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Best Food and Restaurant in Dubai (2020): Explore Emirati Cuisine

best restaurant in dubai

In this blog, We will find out best food & restaurant in Dubai which is the famous queries of many tourists.

Emiratis are traditionally known for their warm hospitality and they offer refreshments to guests very respectfully. They welcome guests with Arabic coffee/Gahwa.  

Emirati cuisine is traditional and cultural cuisine of United Arab Emirates. It is little bit similar with Omani cuisine and kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s cuisine. 

Traditionally Emirati meal consists of meat, chicken, fish etc. Chicken & meat are the essential part of every Emirati dishes.  

If we talk about spices dishes then it will made of saffron, cardamom, cinnamon etc. So partially these dishes represent to influence of Indian trading. Emirati cuisine reflects cultural, climate, resources of the region.  

Emirati cuisine also feature in Dubai food festival that happens yearly.

In this event you will find Dubai’s top restaurant and chef in Dubai. They compete each other and shows their dining options to audience.  

So, I think it’s good way to increase the awareness regarding their Emirati cuisine. 


  1. Main Meal of Emirati Cuisine 
  2. Desserts in the UAE 
  3. Refreshment or Drink 
  4. Best Restaurant for Emirati cuisine 
  5. Best Street Food in Dubai 
  6. Best street food restaurant in dubai 
  7. Halal Food in Dubai 
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQs

Here we talk about Emirati cuisine one by one according to given index 

Main meal of Emirati cuisine 

1. Harees

In Emirati culture Harees is one of the popular dishes. people make this dish on special function such as wedding, events, religious festival etc. 

This process includes cooking meat together with wheat in pot along with some salt. The mixture is being cooked until meat started melt or mix into wheat and at the last it comes with thicked coal. 

The other method to make Haree  s is by cooking wheat in little salt water for long time then add meat in it and let it cook for more hours. So, this is how Harees is being made. I know you are thinking that it takes much time but if cooking time is longer and the result are also worth it 

2. Machboos

Al Machboos is also other category of Emirati cuisine. This dish is made up of red meat, rice, fish. It includes some spices like saffron, cardamom & cumin etc. That make it quite popular in the UAE. 

If you want more taste then you can put dried lemon on it that makes very delicious. Also, the cooking steps are not too complicated. First, we cooked meat until it is cooked well then remove from pot and add rice. 

After cooking rice, you can put onion, meat, spices etc. So, this is how al machboos is being made. 

3. Shirin polo 

it is known as the jeweled Persian sweet rice. It is special food in United Arab Emirates. Because many people cook this dish on special events such as wedding, festival and special gathering. 

It made of rice, citrus, almond, thin strips of carrot etc. 

Desserts in the UAE: 

By passing year, Emiratis also have developed their taste in different type of desert. Some of them popular desserts are- 

1. Luqaimat 

It may be most popular traditional dessert in the UAE.

It consists of small crunchy deeped fried dumpling with soft inside. it’s made of milk, butter, sugar, yeast, cardamom and saffron etc.  

The process to make luqaimat is ingredients must whipped together to form a smooth better and deeply fired in order to get golden color.  

most of luqaimat are consumed in month of Ramadan. in UAE, all peoples are addicted with this, so I recommend that you must try this. 

2. Balaleet 

This dish is made-up of some eggs and noodles. This mixture is cooked with spices and sugar.it also contain rose water, cinnamon and saffron.  

After that they combine the noodle and eggs. also, peoples with use this dish for breakfast. You can find this dish at al Fanar in Dubai festival city. That will cost you 42 AED per plate.  


Arabic coffee/ Gahwa 

Arabic coffee or gahwa are favorite drinks of the Emirati peoples. gahwa is essential part of Emirati family gathering, meetings and majlis. 

Gahwa is kind of special coffee that made according Arab tradition. 

According to the UNESCO, gahwa was originated in the Arabian Peninsula and listed in intangible culture heritage in 2015.  

Gahwa or coffee served to Finjan through a stainer. Traditionally coffee is served without sugar which is better for health as well. 

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Best Emirati cuisine restaurant in Dubai: 

1. Al Fanar restaurant

It was started in 1960 with specialist of Emirati cuisine. Al Fanar restaurant has a lot of branches in United Arab Emirates. In Dubai they are available at Dubai festival city mall, Jumeirah street and DIFC.  

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The menu features all the choices that you would expect like beef kofta, rice dishes, grilled meat and various fresh fish from the sea.  

At last finish your dinner with some Popular desserts in the region. 

2. Arabian tea house

It is first authentic Emirati cuisine restaurant since 1997.  

It is located in the prime location of Dubai’s historical Fahidi district.  

This restaurant provides you various type of local Emirati cuisine and even few options such as pasta which is the favorite option for the tourists.  

This restaurant gives us historical and modern architecture views experience. many of recipes are best for the family as well.  

Best street food in Dubai 

As I describe you, Arabic cuisine is one of the most sought cuisine.  

