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Critical thinking activities – Improve Your Thinking Ability With Mobile Game


It is easy to learn new skills like critical thinking with fun and entertainment. So, I shared some critical thinking activities in this blog. There are so many strategies, tips, and tricks on Google or YouTube.

But your mind does not work with all things for a long time you get bored and leave it in half. In today’s time, you spend your time on mobile and mostly in gaming.

If you want, you can develop critical thinking skills using this mobile correctly. You can increase your thinking ability by playing games. Here I will talk about some activities which are helpful for you to develop critical thinking in you

It will encourage you to think in a right or logical manner. You can see that so many schools are said that they use ‘ learn by fun ‘ techniques to teach students.

Because they know to engaging students for a long time he has some activities in which they could enjoy so why not you try this technique?

If you follow this technique then you do not feel bored and your thinking ability also increases.

There are some activities or mobile games which are will make you think too much. So if you want to develop critical thinking skills then give some time daily to these activities.

Here, You know

  1. Skillz
  2. Brain Games
  3. Brain it on
  4. Unblock me
  5. Chess

Best app for increase thinking ability

You read this blog at this time so I think you have a smartphone in your hand right now. And also you have some useless apps on your mobile which continuously spent your time.

If you want to do something in your life then you have at one app that increases your knowledge. And if it is not, then you will spend your time and you will not even know.

If you want something big in your life,  if want to adopt critical thinking skill, If you want to increase your thinking ability then go now and download these apps which are given below.

There are some games which force you to think out of the box. This game will make you think fast and your thinking ability will get faster. Also, you can test your thinking ability by these apps.


This is the best game to give your brain an exercise. This game helps you to improve your memory, accuracy, and much more. This is a logical game with a lot of fun. Each level tests your skills and ability.

After clearing each level your result will shows in rank from 1 to 5 according to your performance. And every level takes some new challenges to improve your ability.

Highlights of this app

  1. Improve your memory
  2. Learn color coordination
  3. Prove your touch ability
  4. Increase your speed
  5. Train your reflexes
  6. Increase your accuracy

Download SKILLZ app

Brain Games Best critical thinking activities game

This game is design to train your brain with a lot of fun. This game can improve your concentration, reasoning, calculation, speed, visual thinking, and short term memory to improve your result.

Your brain needs exercise to stay fit all time. It is consists of 32 games that will train logic, math, memory, and observation. You can also take your test to find out your skills.

It also has a multiplayer mode so you can compare your skills with your friends and person around the world. This game is for children as well as adults of all ages. You can practice tests daily for the best results.

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Brain it on

If you like physics then this game is for you. It is a challenging physics puzzles game. You have to draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. This is not an easy game it takes a higher thinking level to complete each level. 

The best thing in this game is that it has multiple solutions for each level to solve. So you have to find the best solution and as well as in your life you have a lot of options and you have chosen the best solution.

You also can share your unique solution to your friends and compare with them. Forgoing to the next level you have to clear the previous level. So, it is the best critical thinking activity game.

You can unlock all levels by earning coins. You can also purchase the app to remove add and all the hints. But firstly should try it yourself.

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Unblock me

This game is helpful to improve your problem-solving skill. This game is a puzzle-based game in which you have to unblock the blocks. It has a nice thing that it including over 40,000 puzzles in 15mb only.

This is a family-friendly game that is suitable for all ages. It doesn’t require an internet connection so don’t worry about the internet. But it can be played both online and offline. It consists of three types of modes relax mode, challenge mode, and daily puzzle mode.

Features of unblock me

  1. Daily rewards – free hints
  2. Family-friendly
  3. Suitable for all ages
  4. Three type of modes -Relax mode, Challenge mode, daily puzzle mode
  5. Puzzle packs – Starter, beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, original
  6. Over 40,000 puzzles
  7. Easy game tutorial



You know this game very well. Chess is one of the oldest games in the world and it is known for the best mind game. It is an excellent board game that develops strategy and visual memory.

The main goal of this game is to checkmate to another king. And for this, you have to think critically at every step.

Playing the chess game regularly improves the learning, analytical power, decision-making ability, and thinking. By this game, you can also learn the importance of planning

Importance of chess

  1. Exercise the brain

    Chess play importance role to develop your brain and strategy.

  2. Build confidence

    When you win such a Brain games then your confidence will boost up.

  3. Help you in focus or concentration

    Chess make you think and concentrate on the mate long time as you playing it.

  4. Develops creativity

    you become more creative and strategic

  5. Develop problem-solving skill

    you become a quick problem solver by practicing chess

  6. Helps you being calm

    it is one type of meditation by you focus and concentration more powerful

  7. Teach you how to win.

    Of course, chess is a game and you always want to win so, your winning habit will develop with this Game.

Critical thinking game

There are so many games which you can play without mobile with others. You should play this type of game with your family in your free time. This type of game is also helpful to connect the people.

In this, there are so many games which are you known batter because you play this type of game from your childhood? So now recall them and play in your free time. It includes word game; connect the dot and so many others.

In this group generally, those games come which is played in the group. So you can also try to know the behavior of a person in different situations. so this critical thinking activities will prove helpful for you.

Word Game

I think you know this game. This is so helpful for improving your memory because in this you have to remember words frequently.

The strategy of this game is you have to think a word which has some meaning then your opponent tells a word start from a letter which is the last letter of your word.

It also improves your vocabulary. This is a critical thinking game that is generally played in schools to improve the vocabulary of students.

They use to learn through fun techniques so students do not get bored and also increase their knowledge in less time. So you should try this once.


So now you know that you can increase your thinking ability by gaming but by only brain games, not PUBG. Brain games are designed to improve your thinking.

So if you really want to develop critical thinking in you then go now and once install these games and play.

You automatically understand it is work or not. In these games, some situations are created in which you have to think fast, critically, and logically. So I think it is the best way to develop critical thinking skills.

You can also know the strategies, skills, and tricks in my other blogs but I recommended starting from brain gaming because you can play it any time, and also it develops a lot of skills automatically which is required for critical thinking. So it made easy your route.

So, I think you have should to try these critical thinking activities once.


Critical thinking with technology?

Technology is the most important tool to improve your critical thinking. Critical thinking include a lot of information and technology especially the internet provides you with information. And in following ways technology helps to improve critical thinking –
1) Online discussion
2) 3D design
3) Brain games

Critical thinking with data?

It says students to become critical users of data based evidence. 
There are following skills of critical thinking with data –
1) Visualization
2) Segmenting
3) Remove all bias

Critical thinking with bloom’s taxonomy?

Bloom’s taxonomy is a method of critical thinking. It is used for learning objectives. It includes a lot of skills that are so useful to develop critical thinking.

Can critical thinking be measured?

Simply I say no because there is no instrument that measures the accuracy of your critical thinking. But it can be rated logically by giving some logical reasoning tests and also in competitive exam critical thinking measures in this way. In interviews they give you some situations and then you have to come out from this situation to crack the interview.

How critical thinking works?

When you have to make a decision and you are a critical thinker then you have to know the situation firstly .then gather all the information related to this and then on the bases of information and your knowledge try to find out a better solution for your problem.
then analyze your solution and also evaluate it then after these all parameters decide your final judgment. This is a simple process of critical thinking. 




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