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How to Use Public Transport in Dubai (2020) & it’s history

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I think if you are new in Dubai then you might get confused or don’t have any information about how to use public transport in Dubai so here in this blog i have shared full comprehensive guide about public transportation.

Dubai is one of the most developed international tourists’ destinations, so it doesn’t have visitor from the neighborhood country even people come across the world for entertainment and leisure. 

So, people use different transport according to their needs and preferences and this whole transport system is managed by Road and Transport Authority (RTA).  even you can get your inquiries about how to use public transport in Dubai from RTA.

So here in below I have considered the evolution of transportation in Dubai.  

Dubai is such an inspiring or self-made city that has changed itself in architecture, health, transportation sector etc.  

You will not believe that before 20-30 yrs. they didn’t have even single road for vehicles. but now it has world largest road that is without traffic signal and across in seven state of emirates. 


  1. History of transport in Dubai 
  2. Modern Transportation in Dubai 
  3. Future of transportation in Dubai 
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

History of transport in Dubai: 

Nearby 1975, Dubai had few roads or cars. even you will not believe that driving a car on road was more hazardous rather than camel riding.  

In 1971, there was only single road their vehicles could travel rarely between Dubai and Ras al Khaimah and if you are travelling to Abu Dhabi then it was totally different situation. this highway had no road. only four-wheel vehicles can drive.  

some taxis and truck used to go through sand ways along the beach line. Believe me! life was very tough on that time.  

If someone is using private car or new in that area then maybe they lost or bogged in the desert. even there was no help to come out and cross the area. 

Dubai was the only one emirate in other emirates who had lower customs duties.  

So, Dubai trader often smuggled or illegal goods to another city without using proper headlight or even raising alarm at night. 

Road construction between Dubai and Abu Dhabi completed in 1973.  

Both emirates complete their part of road until their boarder line.  

After that 1990s it became the vital for the future of the regional logistic industry and now it has become the amazing road network between all emirates. so, here we have seen that how developed Dubai by road transportation. 


Dubai abra is a traditional mode of transport in Dubai. Abra is an Arabic word that means boat or wooden dhows. So, at creek, lot of people uses abra to cross the one side to another side. 

Dubai creek is a waterway that comes from directly to sea and it divide city into two parts- Bur Dubai and Deira. So, whenever you plan to visit Dubai you should try this. 

It is fastest and cheapest mode of transport in Dubai. it just cost you 1 dirham that is same as before. It’s kind of wooden boat that can carry 20 people at a time.  

There are two routes- 

1) Bur Dubai abra station to Deira old souk station & 2) Dubai old souk abra station to al sabkha abra station 

Establishment of Dubai international Airport: 

First Flight at Dubai international airport (1965)

The ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al Maktoum was ordered the construction of Dubai airport in 1959. 

it was officially opened in 1960 with first airfield. So 2000 year, they opened sheikh Rashid terminal. 

On 25 March 1985, Dubai introduced a new airline which is blooming now in aviation industry. In modern time emirates airline is one of the top-luxurious airlines in the world. 

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Modern Ways of Transportation in Dubai 

In modern Dubai, transportation industry has changed totally. There was a time when people were using camel, abra, undeveloped road. Now these challenges have changed into world class luxurious transportation opportunity. 

In this section you can found information in modern time how to use public transport in Dubai.

Nowadays peoples are using metro, tram, dedicated monorail in palm Jumeirah and Dubai public buses and taxi. Here, below I have described each sector in details: 

Dubai Metro 

Dubai metro is driverless, fully automated and holding longest track record in the world. It has two lines of network- Red line and green line. 

It was opened in 9 September 2009 on 09:09:09pm by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai with first section of red line covering 10 stations. 

Dubai metro has 75 km long track which covers 13 km underground track as well. It has also multi-level car parking with the capacity of 8,000 vehicles at Rashidiya station, Etisalat station and Nakheel (currently closed). 

Dubai metro has three separate compartments for Silver Class, Women and Children Only, and Gold Class. Passengers can pay with Nol card and it’s rechargeable. 

It has two interchange station- Burjuman and Union exchange.  

The Dubai metro has two dedicated metro stations for Dubai international airport- terminal 1 and terminal 3.  

