decisions regarding your business? Business books will help you out.

Reading best business books by great authors like Jim Collins, Malcolm Gladwell and Steve Jobs is highly effective in the long term.

There are many business books to read from in which famous businessmen have shared their stories about how they created a great business,about their success and failure, what necessary steps they took during their time from which we can learn a lot.

You can learn from anywhere, with the internet and social media gaining access to knowledge has become very easy.

Of course knowledge can be provided from various sources, you can also learn from your own mistakes but sometimes it can lead to disasters in business, also learning from mentors is of great help.

Knowledge is also provided from books, here in entrepreneurship mainly from what we call as business books.

Some famous business books written by famous businessmen and professionals.

Things to learn-:

  1. What is a business book?
  2. Why should you read a business book?
  3. Top business books in the world.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. FAQ’S.

1. What Is a Business Book?

As explained above Business books are books that involve entrepreneurial knowledge, reading them can widen your thinking towards entrepreneurship and improve your mindset towards entrepreneurship.

Access to knowledge of different business concepts with many business strategies that you can apply in your business, also you get to learn from many successful people, what they did to grow their companies, and what mistakes they avoided.

2. Why Should One Read Business Books?-:

Often many people link success with luck.

Many times they tell that bill gates became successful because he was lucky enough.

Jack ma became successful because he was lucky to get the idea of Alibaba.

No! It is not luck. it is because these people persevere to learn something new every time.

They are constantly learning that is the reason they take the right decisions and the reason why their companies are at that level.

Famous people who read business books-:

  • Bill gates reads an entire book in one week. he has read books over 10,000 hours
  • Mark Zuckerberg when in silicon valley read one complete book in two weeks
  • Warren buffet spends 80% of his life reading and learning even though he is old enough.
  • Mark Cuban reads for more than three hours every day.

Charlie Munger said and I quote “go to bed wiser then you were when you got up”

If you are an entrepreneur or you want to be an entrepreneur there is still much for you to learn. As I said you can learn from reading books, you can learn from mentors and experienced businessmen as well.

learning from your own mistakes is also a great learning but you cant always risk trial and error in every circumstance.

In some cases, these businessmen have written these books where they have specified different concepts and different mistakes which they made and which shouldn’t be followed. These are business books.

How to select business books to read-:

We have to select what we are reading.

Not that you will learn different business concepts from novels and expect to get real-time benefits from it. Other than entertainment books many books are educational and which different entrepreneurs read.

Reading business books can help giving motivation, develop a new skill, be a source of inspiration, and also help in providing business strategies.

Not only will it help in learning from the success stories of various businessmen but also many more failures of entrepreneurs.

Business is all about taking the right decisions and that can be done from the right knowledge and experience. This can be easily learned from various business people who already made the right decisions and have the right knowledge regarding business.

Therefore reading business books will be very very helpful if you are a businessman or you are looking forward to becoming one.

3. Top Business Books.

Now that you have learned why to read business books.

I will tell you which are my favorite business books which I have read. You can read these books and learn a lot from them.


RICH DAD POOR DAD (financial business book)

For me this is one of the best business books out there,this book Is more of a financial advisory book. The author Mr. Robert Kiyosaki describes this book as #1 for financial decisions taken by a person.

This book is in-depth about the decisions we take in monetary terms.

The book will help small business owners a lot by teaching them how to transition from good to great in managing finances.

This book tells how to let your money work for you rather letting you work your entire life for money, this book also emphasizes on keeping your money in objects which may be costlier in future like houses and jewelry

This book is perfect for people who save a lot and invest very less. This will help them widen their knowledge of finance and investing.


LEAN STARTUP (startup business books)

This is a business book written by Eric Ries.

This book is a description of how various start-ups go for an early validation product without heavily researching the product or its market and failing.

It tells about the various business steps to follow if you want to start your venture.

This is a book about properly validating your ideas and testing the hypothesis correctly so that you can manage before the damage is already done.

This book provides a new approach to managing a business and it also refers to some online tools with the help of which you can accelerate your process of validating your idea.



In the hard things about hard things, author ben Horowitz, co-founder of the venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz focuses on how hard it is in building a business, from founding, running, buying, selling, and managing.

It is all about the insights and the tough phases and decisions a CEO faces, about what it takes to become a famous leader and building a great company, focusing on all the harsh truths and hard facts.



Start with why is a book written out of a TED talk by its author Simon Sinek.

This ted talk is the world’s 3rd most famous ted talk. This book is all about the question “why?”

Why do some people and some businesses are more influential and more profitable than others?

Why is it that famous businessmen and successful companies are different from others. What are their reasons for success which others cant follow?

The book has many mixed reviews, some people like it and some people hate it. I do like it. But the people who don’t like the book are mostly those who can objectify themselves for the reasons they are not successful.

Its a must-read book



This is the first-ever of all the business books I read.

Zero to one is written by Peter Theil founder of PayPal.

This book is a deep-down importance of innovation in any startup.

Peter shows how innovations help in creating new things. There is more to innovate than what computers have to offer. many business ideas are still waiting to be built 

According to theil improvement is to think for yourself from going from 0 to 1 which is the most important line in the book which means starting a change be it innovation in something.



The last and the final book is THE ENTREPRENEUR MIND

This book tells us that if you want to reach the optimum level of being an entrepreneur, you have to change your mindset.

This book will help you to learn how to think like an entrepreneur.

The author Kevin Johnson tells about 100 cases of what he calls lessons to be learned from entrepreneurs around the world about marketing, finance, sales, strategy, leadership, motivation, people.

Learning from entrepreneurs who have already gone through the same phases makes it easy for you to not make those mistakes again in your entrepreneurial journey.

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4. Conclusion-:

In this part, I would like to conclude that I have explained what business books are

What are the different types of business books you can read from?

These business books will help you a lot if you are a business owner or you are willing to do business in future, there are always key takeaways to take from reading a business book it can be the mistakes which are to be avoided or it can be the new business concepts and processes which one can follow in doing business efficiently.

Learn more about Entrepreneurship, business from home ideas, business ideas to work from home, and top business schools, top startups of India, and how to start a business in our blogs.

Ending this blog I would like to answer a few FAQ’S.

5. FAQ’S

How many business books are published every year?

There are around 1000 books published every week and around 3 million annually

How to write a business book?

If you are an experienced entrepreneur who has the proper knowledge to follow in the business world and you are willing to part knowledge to others. Finding a good writer and with a good name . you can also write your business book.

Which business book should I read?

Well that depends on what type of entrepreneur are you. I have given my top favorite but if you love finance and investing you can read books related to those, like the intelligent investor, rich dad poor dad and so on.



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