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Important Languages For Web Development


Hello and welcome, in this post we are going to understand important Languages For Web Development. Along with this, we will explain First Important Languages for Web Development – (HTML), Second Important Languages for Web Development – (CSS) ?, Third Important Languages for Web Development – (JAVASCRIPT) and Fourth Important Languages for Web Development – (PHP).
We are going to understand some more things like that.


  1. First Important Languages for Web Development – (HTML)
  2. Second Important Languages for Web Development – (CSS)
  3. Third Important Languages for Web Development – (JAVASCRIPT)
  4. Fourth Important Languages for Web Development(PHP)
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

1. First Important Languages for Web Development – (HTML)

What is HTML? What does it do, and what is it used for? I am going to start by telling you what it stands for and then let me show you what it does and what it is used for.

HTML is for the Hypertext Markup Language, and hypertext refers to the fact that HTML makes it so that you can click on links to web pages. Hypertext.

The term Markup Language simply means that it is something you use to mark common English. To refer to things. Let me show you what I mean: This is a normal Web page .

It is in WordPress, and the entire page tells the browser what to do with all this text, using HTML.

Some of these are more important than others, some of these are in tables, some are pictures of it, and on any Webpage, in any browser,

You can right-click and view the page source, and see all that. Can. I need to know HTML. I am going to show you what you need to know in terms of WordPress.

It’s him Post, but in the admin area, and if you are used to WordPress, it should look familiar. This is the general content area.

This type of editor is called, because it means that what you see is the same.

She word is a bit darker than all the others at first Because I saw it and clicked the bold button, and so now it looks bold.

It is a word, Statistics, a title, size is three, and the variation is also the title, size is four, but it is normal.


The text is Just a Paragraph. Now the obvious thing about this editor is that right above this is a button that says text.

And now we are seeing the same Information, but we can see raw HTML.

See the first word here. Do you remember how I described it and made it bold? What happened is wrapped in some HTML tags called strong.

HTML usually comes in two tags: an opening and a closing, and the closing are different because it has a slight slash in it.

Something really important to know about HTML is that it describes the text that is marking it. I really don’t want it to be bold.

I want it to be strong. In a screen reader, it does not matter whether it is old or not, but the strong tag tells the reader to say it additionally.

My headers, three and four, right here, consider a hierarchy for this lesson.

This can be useful for people reading, but it is useful for Google to understand what is happening with your text, and it is also useful for screen readers.


It is important to note that this is not all. Browsers render HTML in the same way. The chrome that is right here on this browser has a header size of four, and it looks like paragraph text.

HTML Table

But if we go back to the actual post, you will note that it is a Paragraph much larger than the text.

It is also important to remember that not all browsers show things the same. So you can’t rely on HTML to make it big and bold.

You are only using HTML to describe it as header size three and then the browser takes care of what to do with it.

In some cases it makes it big and bold, but in other cases it doesn’t post, we have a table here, and if we go into text mode.

You can see that it is here: table, table Body, Table Row, et cetera.

And below the table is an Image of us. And in HTML. The image looks like this: It starts with IMG, then a square, which we’ll talk about in another video,

And then there’s the Source tag, which tells us where the image is on the Internet.

We have a full tag screen reader, and we have a width and height tag, so that the browser knows ahead of time how big the image is going to be.

You probably don’t need to use this lesson tab very often but are learning a little bit about how HTML functions can save you some time in the future.

When the Wysiwyg editor should behave this way, you can click on the Text tab and see what is happening.

HTML other Info

Maybe you want this colon to be inside the strong tag, but your mouse didna want to expose it right.

But there you are, now it’s inside. Now how can we update, and we’ll be here, and I haven’t reloaded yet, the colonies are still strong, but if I reload now, you’ll see that it’s just got a little bit of a folder .

Review what we have learned so far: HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and this means that it is a language for marking common English in hypertext, and Hypertext basically just meant that you.

You can click it, but now it means declaring all kinds of things, such as headers and tables and pictures.

HTML describes the purpose of the text. Again, it is up to the web browser to find out what to do with that text.

2. Second Important Languages for Web Development – (CSS)

Components of Web Development and Thesis Cascading Style Sheet or CSS Insurent If any of your visitors do web development regionally.

you will find that web development is made up of three mental files which is the JavaScript file name JavaScript during the HTML file.

HTML file The JavaScript The file is responsible for the templating and the dynamic element is responsible for CSS being strong.

