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9 Advice That You Must Listen Before Buying Domain Name.


After reading this article you will know how to buy a perfect domain name that is relevant to your niche.

Table of Contents.

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. When was domain name first registered?
  3. Why the domain name is important?
  4. Are domain names free?
  5. What are the top-level domains?
  6. What domain name to choose?
  7. Which domain name registrar is best?
  8. How much does it cost to register a domain name?
  9. How to buy a domain name?
  10. Conclusion.
  11. FAQ.

What Is A Domain Name?

Your website name is called a domain name.

It is also is known as DNS which means Domain Name System.

In the past, we were using an IP address instead of domain names. IP address means a string of unique numbers that are assigned to all the computers online that stores your website’s information and data.

Domain names were created to make an IP (Internet Protocol) addresses more human friendly.

So, when you type any website name in the browser then your computer translates it to an IP address that finds the website located on the computers that are connected online and brought the information that you want on your computer.

In simple words, think of the phone numbers of your friends and family. I know no one can remember all the phone numbers that’s why I save it in my contact list using their name.

And, whenever I want to call, I just tap on the name that sends the signal to my service provider that I want to connect with the specific unique phone number, not a name that I have saved in my contact list.

I hope this makes sense.

And the same process works with computers as well.

When you type google.com then your computer translates it to an IP address which is and brought the information to you.

So, is very hard to remember for humans that’s why domain names were created to make IP addresses more human friendly and easy to remember.

When Was Domain Name First Registered?

As per my research, I found that the first dot com domain name registered was Symbolics.com on March 15, 1985, by Symbolics Inc. a computer systems company in Cambridge, Mass.

However, if I talk about a non-dot com domain then the title goes to Nordu.net is the first domain registered on January 1, 1985.

And, the second domain name registered was Bbn.com, on April 24, 1985, by BBN Technologies.

Why Domain Name Is Important?

Today, if you have an existing business and want more sales and revenue then you need to have an online website.

Amazon was first created for selling books online and now they are selling almost everything.


Because they have generated huge revenue in selling books online then they thought why we sell other products online and see nowadays people prefer to search or buy their desired products online rather than visiting a physical store.

So, if your main goal is to increase sales and generate more revenue then the website is most important.


If you are starting your blog and want to earn money online then you must have a blog or website name.

Are Domain Names Free?

Yes, there is two types of free domain names available in the market.

  1. Your website name.blogspot.com
  2. Your website name.wordpress.com

You can use anyone extension (.Blogspot or .WordPress) if you want to create any blog or website.


In my opinion, these domains are not TOP-LEVEL domains and are less valuable, which means you can’t earn monetize these blogs easily or next to impossible.

If your goal is to share an informational value with the audience available online and earn money from your blog. Then, you must buy your top-level domain.

Let’s see the top-level domains.

What Are Top-Level Domains?

A top-Level domain is often known as Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD).

If you want to buy a personal domain then you must buy only gTLDs.

Here is the list.

  • .com      (for commercial use)
  • .net        (for networking and commercial use)
  • .in           (INDIA) (for country specific commercial use)
  • .org        (for non-profit organizations)

If you use this .in extension then your domain’s main purpose is to focus on the Indian audience.

I hope you are you have now decided on the extension and want to know which website name you should use for your website.

Let’s find out.

What Domain Name to Choose?

First of all, you need to understand that buying a domain is an easy process but, buying a perfect domain name that relates to your niche is the most important thing.

So, yes relevancy matters.

Also, you should focus on the branding of your domains instead of generic names.

For example:

These are generic domains – PolicyPrice.net, BuyNewPolicy.com, BestPolicyForYou.com

Branded domains look like this – Policy.com

Your website name should be short and sweet in other words easy to remember.

Because, when people search online for policy then they most likely to trust on your site at the beginning.

However, it also depends on the information you are providing them is true or false.

Make sure, your website name should be easy to pronounce as well.

Like: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, eBay, etc.

