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How to Dress Smart Step-By-Step Guide


Alright so, you’ve been taking care of your skin.

You have been taking care of your hair but tell me are you giving the same importance to your wardrobe?

However are you giving the immediate attention to your outfits and your dress?

So, if you are then good because I am expecting you to be a little more stylish by now

But in case you are still confused and uncertain about different clothes and style items that you can dress up.

So, now you will say that it will cost a lot of money?

But wait if you are aware of some basic generals rules therefore, you wouldn’t face any problems.

Also wait you don’t need to be filthy rich you don’t need to have a ton of things in your wardrobe to look a stylish man.

  1. Easy ways to dress sharp
  2. There are in general three ground rules to know your body type
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQs

Easy ways to dress sharp

Firstly, you must know how to match your outfits.

Especially, match your color of your t.shirt with your pants well enough and you will stand out.

So, when you enter into a room but there are few rules that apply while matching your outfits.

Before we get to color coordination lets just talk about the golden rule of men’s dressing but if you want to pick one pair of clothing that you need to own as a guy.

Firstly, pair of dark blue denim jeans why? Thus they are the most versatile piece of clothing.

Firstly you should invest in good pair it will last you easily 4 or 5 years till the color starts fading and at that point, you can get another pair of jeans,

Invest around 2000 rupees in a good pair of denim jeans because that money will save a lot of money in other places.

So, what do I mean by that?

Basically a dark blue denim jeans go with every single top, whatever color it is, it matches with dark blue denim jeans that are the rule number 1 of men’s dressing.

Coming to the major point that is color coordination, four universal colors.

Particularly, I am talking about white, navy blue, grey, and black most versatile colors in the world.

So, why do I say that? Because a black and white top can match virtually with any pants.

So, you need to create saturation and contrast.

In conclusion, what I mean is don’t pair the light color top with light color pants and dark color top with dark color pants.

For example there are shades of grey light and dark you should not pair light grey with light grey pants unless you want to look like a ninja.

In conclusion color clothing has its own game.

Also, Next point, start wearing pants!

However, I am talking about trousers, chinos and I see a lot of Indian men wearing jeans everywhere just everywhere you can do it to look average.

But hey I don’t think you want to look so right?

So, invest in some basic colors that combine your outfits well like black, navy blue, or grey.

In short, go for these sober colors.

Accessorize your outfits with the right accessories.

Firstly, I am telling you about a watch, you don’t know how much value a watch adds to your outfits.

Above all, wearing a watch signifies you are a responsible go-getter.

Secondly, major accessory matching your belt with your shoes.

I know a few guys who don’t even wear a belt the whole day because they are just busy managing their pants this looks so unprofessional.

However, giving a final touch that makes or breaks a deal is wearing the right type of shoes which is nice and clean.

For instance, no matter if you have wear a taped shirt with slim trousers wearing and omega watch and if your shoes are not on point all efforts go zero.

So, it is really important to dress yourself according to your outfits.

If you want to be really overwhelming to others and be a person, that everyone likes to around then make sure you smell pleasant you smell good all the time.

Therefore, good if you wear cologne or perfume instead of deodorant.

Therefore, a Good Perfume will be going to keep you fresh all day long.

So now you must be thinking about how you will match and dress your outfits?

Therefore, it primarily depends on your body type, we the men have more or less around three to four body types that we should know and dress accordingly.

There are in general three ground rules to know your body type

  1. Dress for the body that you have today
  2. Body shape determines what should you wear
  3. Seek the norms

1. Dress for the body that you have today

Meanwhile, you might be skinny, you might have an athletic body, you might be fat and you plan for getting in your desired shape in a coming year good much appreciated.

But until that, you can not be naked by the time right? and you still have to dress

So, gentlemen, you have to dress according to the body type you have right now for your everyday routine, your big days, and special events.

2. Body shape determines what you should wear

Firstly, your body shape determines what you should wear.

Men generally have 3-4 body types.

Also they fall into the trends of something they have no idea.

So, Don’t fall into trends.

For example- there is a trend of wearing skinny pants, taped suits with skinny ties.

However, such trends don’t work for people who are a little bit over sized.

In short, just imagine how you will look just terrible it will just make you feel bad and who wants to feel bad.

So it doesn’t matter if something is trending it is not going to fit your body type. Proportion is key here gentlemen.

However, you have to understand for your body type there are going to be items that just going to work better.

3. Seek the norms

When you are wearing clothes, what you want to do is that no matter what the body type.

You have but you to make a better balance so you can go towards the norm body type in your society.

That puts which body type is attractive well it depends on where you like it differs countries to countries.

Therefore in-country like India, it is going to be a thinner body type because we put on the pedestal.

In conclusion the point this whichever body type becomes common becomes attractive.

How to dress according to your body type:

  1. Skinny body-

    Super skinny guys you need to dress in a manner that is going to add visuals without being baggy. Dark colors make you look smaller and bright colors make you look larger.
    You should be gravitating towards brighter colors the lighter shades.

  2. Fat body-

    This teddy bear body has something more to love. Solid dark colors or nice cheque pattern will make them look thinner.
    Don’t wear bigger don’t wear baggy there is a misconception

  3. Muscular body-

    Most of the masculine body looks like a Jonny bravo big up from tall and thin little legs, what I would recommend going dark colors on top to make you look smaller and lighter pants to bottom this makes you look more symmetrical.

For more detailed information check this out:https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/dress-for-body-shape/


A lot of guys start dressing better in or when they are out from there college and when you are going through that phase.

So, when you are learning about different combinations and all these rules which I have mentioned above.

Firstly you will be a little nervous when you wear all those clothes and go out.

But that’s normal.

Just because of that a lot of guys don’t experiment they do not wear new kinds of clothes and they do not break the norm.

Meanwhile they follow the same patterns.

For example, if someone is wearing shirts

As a result, they will always wear shirts and a lot of guys like wearing t-shirts they will always be wearing t-shirts everywhere.

So, these things do not define a well-dressed guy you are just a part of the crowd.

In conclusion, A well-dressed guy is someone who keeps changing and experimenting with himself with confidence.

However, that confidence is not gained overnight.


1. How men’s fashion has changed?

Fashion is dynamic. Very dynamic you can’t really predict what trends will come and what will go, it is so dynamic that might be wearing trendiest outfit now and in the next 15 days, it is off.
Mostly the fashion trends depend mostly on the big designers, big style icons, movie stars they work in an ecosystem, and the chain continues to us normal people.
It can be good for someone who has a lot of money, at the same time it can be very confusing to normal people who aspire to look the best version of themselves.
You can try and experiment with different things but maintaining the basics of fashion.

2. How to dress well for men?

We men are of different shapes and sizes, one can be short, long, fat, slim or muscular, athletic. You should be knowing your body type and then you should research and try out different styles which suit you the best.
Figuring out that will make you understand that this is thing is the best that suits me and I can style around it.
Because many guys mistake in this simple process.

For example, a fat guy wears loose clothes to make him look slim, but he ends up looking more fat, what he should be doing is start wearing dark shades that can do the little magic.
After that understanding the combinations, fabrics, and types of clothes and creating your own personality.



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