And it is designed so CSS actually controls how the style, it ensures that Hovelels looks like a certain web graphics such as disable their color font that also helps.

In positioning elements and it does a little bit of animation view as well, just let

I show you the power that CSS comes to us as a developer with us firstly heads on our favorite role and it’s StackOverflow so stack overflow is all of us.

The answer is When it comes to our development it is a very beautiful website and it is beautiful.

With the help of CSS, I have removed this extension from here which is the extension of developer that comes with chrome .


if I go to the CSS tab and Disable all styles so you can see.

that Stack Overflow is not very beautiful to watch so far because the versatility has been removed from the web in a variety of redundant ways and in general really over anyone.

Jane will not be in a position if it really looks like this so let’s disable all the styluses and we’re back to the beautiful twist of stack overflow. Another site.

I want to show you how people affect a certain website. can do. CSS Zen garden is called in CSS ZenGuard so many people have replaced a single HTML file.

online to take a different look at this is a theme for example, created by somebody and then this mid-century theme that has been created by Andrew lumen.

just click click on it and show how different you are and as you guys can see that the background is different fonts are different pictures are different at the end.

the same HTML file is how CSS is anything that is on CSS Writes anything on the web, controls the way things tell about simple animations.

Importance OF CSS

Why CSS is called a cascading stylesheet, this is mostly because CSS has three etiquettes Let’s say this Cascadesthe is through the first elements.

Supposive wrote some CSS and we wrote it for a class called a box and we added the styling of color equals to blue so it’s in the HTML file with the class box each.

I will change the code to blue. cascading It is applying the same style lets multiple elements through.

the CSS cascades above and another way through the use of the dot box selector and one element imagines that something was written in our box and me First of them I want to yellow the box.

So I can choose my first box, in which I can write some CSS, which will make its fontcolor yellow and then I can go ahead.

Entirely now it is important that what is happening here is firstly trialing over all the dot boxes,

already being added to our first box and the second style being added to the first child in the box.

Different Styles

So in this way we have implemented two different styles. CSS is the second way to follow with a sheet so that how CSS is the third way .

how to own CSS cascade trouble thirty Defense does with technology and that our CSS is stored as a sheet save you locally when this sheet.

It may have some styling and you can apply this sheet to unmistakable and different designs on many websites so that you can see .

if you link Stylingto to a certain web page with the help of a linking tag, a fixed schedule element.

And these design elements are really different. Each and everything shows how things are made, so different web How is made

from sheet through Aiton. uld has to vary the styling, so that your styling handles the variety of problems that started with HTMLin.

Now let’s talk about the animated aspect of CSS and that is why selectors are CSS. The way to deselect individual elements on an HTML page.

You can actually deselect elements through classes and now if you remember my HTML tutorial, you will know that there are special properties that you can attach to any HTML element, for example, classes.

Talking about and the show class of ID and ID are absolutely unhealthy because the name goes to an ID.

Toidifyby cannot be used to use a very unique element on an HTML page and id Zi must be cut off from the other side because a class can bead many elements.

This is for collective styling so that you guys can see we can add the same class to three different elements and it will implement.

THICH which are three different elements in the class. Is to implement, to which many classes can be added

3.Third Important Languages for Web Development – (JAVASCRIPT)

What is JavaScript? What does it do and what is it used for?”Well, first of all, right off the bat, Javascript is a programming language.

But one of the things that makes it very unique is that it runs right in your Browser.

Most programming languages for the web run on the server, and then what you get in your browser is a plain Webpage.

JavaScript’s run by your browser and that makes it unique in the world of programming languages.We’re here at JavaScript.

comand one of their first examples to simply type your name in quotes and hit enter.

And there, when I did that it turned green, it put a checkmark on the left, and it made a button that said “next challenge”

.My browser didn’t go out to the server to get all that information, it just did it right here.

So then, what can JavaScript do for us? There are lots and lots of great things. It’s good at providing interactivity.

Right here in this blog post, there’s this little gallery of pictures. On some of them if you hover, it pops up a description.

And if you click, it fades the page out to black and brings up a large one with a space for comments below and arrows on the left and right and a little x here at the top. All kinds of interactivity.

Another example of interactivity comes right herein this form field. It wants a date.

When I click, it brings up a calendar and I can simply click. That helps remove the possibility of typing in a date incorrectly.