In Dubai, apart from Arabic cuisine you find a lot of options or variety of cuisine because Dubai is the home of the different cultures.  

Dubai is also popular for some street foods. Dubai’s street foods are favorite of every traveler.  

There is no city or destination is complete without street foods in the world. These streets foods are made up of chicken, meat, fowl etc. 

Also, The Regional cuisine focuses on the limited target audience but street foods are almost same from all around the world.  

So, In the below section, I have shared some best street food and restaurant in Dubai: 

1. Shawarma 

Shawarma is the best street food in Dubai weather you test at local-Emirati cuisine restaurant or any street shops.  

Whenever you go to cafeteria or street shop you will definitely find this in their menu because it has become most demandable part of street food in Dubai.   

Also, it consists of various sliced chicken, beef, salad, onions, vegetables and sauce etc. That’s make it very delicious.  

It comes with different type of variety. 

it cost you 5 to 10 AED basically it depends on shops or variety of shawarma. 

2. Falafel

Some peoples say that shawarma is the great option for non-veg peoples but what about the Veg-people?  

So here we go, falafel is the convenient and alternative option for vegetarian people.  

Falafel is a deep-fried chickpeas patty.  

I tell you one thing if falafel is wrapped in a roll with some vegetable and various salad then it becomes five time more delicious and tastier that almost peoples like.  

you can find falafel at any kind of cafeteria or fast food shop. usually its approximately price is 5 to 30 AED. So if you are in Dubai or coming here, then definitely you should try this. 

3. Samosa 

All-time favorite and king of street food, Samosas are top in category of street food.  

It’s India’s famous snack food but here in Dubai its mixture with Arab traditional taste.  

It contains of meat, vegetables and some spices. Also, it’s much cheaper than other street foods here. 

it cost you only 1dh. however, it is also famous street food in India as well. 

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Best restaurant to eat street foods in Dubai: 

1. Ravi restaurant

Ravi restaurant gives you a variety of Pakistani cuisine. it is located in satwa which is old area of Dubai.  

Satwa is one of the best place for Street food in Dubai. Ravi restaurant gives you wide options in street food within range of 100 AED.  

In the street food category, you will find a lot of options like shawarma, samosa, sheesh tawok sandwich, falafel as well.  

And if you go there then don’t miss the chicken jalfrezi which is packed full of spices, chunks of meat etc. 

opening hours- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm 

To get Direction

2. Chaat bazaar

This restaurant is located in al Karama Dubai. it’s famous for fast food, spicy Indian authentic street food.  

It features outdoor seating so you can experience street food as like your home country. it is also nearby ADCB metro station and Burjuman metro station.  

it has wide variety pf fast food in affordable price range. 


Halal food in Dubai

Halal is an Arabic word which means lawful or permitted. It means that what is allowed in the following of Islamic law. The opposite of halal is “haram” that means not allowed.  

In reference of food, according to Qur’an (the Muslin script) says that following thing are not allowed in Islam means “haram”- 

1. An animal should not be died before slaughter. 

2. If blood is coming out from the carcass then it should be completely drained. 

3. A slaughter must be performed by Muslim person. 

4. The life of the animal must be taken in the name of Allah. 

5. Pork is not allowed in Islam so any food that contains “pork” is haram. 

6. Animal must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and during this process, a Muslim will recite shahada. 

Halal meat is from an animal that has been slaughtered according the guidelines of Qur’an. it should be slaughter and prepared within Islamic practices. 

There is one dedicated department for it, The Halal Food Authority (HAF), a non-profit organization that monitors to halal principles or regulation. 


Dubai Culture is enriched and fulfilled with the lot of cuisine from traditional era to modern time. In modern cuisine you can enjoy Asian, Thai, Japanese and Italian restaurant in Dubai. Arab peoples are known for their warm hospitality so if you have invited or experience any Emirati cuisine then you can absolutely understand what am I talking about. even in order to preserve their national cuisine culture, many of local chef have opened Emirati cuisine restaurant with the support of emirate. 

After reading this blog you have known about best food and restaurant in Dubai which becomes from Emirati Cuisine and Street food. so how do you like about this blog, please share your thoughts below.

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Q.1 What is the national food of UAE? 

Ans.- Khuzi 

Q.2 Is food halal in Dubai? 

Ans.- All meat produced in or imported to the UAE are halal. 

Q.3 What is the Dubai’s favorite street food? 

Ans.- Shawarma, shish tawok sandwich, liquamat etc. 

Q.4 Where can I eat cheap food in Dubai? 

Ans.- Bur Dubai, al Karama, Deira etc. 

Q.5 What is the national fruit of UAE? 

Ans.- Dates 

Q.6 What do Emirati people eat for breakfast? 

Ans.- Traditional dishes like harees, maq’louba, machbous, mishway etc. 

Q.7 Can I bring alcohol in Dubai? 

Ans.- You are allowed to bring 4 lit per adult whether you buy from your country or Dubai duty free. 

Q.8 How much is the meal in Dubai? 

Ans.- The average cost of meal in Dubai is 164 AED per day. 



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