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Critical thinking strategies – 12 Strategies To Boost Your Thinking


In this time-critical thinking makes a powerful skill. And everywhere its importance is increasing day by day. That does not matter you are a student or an employee. So it is too important to develop critical thinking by developing critical thinking strategies.

Everyone should have this special skill. So what exactly is critical thinking?  There are so many definitions but by this, it is too hard to understand what it is.

So now if we simply understand then, critical thinking is the ability to acquire information, analyze and evaluate it. And reach a conclusion or result by using logic and reasoning skills.

In other words, it is reasonable, reflective, responsible, and skillful thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do.

So you can understand this skill is too important for you and you should have to learn this skill. And If you want to learn then you are in the right place. Here are some strategies.

If you follow this strategy and apply it in your daily life then you can easily develop this skill in a few days. These strategies are so important to learn if you want to develop critical thinking. So the critical thinking strategies are as following


  1. Compare two things
  2. Inquiry-based learning
  3. Evaluate something
  4. Categorize something
  5. Contrasts two things
  6. Use questioning techniques
  7. Analyze a topic
  8. Explore issues & problems
  9. Discussion
  10. Be open-minded
  11. Curious
  12. Be aware of your thinking
  13. Conclusion
  14. FAQ

Compare two things

Always do a comparison between two things. By this, you can see things from different views. Firstly, let’s understand by an example – If you go to a clothes shop and shopkeeper shows you two shirts at different prices.

Then do the comparison between them and ask yourself why price difference occurs between them. And how much difference is it?

Also, think about it that – shopkeeper plays with your mind or not and It increases your thinking ability and also you can easily understand the whole situation.

Inquiry-based learning

 When you learn anything or study about your course then do inquiry-based learning. Ask questions to your mind what is it?  And how is it possible?

Generally when you learn something then you don’t fully concentrate on your topic and simply read it as a task and so many times fluently watch and read it. So it doesn’t give questions to your mind and your mind stays in rest.

So now you should have to do inquiry-based learning in which you have to understand each term or situation deeply. And also, ask questions to yourself and they try to find the answer to them.

It is also helping you to increase your knowledge about this topic. And you have a deep understanding of this topic. Sometimes lack of knowledge becomes a barrier in critical thinking so, inquiry-based learning helps you to gain proper knowledge. use this process.

Evaluate something

Evaluation is important in each situation because it gives you a result of information about this situation and If someone says you something then you have evaluated his word.

What does he or she want to say, why he says this thing? Go deeply into this and then try to understand the things with reasons. Evaluation tells you the value and worth of this thing.

Categorize something

Firstly, you have to categorize things. It helps you in view a thing with different angles, at different prospects. So, you can better understand anything, each part of things by categorizing them.

Contrast two things

Generally, It means to see the difference between two things. It is exactly opposite to compare two things. In comparison, you see the similarities between two things but in the case of contrast, you see the differences between two things.

Use questioning technique

 This technique is so helpful to increase your thinking ability and improve your knowledge. When you learn anything then questions should stand in your mind.

Like what is this?  How this is possible?  Is this necessary?  Why this has happened?  When this is occurring?  Who thinks about this? So, these questions give a deep understanding of the topic.

And it also increases your curiosity. So, by knowing the answers to your questions you get satisfaction. And you have a reason to believe in it. Also, you can easily learn questioning techniques.

Start asking these questions in your mind

  1. which starts with what

  2. questions which starts with where

  3. starts with who

  4. questions starts with how

  5. some questions which starts with when

Analyze a topic

If you are in conversation in a group then so many thinking’s have come in front of you on a topic. And it’s possible this thinking is different from each other because everyone has their own opinion.

So in this situation, you have to analyze the topic properly and you have to break it into part to get understand this deeply. By analyzing you can understand who is right or wrong and also get a conclusion.

To develop these critical thinking strategies you should have to know the critical thinking barriers.

Explore issue and problems

This is the main critical thinking strategies. There are so many issues in your personal, professional, and social life. If you want to ‘ think out of the box ‘ then you have concentrated on this problem and solve it.

Firstly, let’s understand by an example – let suppose you are a student and you are solving your math questions. Now a tough question comes and you can’t able to find its method easily.

So you have two options now first is to go on the next question. And understand tough questions deeply to see its issue and problems.

If you choose the second option and do this then you get a new method and you become a problem solver and also you get confidence for the next question. And also by going deep, you’re thinking ability makes strong.

Discussion with critical thinking strategies

It is also an important thing because when you discussed a topic with anyone or in a group. Then everyone has their own opinion. So there are so many opinions that come in front of you. So, you have to think deeply about each opinion.

By this, you lot of things about this topic and also increase your knowledge. And you know that lack of knowledge is a barrier to critical thinking. improve your critical thinking.

Be opening minded for critical thinking

There are three types of the person first is Close-minded, second is narrow-minded and third is Open-minded. So, a close-minded person doesn’t think anything he trusts blindly on anything.

Then the second narrow person thinks about it but due to lack of knowledge, he doesn’t get any conclusion. But in the case of open-minded, person thin about the discussed topic.

if he is unable to understand the topic perfectly then ask the questions to satisfy. So be open-minded and think and ask questions.

Be curious for critical thinking

A curious person always wants to know anything. He doesn’t satisfy easily by anyone. So, He wants a deep understanding of a topic and he wants to know anything about this topic.

He has not remained any dought. If you want critical thinking skills. Then you have to become a curious person. If you become a curious person then it also helps you to increase your knowledge.

Always be aware of your thinking

Last but not is the least point that is aware of your thinking. You have to know the right knowledge about your thinking ability.

Because if you want to improve it then you must have to know here are you right now. How much action your mind takes? So, you have to take tests of your thinking at a definite time interval.


Above all, Critical thinking is so important skill at that time. And if you regularly follow this all critical thinking strategies then defiantly you can build this skill in less time.

Therefore, only you have to work on these critical thinking strategies. Choose one by one and take your time. And also observe you at every step. So, you will see a change in your thinking

There are also few activities by which you can easily adapt critical thinking skills in you .it is an easy way to develop this skill. so you should once this technique. this technique is also used in schools which are known as LEARN BY FUN technique.

you can also read tips on critical thinking


Critical thinking will help?

Yes, at every moment of your life.

How will critical thinking help you evaluate research?

Yes it will help, because you think out of the box.

Why critical thinking is important?

To take right decision in any situation.

Why critical thinking is important for students?

To choose the right path and to stay on it.

How to develop critical thinking?

By applying these all strategies in your life, given above.

Why critical thinking is important in nursing?

In nursing so many times you have to make quick decisions. so it too important to take the right decision by thinking critically.



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