For the future, RTA is launching two metro station at EXPO 2020 site. 

Dubai Tram

Dubai Tram was opened in 12 November 2014. It runs in Dubai marina and al Sufouh area.  

Dubai Tram is connected to metro and monorail in palm Jumeirah. 

Some of the projects are under construction such as Madinat Jumeirah, mall of the emirates and Burj al Arab which are expected to open in 2020. 

Dubai Monorail

Dubai monorail runs in palm Jumeirah island which is the biggest man-made island in the world. 

It’s owned by Nakheel properties that is one of the largest destination management company in the region. It does not accept NOL card

It contains three main stations- gateway station, ittihad park and Atlantis aquaventure waterpark. Dubai monorail and Dubai tram doesn’t have direct connection. 

A one-way ticket of Dubai monorail is 20 AED. 

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Dubai Taxi and buses 

Taxis and buses are best way to use transportation in Dubai if your destination is not near the metro. For the taxis, fares are regulated by RTA but also price is depending on the reading of the meter. 

Taxi’s Minimum fare is 12 AED.  

Taxis can be booked via app, SMS or directly without pre-booking. 

For Dubai buses have separate compartment for women and disable people. You will not believe that buses and taxis cover more than 80% of urban area in Dubai. 

Dubai Water Taxi 

Water taxis are newly operated & managed by RTA. Usually it run from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.  

One water taxi can accommodate 10 passengers. 

It has two classes- silver and gold class. If you want it for private then you also can do it.  

Private charter cost you 400 AED per hour. 

It has two class for fare- silver is- between 15 to 50 AED & Gold is- between 25 to 75 AED 

Modern Era of Dubai international airport

In modern time, Dubai international airport has become third-busiest airport by passengers’ traffic (2014) and sixth busiest cargo airport in the world. 

Dubai owns two airline- Emirates which is known for its luxurious and top-class comfort experience and second-one is fly Dubai which is low-cost budget airline in Dubai. 

The airport has a total capacity of 90 million passengers annually.  

After heard this thing you will amazed that Dubai airport contributes 27% Dubai’s GDP and 21% of the employments of Dubai. 

Future of transportation in Dubai 

In 2020, Dubai is launching some smart city moving goal.  

RTA is hoping that 25% of daily transportation in Dubai will be self-driven by 2030.  

By sustainability-wise it will also help to reduce environment pollution by 12% in a year. 

In future, UAE is introducing the hyperloop one, that is underground mode of transport and Dubai to Abu Dhabi can travel in just 12 minutes. 


Dubai have transformed from past transportation system till modern time. Whenever you come to Dubai you see local peoples in Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce cars. but You will not believe that these people didn’t have anything in 19 centuries. People used to travel by camels, horses etc. Even didn’t have road to travel from one place to another. So, we can learn from that challenges are nothing. We have to transformed them into success stories. 

So, I hope this guide have cleared your queries about how to use public transport in Dubai and if you have any suggestion then you drop in the comments below.

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Q.1 Is luggage is allowed in Dubai metro? 

Ans.- Only one suitcase and one-piece of carry-on luggage is permitted per person. 

Q.2 How do you pay for metro in Dubai? 

Ans.- You cannot pay by cash or credit card. You have to buy NOL card and fares usually dependents on how many zones you have crossed. 

Q.3 Is metro cheaper option in Dubai? 

Ans.- If you are less than 3 peoples than Dubai metro is best for you. 

Q.4 What are the way of public transport in Dubai? 

Ans.- You can travel from one place to another place by using metro, tram, monorail, Dubai water taxi, Dubai bus & taxis etc.

Q.5 Who invented hyperloop? 

Ans.- Elon Musk in 2012 

Q.6 Is Uber cheaper than Dubai taxi in Dubai? 

Ans.- Usually Uber and Careem typically more cost effective than taxis but advantages is here that uber gives flat rats. So, if there is a lot of traffic and long-distance as well than it can be cheaper as well. 

Q.7 Is it safe to take taxi in Dubai? 

Ans.- Yes, Dubai’s taxi is very safe because all taxis are controlled by Dubai RTA. (GPS Tracking, CCTV cameras) 

Q.8 How many airports have in Dubai? 

Ans.- There are two airports- Dubai international airport (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC) 




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