Importance of JavaScript

And it helps you be sure about the date you’re choosing.

Another thing that JavaScript can enable real-time content updates.

We’re looking here at a Google map and there are little pinpoints all over it.

If I click one, it brings up some information.

Now JavaScript went out to the server and got this little piece of information.It didn’t actually reload the whole page.

If I click on a different pinpoint,it goes to get different information.And then down in the bottom right are some tools for zooming.

Each time I zoom it’s going out to the server, getting a new image.But it’s doing it without reloading the entire browser.

So I don’t lose whatever work I’m doing elsewhere on this page.JavaScript can also enable animation.

This is a code example page. We have HTML, CSS, and Javascript.But together they make this solar system. And it’s more than just animation.

You can choose different planets to watch.

You could turn it into 2D.

And you can have different focuses. Right now we’re looking at speed, but if you made size proper,

this is what the sun is like in scale to Earth, not like this, and there’s also distance.

All of this is done with just a little bit of JavaScript.One last thing I want to show you is dealing with data.

You can take data in the proper format and feed it into JavaScript and create charts and graphs.

Automatically Updated Based

These charts and graphs can be automatically updated based on the data that gets fed into them. So let’s review. JavaScripts a programing language. And the thing that makes it unique is that it runs in your browser, as opposed to on the server.

It can provide interactivity, Real-time content updates and quite a few animation options.JavaScript is an exceptionally powerful language.

One last thing I’d like to point out is that JavaScript is not related to JAVA in any way.

The name is an unfortunate coincidence.

They’re completely different languages written for different purposes by different people at different times and they run on different machines.

The thing to remember is that JavaScript is the one that runs in your browser.If you’d like to learn more about WordPress.

4. Fourth Important Languages for Web Development(PHP)

What is PHP, what does it do, and what is it used for? “Well, PHP is a programming language and is used to create things for the web.

PHP. Runs on a server, and so when you ask for a webpage, there’s usually some PHP in the background Ing ones. This is a very common install.

WordPress. And as you can see, most files end up with .phpand, you can tell what they do. Login. Php, mail.php, signup.

et cetera.Right there is wp-config.php, and it does that. Things such as having a username and password for the database.

The most common thing used for PHP is creating it so that you can log in and out of a webpage. So. This page we see here is plain HTML.

But if I put credentials in it. This and hit login, it’s gonna send a request to the server, and talk to the PHP database, and I need to put in PPP.

C in and there is also one that loads the content of your site into WordPress.

If we look at its homepage. The site, you will see that there is a blog post here. All this content is stored in the database, But PHP says, “Hey, get that content,” get it here, and put it into this webpage “.

PHP is also used to expand WordPress and make it more powerful. This is a plugins page for WordPress.


This is where people can write some extra PHP and combine it with WordPress to do more.

Creating a widget for WordPress is a very common thing.

we can go to the widget page and see it right here.

And we can choose a random free beer in the latest freebie. If we do a random freebie and then check out our website, you will see. It is a random free image. And if reloaded, we get a different one.

PHP is a programming language that makes all these things work.

It is the glue that binds your content and database and web browser together. Your job, putting everything together in one webpage.


In this post, we have come to understand Important Languages For Web Development. Along with this, we have First Important Languages for Web Development – (HTML), Second Important Languages for Web Development – (CSS) ?, Third Important Languages for Web Development – (JAVASCRIPT) and Fourth Important Languages for Web Development – (PHP) and so on. Looked at the answer. I hope you understand everything. Bookmark the website for more information.


Q1) Who made HTML and CSS?

Cascading style sheets(CSS) – A Stylesheet language used to design HTML pages and create look and feel of the website.
Hakon Wium Lie proposed the concept of CSS while working with Tim-Berner Lee(Inventor of World wide web) in 1994
Search for: Who made HTML and CSS?

Q2) Is HTML coding?

HTML is coding, but it is not scripting, nor is its programming. It’s a markup language.
Search for: Is HTML coding?

Q3) Why is HTML used?

First developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, HTML is short for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is used to create electronic documents (called pages) that are displayed on the World Wide Web. Each page contains a series of connections to other pages called hyperlinks.

Q4) What is CSS syntax?

CSS Syntax. A CSS rule-set consists of a selector and a declaration block: The selector points to the HTML element you want to style. The declaration block contains one or more declarations separated by semicolons. Each declaration includes a CSS property name and a value, separated by a colon.



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