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Top 10 best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India

best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India

Introducing to all Top 10 best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India. Read more about Fashion and beauty are one of the widest niches in the blogging industry.

If you are looking for an influencer in fashion and beauty niche,

here we provide you Indian fashion bloggers list and their fashion blogs that can help you to spread the word about your business and products.

What will get to know in this blog article –

  1. Best fashion and Lifestyle bloggers In India.
  2. Best fashion & lifestyle vloggers and India.
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ

Who doesn’t love to remain refreshed with the most recent patterns? In fact, no one has the idea to pull up a correct trend and be like a uber chick by following a trend nevertheless.

Check Top 10 best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India in this blog article.

This might be the motivation behind why they have an enormous fan base.

Ask-Sahil-Khanna- best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India.pg

In the event that you strictly follow the best social media influencers, you’ll not simply keep awake-to-date with the most recent patterns, you will get the styling tips, best places to shop & how to get stunning arrangements on your preferred clothing types.

In this way, with nothing to do, check and search probably the best design bloggers in India in 2020 to up your style game.

1- Story or concept of being Top 10 best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India

The design comes in each part of life: garments, hair, conduct, creation, style, or enhancement. Everybody has their style of doing these things.

Some have design in their blood, some learn it, and others need some guide who can exhort them on finding their style.

Aashna-Shroff- best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India

Prior, design sweethearts just had loved ones who could give style tips, yet Indian style bloggers made it workable for everybody to get great style counsel.

There are various top style bloggers in India who comprehend body types, shading, culture, pattern, climate, and other significant components that influence design.

They have an answer for each issue in their inventive manners.

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Every one of these bloggers clarifies their style with the best introduction abilities and furthermore gives tips for design sweethearts about remaining in vogue and a la mode 24×7.

Every blogger has their taste, and a special method for deciphering design with their day by day magnificence schedule, analyzes, and styling recordings.

devina-malhotra- best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India

In this way, on the off chance that you are scanning for your sort of best design writes in India-with comparable tastes to advance your style, here are some top style bloggers with the most elevated adherents and best substance.

2. Example of Top 10 best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India

Fashion and Beauty are two widest niches in the blogging industry. There are plenty of influential fashion bloggers in India famous for their unique blogging skills and a fine sense of fashion.

anshita-juneja-best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India

These fashion bloggers can easily spread a word about your product/service as each of them has millions of visitors every month.

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  • Anshita Juneja- Anshita is India’s best fashion blogger. She is the editor and founder of the blog “Vanity No Apologies”. She holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing after having graduated in 2011 from the University of Delhi with B.A. in Business Economics.
  • Kritika Khurana- Kritika owns a degree in Fashion & Design from JD Institute of Fashion Technology. She is a famous fashion blogger, runs e-commerce store to Her blog is Thatbohogirl

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Kritika Khurana- best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India
  • THE STYLEDGE | Fashion & Lifestyle Blog – Blog by Santoshi Shetty, is an architecture student, bagged famous recognition like Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016, Elle Blogger of the year 2016 & Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the year 2017.

  • BIG hair LOUD mouth |Indian Streetstyle Fashion Blog by Nilu Yuleena Thapa – Blog by Nilu Yuleena Thapa for fashion and lifestyle bagged up In July 2017, Nilu was chosen to cover the IIFA 2017 held in New York, USA. In December 2017, Nilu won the Best Fashion Blogger Awards at the Indian Fashion Awards, then she got Best Fashion Blogger in SIFA, followed by the COSMOPOLITAN India Bloggers award 2019.
  • That Look – Blog by Preeti pooja, amazing work, and photos well crafted by Preeti pooja. Clearly shows the work and rewards she owned.
  • The Snob Journal | Indian Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blog – Amazing fashion and lifestyle blog well crafted by Aashna Shroff, shows the dedication towards lifestyle genre.
  • JUHI GODAMBE – a 24-year-old girl who just loves to write and talk about fashion, fitness, beauty.

  • Riya Jain – A fashion and lifestyle blogger who loves to blog and write about fashion and lifestyle.

