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EXPO 2020 Dubai: World’s Greatest Show

Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai is mega- international event in terms of size, number of visitors and time duration. EXPO 2020 is going to host by Dubai.  

It is first world EXPO that is going to be held in middle east, Africa and south Asia and first expo in Arab Nations country. 

In This international event, people will come across the world and they will connect each other, share idea, learn and the innovate. 

So now you will ask me that why is it important because it’s create innovation with fun and implement new thought or idea.

Also on the same time we have seen in history of UAE that everything is possible through development.  

By hosting Expo 2020, Dubai will go into further step of inspiring the next generation for spark innovation that will underline the next 50 years of human growth.  

Expo 2020 is mostly focusing on youth generation and helping them to come out and give them potential to grow fast. UAE vision 2021 is celebrating the expo 2020 by getting the supporting of tourism, continues development and innovate business ideas in Dubai. 

Dubai is enhancing the country’s international reputation as a fastest growing business hub in international market. 


  1. Location and Timing 
  2. History of Expos 
  3. World’s Expo organization 
  4. Theme and Sub-theme of Dubai Expo 2020
  5. The logo of Expo 2020 
  6. Expo 2020 District  
  7. Contribution in Expo 2020 
  8. What to do in Expo 2020 
  9. Dubai Expo 2020 School Programme 
  10. What will be happen after 6 months of Expo 2020 
  11. Ticket price of Expo 2020 
  12. How COVID-19 is affecting to Expo 2020 
  13. Conclusion 
  14. FAQs

Location and Timing 

As you have seen in the picture above Dubai government have designed and developed a new dedicated sport called as “Dubai south district”/ EXPO 2020. which is very close (15 min) to Al Maktoum international airport and within 45 minutes far away from Dubai international airport.  

Road and Transport authority (RTA) is expecting to open new route of metro which will be directly connected from Nakheel Metro station to Expo 2020. It will be known as “District 2020”. 

This metro route will also cover Dubai investment park and discovery garden. It is expecting to open in 2020.  

According some facts in this route, Dubai metro can transport 40000 passengers per hour to site. 

EXPO2020 Dubai is starting from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021 so it will be for 6 months. (Old data)

History of Expos


The first expo held at London’s great exhibition in 1851. Since then expo happens in every 5 year in different country with different theme.  

It improves our knowledge in different field such as science, Techology, cultural and arts.  

The expo 2015 took place in Milan which was based on theme of “feeding the planet, energy for life”. basically, it was based on health and nutrition. Milan city was hosted expo twice before it was hosted in 1906.  

In each 5 years it happens for 6 months around the world. 

We got lot of rememberable innovation things such as television, typewriter, tomato ketchup and Eiffel tower etc. 

World Expos Organization: 

There is one organization known as “The bureau international des exhibitions (BIE)”. it is intergovernmental organization which regulates and control world expo.  

This organization consists of 170 board members and it was founded in 1928. it is responsible for preserving our values of culture, education, environment and innovation. 

So, let’s talk about how Dubai win the Expo 2020. 

On 27 November 2013, Dubai was elected as a host country of upcoming world expo 2020 in 154th general assembly of the bureau international de expositions (BIE) after voting of 164 nation members, Dubai won the bidding by 116 votes with beating to Russia by 47 votes. 

Theme and Sub-Theme of Dubai Expo 2020: 

Every Expo completes around the one theme because it’s important to have a lasting impact on the path of human progress.  

So, Dubai expo 2020’s theme is 

“Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. 

and the sub-themes are: 

OpportunityMobility and Sustainability 

Opportunity: Opportunity is kind of unlocking the possibilities or potential for social community or individuals to make it shaped. 

Mobility: Mobility is to create smarter and more efficient movement of people, goods and ideas in both ways physically and virtually. 

Sustainability: Sustainability is respecting and living in balance with the world we inhabit. 

The logo of Expo 2020 

Dubai Introduced the logo of Expo 2020 in march 2016.  

It is inspired by a ring discovered at the Saroug al hadeed archeological sites. 

Dubai is expecting the more than 200 participants including 192 different countries pavilion and millions of visitors will come in expo 2020. it will have 192 pavilions from all across the country. 

So, if have come in Dubai recently then sure you have seen this logo somewhere- Emirates Aircraft, Vehicles, government offices, hotels etc.  

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Expo 2020 District: 

At Expo 2020 site, there will be main asset “Al Wasl Plaza“. it will be heart or center of expo 2020. That will be main attracting point for visitor over the 6 months. 

In ancient time Dubai was known as the Al Wasl. it means connection because it is connected from all over the region.  

At al Wasl plaza, visitor can gather together and celebrate cultural events from 192 countries. 

As I mentioned earlier the three sub-theme of expo 2020, so here will be three thematic districts based on subthemes such as Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. 

each thematic district will be anchored by a thematic pavilion. 

These thematic pavilions will also include the performance spaces, innovation galleries and arts. also, it will house the interactive exhibitions and engaging content to explore by doing fun and entertainment. 

Contribution to the Expo 2020 

Residents of Dubai should join the Expo 2020 through a variety of options like expo’s live shows, social projects of helping communities around globally and also you can join the volunteer programme.  

So, you can become the part of 30,000 different volunteers of UAE residents and expats all over the world. 

Earlier this year, there was a programme to engage the social communities which was about the tour at expo site that how expo will be done and their theme, projects etc. 

