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7 Best Must-watch Business Movies for Entrepreneurs


Watching Business movies is an interesting way to develop your knowledge about Business. There are many Business Movies released to attract people with a Business mindset. Many Hollywood, as well as Bollywood Business movies, are there with great Business Lessons for growing entrepreneurs.

Today, I’m presenting here the list of my best-picks of Business movies which I think are must-watch if you’re into Business. These Business Movies are some of the best movies with business lessons and journeys of great Businessmen.

List of Best Business Movies

I included both Hollywood and Bollywood Business movies in my list. If you’re a business enthusiast, then these Business movies are worth-watching for you. Have a look!

The Wolf of Wall Street(2013)

This interesting movie is based upon the life story of Jordan Belfort. Belfort is an American author and a former stockbroker. He was found guilty for fraud of manipulation in the stock market and some related crimes. After the imprisonment of 22 months, Belfort published his book “The Wolf of Wall Street” in 2007. In 2013, this film was made and released with the same name. Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Jordan Belfort in the movie.

The basic plot of the movie started as Belfort got a job in a Brokerage firm at Wall Street. Being confident upon his amazing brokerage skills and desire of making a lot of money, after some time, he started his brokerage firm with one of his trusted men, Donnie. His firm got huge success. But Jordan’s hunger for drugs and sex started to rise along with the desire of most addictive thing, money.

He started involving in fraud practices and was making a hell lot of money, which caught the attention of the FBI towards their firm. Finally, at one point, he got caught and exposed, and his brokerage firm got ceased.

The rise of fortune of his empire and the downfall because of his ill-desires makes the movie worth watching as it gives the audience a good knowledge about business as well as about the misfortunes of bad practices.


The next business movie is Jobs. This movie is based upon the real-life story of the founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. The storyline of the movie is set from 1974, when Jobs was a student, to 2001, when he introduced iPod at Apple. In the movie, Ashton Kutcher played the role of Steve Jobs.

The movie plays as a flashback. Jobs already dropped out of college, but his one faculty allowed him to attend the class. Then influenced by the works of Baba Ram Dass, Jobs with one of his friends came to India. After two years, he moved back to his adoptive parents at Los Altos.

He started working for Atari where he forms a partnership with Steve Wozniak and started his company with the name Apple. Jobs convinced his father to use the family garage as his workplace.

Then after some time, Jobs quite arrogant nature makes him kicked out of his own company. Apple also started falling without the leadership of Jobs. Jobs started another company NeXT. Apple, then, bought NeXT and invited Jobs again as a consultant at Apple. Soon, Jobs became CEO at Apple.

This journey of ups and downs is very inspiring and will definitely attract the audience with a business mindset.


This amazing Bollywood business movie is quite underrated as its inspiring storyline makes this movie a must-watch movie for all, and especially for the intellectual audience. The script seems to have a connection with the life of Dhirubhai Ambani, a great industrialist.

Gurukant Desai, an ordinary young man of a small village of Idhar at Gujarat, is not up to the expectations of his father. But he used to believe that his destiny has some big fortunes for him. In Istanbul, Turkey, Guru got a job as a laborer. Soon after earning some money, he came back to India with a dream of starting his own business here.

He married a businessman’s girl for some dowry, because of lack of money. He even refuses the dark past of the girl as he only wants some money at that time. Then he came to Mumbai and started trading of cloth. Several hurdles came in his career.

After got fortunes, he started involving into corrupt practices and this makes his career fall back. Even then, the belief of his stakeholders and public over himself make him win all the races of life.

At last, he became India’s biggest Industrialist. This movie has several points, experiences, knowledge, and lesson for entrepreneurs and businessmen.

The Founder(2016)

This business movie is based upon the life story of Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s. In the movie, Michael Keaton played the character of Ray Kroc. The film has the storyline from 1954 to 1970, the period in which Ray made his company a great success.

The film starts with Ray as a salesman of milkshake mixers, who is not satisfied as his sales are not going well. Soon he came to know about a restaurant, named McDonald’s, which is getting very popular. Ray went there and asks for its franchise and made an agreement with the founders.

Ray’s business was going well but he was not satisfied. Then for some reason, he started his own company as McDonald’s Corporation and made a lumpsum deal with its founder for ownership.