More fashion and beauty bloggers for you, likewise-

  • FUSS – Blog by Rhea Gupte who loves to write about art, poems, photography, and creative direction.
  • Razzle Dazzle Pickle – Blog by Ritu Arya, a Design graduate from NIFT, Bangalore who loves to works as a freelance Stylist and a Design Advisor along with that she is the co-founders of Drum and Bass India.
  • Colorific: Megha Jain and Akshita Jain are the two fashion duos who run this top fashion blog in India.

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  • Tashiara: operated by 2 members in Delhi. Top Leading Fashion Blogger in India.
  • Shalini Mehta: Shalini Mehta, runs the blog and she is Mumbai based fashion stylist.
  • Stilettos DiaryMegha Varshini, a Bangalore based blogger runs this top Indian fashion blog.
  • Let’s Expresso: Tanya Virmani is the owner of this blog that was launched in 2011.
mumbiker-nikhil- best fashion and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers in India

Table – In this table, I am presenting some of the best fashion bloggers in India as per the 2020 data, kindly check their website and see what are there USP and specialty –

Blog Owner NameBlog Name
Anshita JunejaVanity No Apologies
Kritika KhuranaThat BOHO Girl
Shanice ShresthaHer Lifestyle Diary
 Aashna ShroffThe Snob Journal
Megha Jain and Akshita JainColorific
Shalini Mehta Shalini Mehta
Tanya VirmaniLet’s Expresso
THE STYLEDGE | Fashion & Lifestyle BlogTHE STYLEDGE | Fashion & Lifestyle Blog
Styledrive | Indian Fashion, Style & Beauty BlogStyledrive | Indian Fashion, Style & Beauty Blog
 Fashion Blog by Nilu Yuleena Thapa Fashion Blog by Nilu Yuleena Thapa
That LookThat Look
 Lifestyle Blog Lifestyle Blog
Riya JainRiya Jain
Republic of ChicRepublic of Chic
Akanksha RedhuAkanksha Redhu
Razzle Dazzle PickleRazzle Dazzle Pickle
Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger in India

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The table below show the Best fashion vlogger in India and their followers in social media, kindly do have a look –

Vlogger nameYoutube followers
Ranveer allahbadia – Beer Biceps1.86M
Sahil Khanna – Ask Sahil Khanna29K / 3.93K
Sejal kumar1.23M
Fit Tuber2.7M
Mumbiker Nikhil30.7M
Shanice Shreshta484K
 Karan Sehgal 406k
Best Fashion & Lifestyle Vlogger in India

Being a fashion blogger or a vlogger is not an easy thing to do, to establish you have to be different in order to establish yourself nevertheless.

At Present a day no one jumps at the chance to live in typical clothing and living in a manner is known as craftsmanship.

There are just two different ways to live in style, one to enlist an expert style creator or battle with your own closet.

3. Conclusion –

At the end of at the article, I will like to conclude by saying that people who want to be fashion or beauty blogger or vlogger, need to establish themselves by getting some authority & improve their lifestyle then inspire other moreover.

These bloggers make an edifying encounter for their peruses by distributing photos, recordings, and site joins identified with their blog.

Designing a fashion blog is a method for coming to all the style sagacious individuals and smooth-ens the advancement of investigating the universe of design.

If there is some top Indian fashion bloggers and influencers who deserve to be a part of this top 10 fashion and lifestyle blogger 2020 list, let me know by commenting below. Thanks for your time 🙂

4. FAQ – Frequently asked questions about How to become a fashion and lifestyle blogger in India

1. How to be beauty blogger?

Provide people what they want, solve their fashion related queries, provide help to people in improving their lifestyle.

2. How to a fashion influencer?

Make content about lifestyle and show it to people ad make up your audience and then start engaging with them. Provide content that can impact their life.

3. How to be a lifestyle vlogger ?

Make content about lifestyle and show it to people ad make up your audience and then start engaging with them. Provide content that can impact their life.

4. Where to see and Follow blogger and vloggers ?

They did not just assist you with learning the most ideal approaches to wear your outfit, in fact, it additionally causes you to wear them. What’s more, who wouldn’t like to turn out to be progressively trendy, sure, and need to have a big name.



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