Online marketplace (OMP) for advertising is another great medium for international individuals, home business and SMEs so they can advertise of their product and services across the UAE boarders.  

Currently at Expo, have more than 38,000 suppliers and buyers from 151 countries including UAE itself.  

So, all tender opportunities related to expo 2020 Dubai are directly being posted to online platform (OMP). so, you can contribute to “world’s greatest show”. 

What Can We Do At Expo 2020? 

There will be lot of thing to do at Expo 2020 from art, music to science, architecture & technology.  

Believe me!  A Day is not enough for you in such as largest event ever held in the Arab world.  

I tell you can start your day at main attraction point of every tourist- al wasl plaza, there you can see interactive installation theme from local and global talents.  

Let’s think about a journey where you can meet the different culture from 192 countries across the world. it will be surprised you with their history and culture. 

There will be 60 live shows daily in pop-up theatres, sports events and national day celebration so this will be enough for you to come again.  

For tech enthusiastic, there will be lot of opportunity to experience a truly connection with robotics, automatic vehicles, AR and space research etc. 

If you want to read more about best things to do in Dubai then click here.

Expo 2020 Dubai school programme: 

The expo 2020 school programme is about engagement with students and many schools of the UAE to make it successful Expo ever.  

It will be creating memorable journeys for students during these 6 months. 

This programme encourage students to come at Expo site and discover about the UAE’s rich culture with heritage at UAE pavilion.  

UAE pavilion is designed in the shape of the falcon in flight.  

Also, they can learn about the 192 different country’s culture and traditions. 

Even student can participate at expo 2020 under the young innovators programme that includes every single student’s ideas to the ideal online world.  

The best idea will be shortlisted and showcased at the expo visitor center. 

What will be happen after the six months of Expo?

After completing expo 2020, more than 80% of expo infrastructure will be used for other programme in future. like al wasl plaza will be remain and host many other exhibitions. 

According to some sources after Expo 2020, sustainability pavilion will become Terra, the children and science center.  

The mobility pavilion will become a commercial building. And UAE pavilion will be operated by the UAE government.  

So, Dubai government is using these pavilions as an asset to grow further. 

Tickets price of Expo 2020 

you can buy the tickets directly from the website or authorized ticket seller network. Ticket will go on the sales from onward, April 2020.  

visitor can buy daily and monthly or whole-event passes as well. 

The cost of ticket depends on day passes such as 

Single-day pass (18 and over) = 120 AED 

Three-day pass = 260 AED 

Your ticket will give you directly access to site including more than 60 live shows per day, technologies events, performances of world-famous artists and special performance.  

There is the free access for children less than 5 years and senior citizen aged 65 and over and for the student, they will get 50% discounts on tickets with some complimentary passes.  

Dubai Expo site will have also more than 200 food and beverages outlets serving a world of cuisine. 

How COID-19 is affecting Dubai EXPO 2020 Dubai? 

As we know we are continuously facing global situation with this disease. That is fast-moving and uncontrollable. 

In case of Dubai Expo 2020 many countries were working hard with UAE and international stakeholders in internally and consultant way.  

The review from impact of COVID-19 were analyzed. while everyone was involved in expo 2020 Dubai 

Because many countries have been rapidly impacted by COVID-19. So, Dubai have expressed the need of postpone expo’s to next year and let enable them to fight with challenges. 

So being in a unity or solidity, the participant countries were supporting the proposal to extend the expo till next year.  

And the proposal of extending of Expo 2020 has been approved by BIE.  

In one statement BIE said “The government of United Arab Emirates (UAE)has formally requested the postponement of world expo 2020 Dubai in letter addressed to Dimitri S. Kerkentez, a secretary general of the Bureau des Exposition (BIE). 

So following consultation with the BIE, participating countries and key stakeholders has released the new dates.  

That will be 1 October 2021 to 31 march 2022″  

Also, the UAE government requested to approval for using “Expo 2020 Dubai” as the official name of the event. 

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Dubai Expo 2020 is about connecting peoples from all around the world to innovate and discover new ideas to make our human lives better. Expos are held in every five years. Dubai will be benefited by many things because it will be center for international business market through Expo 2020. Dubai government is trying their best to make it excellent Expo ever. However due to COVID-19 BIE has accepted request letter from Dubai government in order to postpone it so now Expo 2020 will be extended to next year from 1 Oct. 2021 to 31 March 2021. 


Q.1 Can kids visit the expo site? 

Ans.- Yes, there are two parks- jubilee and al Forsan where kids can play. 

Q.2 Who are mascots of expo 2020 Dubai? 

Ans.- Two inquisitive Emirati kids called Latifa and Rashid will be the other main mascots along with a team of robots named Opti, terra and Alif. 

Q.3 Will be drinking water be easily available at expo 2020 site? 

Ans.- Yes, it will have 45 water fountains where you can access potable water. 

Q.4 Will the expo have hotels for visitors to stay? 

Ans.-Yes, expo 2020 village will have staff accommodation, logistic, transport point, hotel and retail spots etc. 

Q.5 Is there any drees code for visitors during expo 2020 Dubai? 

Ans.- No, there is no dress code. but we recommend to you light casual and comfortable clothing is good for UAE’s sunny weather. 

Q.6 How many countries pavilion will be held at expo 2020? 

Ans.- 192 pavilions 

Q.7 When did the work started on the expo 2020 site? 

Ans.- March 2016 

Q.8 Is there any organization for world expos? 

Ans.- Yes, The Bureau des Expositions (BIE). 



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