The movie has some twists, and also shows the audience the importance of grabbing the right opportunities at the right time. The audience with a business mindset will love this movie.

Badmaash Company(2010)

This Shahid Kapoor starrer business movie is basically a movie based upon crime. But I recommend this movie to each and everyone interested in business. This is a story of four middle-class youngsters who wants to be rich, but took the way of bad business practices.

The story started with Karan(Shahid), who wants to start his own business but his father wants him to study MBA. The situations are also not favorable to him, so he, along with his friends, started smuggling shoes in India without custom charges. However, they have to stop this business after some time for some reason. Then they move to America to Karan’s uncle’s house.

They started doing business of leather gloves there in America but again took the wrong way. Their short-term success make police to suspect them, so they again have to cease that work. But the story doesn’t end here. They again started a fraud business by taking a loan from the bank. On one side, Karan’s behavior is getting arrogant which makes all the friends separate. And on the other side, Karan was found guilty and got imprisoned.

Then after release, Karan realizes his mistake. But he then started working in his uncle’s company where he uses his brain to make huge profits to the company. Then, he also got his friends and family back.

This amazing storyline and a great lesson in the movie makes it a must-watch for all of you.

Rocket Singh – Salesman of the year(2009)

Rocket Singh is the business movie starring Ranbir Kapoor, in which he played the character of a salesman, who soon started his own company and lead it to success. This simple storyline of the movie might seem to be classic, but this movie has a lot for young entrepreneurs to learn.

The movie started with Harpreet Singh Bedi( Ranbir), who just got graduated and got a job in a computer assembly company, AYS, as a salesman. Soon, he realizes that company’s culture is not that good as the salesman use give bribe to acquire clients. Harpreet then decided to start his own company. He started managing and working for newly formed Rocket Sales Corporation, but in the office of his previous company itself.

Soon, some more of his former colleagues joined his company. After some time, the MD of AYS gets to know that the working of his competing company Rocket Sales Corp. is started in his office itself. He then insulted and has Harpreet signed a contract of handing over Rocket Sales to AYS. Bedi, then, started working somewhere else but AYS is unable to maintain the clients even now. The MD realizes the mistake and visits Harpreet again to return his contract to him and wish him success.

This comedy-drama movie is worth watching for all.

The Social Network(2010)

This is a biographical movie adopted from the book “The Accidental Billionaires” based upon the emergence of the social networking site ‘Facebook’. This story tells about the hardships faced by its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg.

The plot of this business movie is set up in 2003 at Harvard University. Mark started a website called ‘FaceMash.com‘. However, he got punished for hacking Harvard’s network but got work as a programmer for a website, Harvard Connection, managed by twins brothers. Soon, Mark approaches one of his friends with the idea of ‘theFacebook – an online social networking site of Harvard University’. They worked upon the idea and get popular very soon at the university.

The popularity made the twins brothers angry as they believe that Mark steals his idea. Mark and his partner decided to expand the website. Then they meet Sean Parker, who suggests him some great visions for the company and also suggests to rename the company as “Facebook“.

Then the company got into its good fortunes, but it displeased the twins brothers and they decided to sue the company. Although, Mark somehow got out of these after several hurdles.

This story of Mark Zuckerberg founding the biggest social networking site, Facebook, is inspiring as well as interest-grabber.

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In all the business movies I’ve mentioned above, there is a lot to know and learn about Business. Along with some great knowledge of business lessons, these business movies are also relatable. In the end, all I want to say is that if you are an entrepreneur or a businessman, or even if you’re just interested in business, then these are the movies for you, and you should watch them.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are these movies only for business enthusiasts?

Not at all, anyone can watch these movies. The reason why I called them as business movies is because they revolve around the business world.

Are these movies based upon the life stories of some business tycoons?

Yeah some of them are based upon real-life stories of great businessmen, but not all of them.

Can I watch these movies over Netflix?

Some of them are available on Netflix, some are not.

Where can I watch these movies?

You can watch them on different OTT platforms or you can also download them from Internet. You can also buy or rent these most of these movies from google play store.

What is the one common thing in all of these movies?

Hardships of a businessmen, and some great business lessons are the things which each of these movies contains.



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