These above all website names are short, easy to remember, and pronounceable.

Mistakes When Buying a Domain Name.

I have noticed that so many beginner bloggers make a mistake while buying domain names.

1. Don’t Stuff Keywords in Your Website Name.

For example:

BestWashiningMachine.Com or BuyChepeastMobile.Com

Instead, you can simply use: WashingMachine.Com, Mobile.Com

It was a trick that worked in the past but nowadays as a search engine getting smarter day by day.

Big search engine companies like Google rolled out an update in their Algorithms to break these types of tricks in the future.

2. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers.

That’s a very bad thing which looks very weird to everyone and me as well.

It is also more difficult to remember and pronounce.

For example:

Digital-Camera.Com, Top10Cameras.Com

Instead, you can use: DigitalCamera.Com, DslrCamera.Com

3. Check for Trade Marked Domains.

Trade Marked names are those names that you can use in your website name. And, If you use them then they will file a lawsuit against you.

For example:

AppleIphone.Com, FacebookLogin.Com, AmazonBestDeals.Com

So, always research online before including these types of popular names or terms in your website before purchasing it.

Let’s check out how to get a great website name suggestions.

4. Use Domain Name Suggestion Tool to Generate Awesome Website Names.

Yeah, that’s a very good option for you to find domain name ideas by using tools that are available online. If you are confused.

You can get so many new and fresh website name list by using these tools.

So, make sure at least you give it a try once to see what other options are available as sometimes it gives very unique name suggestions.

It will also help you to check the availability or if it’s is taken or not.

Here are the best website name generator suggestion tools.

  1. leandomainsearch.com
  2. Shopify.com
  3. namemesh.com
  4. nameboy.com

Once you have found an awesome name then it’s time to register that name.

Let’s see where to register.

Which domain name registrar is best?

You can find a lot of domain & hosting registrars available online. But I will suggest you always register your domain on the branded registrars as that will become your property once you buy it.

Here are my best recommendations for you.

  1. godaddy.com
  2. bigrock.in
  3. hostinger.in
  4. domains.google
  5. namecheap.com
  6. siteground.com/domain_names.php

Let me give you an example of their costing and how to buy it.

How much does it cost to register a domain name?

Well, it depends on the domain extension you are choosing. I’m using the GoDaddy website here.

For example:

  • .Com domain may cost you approximately 700-1200 INR and may vary from registrar to registrar.
  • .Net may cost you approx. 200-400.
  • .In may cost you approx. 200-500.

P.S. Given prices are estimated and actual cost may vary.

How to Buy A Domain Name?

It’s a very easy process. I’m giving you the instructions for buying a domain name on the GoDaddy website.

Let’s go.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Process of buying a domain name.

  1. Open – GoDaddy.com

  2. Search your domain.

  3. Check your domain name spellings then add it to the cart.

  4. Now click on Checkout.

  5. Create an account on GoDaddy.

  6. Enter your payment details.

  7. Done.

    You will receive an email confirmation.


Domain name registration is a very important part of your website.

Always search a website name before buying it and compare it with your niche if that is suitable or not. Don’t buy any irrelevant domain names.

You should always use domain name generator tools to get more website name ideas that are relevant to your niche.

I will never suggest or buy a website name from an unbranded registrar.

I hope you liked it article found very useful.

Make sure you comment below if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

FAQs related to Domain Name.

Q1. Is the domain name case sensitive?

No! domain names are not case sensitive. So, feel free about it.

Q2. Are domain names expensive?

It depends. Usually, domain names are not expensive unless, if you want to buy any premium ones.

Q3. When a domain name expires?

It depends on your plan that you chose to before purchase it. Usually, you can buy domain names for 1,2,3,5,10 years.

Q4. Which domain name is more expensive?

Premium domain names are very expensive. You can ask your registrar if you want to buy your desired domain names.

Q5. Can the domain name be changed?

No! You cannot change your domain name in the future once purchased. So, make sure you do all your homework before buying it.



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