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This 3 factors make Android Development a great career option


Now after knowing about the android development, you will be thinking whether my career is secured and will I get to success and make my future in it, then after this blog, you will be kicking that this much I can do after making this my career, and I can guarantee you if you put your best efforts then you can succeed.

This field can make your dreams fulfill if you stay with this and do whatever it requires for it.

What’s in it for me?

  1. A career in Android Development
  2. Options for future.
  3. Few reasons behind this career.
  4. Major Companies
  5. Comparison of Freelancer and Employee
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

A career in Android Development

Android applications are scripted in Java language with the help of its libraries. Anyone can build applications with knowledge of java. It is now beneficial for Java developers to code mobile applications.

The world has many opportunities in this sector. As all over the world there is a heavy load of software development Jobs and if we talk about India then there is a maximum load of IT jobs.

And in India the world of Android is growing very fast so all recognized companies need good android developers which can make there easy and available to the world. And 5 years from now it will reach that stage which no one can prescribe at this stage.

For Knowing what is android development refer – Android Development

Here are some facts related to android-:

1. It is an Open-Source Platform.

2. Easy For interaction with the customers for the business

3. One can make his brand through his app.

4. Up-gradation of apps is somewhat easier.

As shown in the above image you can look at the figures on how mobile internet users are increasing that will directly affect the app users. As on mobile the users using the website are very less as compared to the app.

Options For Future


One can look for jobs in the field of developing apps in the huge market of IT. The designations which one can choose are as follows-:

  • Android Engineer
  • Android Developer
  • Mobile Embedded Software Engineer
  • Mobile Architect


One can look for freelancing which is one of the best careers in this modern era in which you can grow very quickly as compared to a job. In freelancing you will look for a work that will be given to you by a client through freelancing websites, First you have to make a portfolio on some freelancing sites.

But it is not as easy you are reading this, you have to work hard to impress your customer. And I would suggest you to first make some good projects to impress your customer then go for freelancing.

I would recommend freelancing as a good option if you are willing to work hard.


If someone has a plan to start something of his own or to build a new startup, then building its app is one of the necessary things to reach to the customers. So, an entrepreneur can also use this to start his/her career.

Few Reasons behind choosing this career

Huge Demand For The Skill

These skills are a hot commodity right now. And the demand for the android developer is also growing very fast. For Mobile Programmers who specialize in the field of the Android operating system, this is a better time to improve your skills.

Around 75% of users are of India are using the android operating system. These numbers are increasing very quickly.

And in the world numbers are somewhat similar which are also growing rapidly.

Android Developer Salary

According to some top sites in the calculation field if we take an average salary of an android developer comes around $90000


And this number is also increasing rapidly year by year.

Mainly the salary depends on how much you mastered your skill that’s what the most important aspect of it If you are the best player in the field or closest to that then salary will always be on the higher side.

Steady Growth

In the last 10 years or so the mobile app developers have shown a growth percentage of 32% with close to 250000 jobs. This is the highest growth shown by this career ever.

And the platform is likely to retain a clear majority in the coming years due to its affordability and the features it offers.


The android career gives one the freedom to one’s organization as one can work from home or in office and doesn’t necessarily stick with 9 to 5. And As I have earlier discussed one can be a freelancer.

Challenging Career

And all will be looking positiveness of the career, but this career is a bit challenging as well as, I have earlier said you have to devote everything to this, you can think about becoming one professional developer. And truly saying it is highly competitive also. If Someone comes to this field then come with the tighten shoes.

Open Source Platform

It is one of the biggest advantages of android that it is open-source, with this many developers can help to make an app like in an organization or one can edit the codes and improve the app.

Major Companies

I am Listing some major companies which have the post of an android developer-:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Uber
  • Ola
  • Oyo
  • VMware
  • Tower Research
  • Intel
  • Groupon
  • Salesforce
  • Facebook
  • Deloitte

There are many more companies other than I have mentioned above. Now- a- days many startups are looking for android developers.

Comparison of Freelancer and Employee

1. Freedom to work1. Not freedom for work
2. freelancer always works from home.2. Employees have to go to the office for work, some companies still provide work from home benefits.
3. Can develop High revenue through the projects3. Limited growth in a company with some exceptions.
4. Have to satisfy the customer4. It doesn’t need to satisfy the customer to just complete his work.
5. It takes time for building up the profile for being a Freelancer5. You can get a job if you have the relevant skills easily.
6. High-pressure job6. Low pressure as compared to be a freelancer.
7. Satisfied Job if you look around for it in many consequences7. Big company employees, it is satisfied, for small, it remains to be unsatisfied.


So, I think I would be able to tell you the scope of android development in today’s market. If you have read you had analyzed that how much bigger market is there of android and getting big and better.

But I would like to say that Don’t come here with just watching out the scope and lifting out other factors. Because if in some field demand is high then supply is also high and the winner is one who grasps the concepts properly and is master of his work which is provided to him.

At last I would say give yourself time to analyze that is android is for you by going deeper into it, and if you thought it is then no problem go on with it, otherwise find different paths.

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for more better understanding go through this


1. How can I be placed at Google, Amazon, and other big companies as an android developer?

This question has been asked several times and my answer to this question will be you have to master the basics of android first, because your foundation must be strong enough so you can answer any questions related to it.
Then after completing the basics learning layouts, widgets, all type of activities you should learn some extra technology which is in demand at this time like ML, DL, etc.
And you should be perfect in data structures and algorithms because this is the most asked aspect of product-based companies. If you cover all topics honestly with some good projects in your resume, then you can easily get to these companies.

2. Can I become an entrepreneur in this field?

Yes, why not I will say one thing you have to broaden your mindset, see the problem out there and be a problem solver. And for this field everyone wants to be online and build his/her apps, You can make a team and build a company related to the app-building of various platforms.
You can think your idea related to any problem you have faced in your life and seeing others are facing it, why not solve it. So, lookout various opportunities are waiting for you but you just have to put your hand-out and pick it up and make big from it.

So, I think that I would be able to tell you about the scope of android development.

Now analyze yourself and start getting on with the act because it is good to start early rather then procrastinating that I would do it, because if there is the right time for something it is now only.

Happy Coding….



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