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Information Technology: Importance and Career Opportunities


Computers and technology have evolved very rapidly in the past few decades. Today we are able to discover so many new things around the universe using our most advance technology. Here, we are going to learn about information technology. In simple word, IT or information technology refers to the development, maintenance and use of computer software, hardware, and network combining together for the processing and distribution of data.

we are going to cover these topics

  1. Introduction of Information technology
  2. Importance of Information Technology
  3. A career in Information Technology
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction of Information technology

Information technology is the way to communicate, manipulate, or share data using computers’ hardware, software and computer networks. It has been updated with time. But it has been around us as long as people have been around because people are communicating with each other in every period of time using the technologies available at that period of time.

If we look into the history, the information technology can be classified into four parts on the basis of processing technologies and storage capacity: Pre-Mechanical (3000 BC- 1450 AD), Mechanical (1450- 1840), Electromechanical (1840-1940) and Electronic (1940- present). The invention of the radio and television on Electromechanical period have provided a different paradigm in IT development.

The modern days’ information technologies evolved during the period of 40s and 50’s when the modern electronic computers developed. With the evolution in computers, the different programming language has been started to use. Those programming languages make easy to make communication, transfer data and to connect the world through the internet. This is from where IT has arisen. Today IT works on the field of the database, data storage, data transmission, cloud computing etc.

Information technology has both hardware and software composition. Hardware means every physical equipment used in the computer system, where software means all the programs and codes included in the computer which run the system. Tele-communication, data science, internet everything is the part of it.

Importance of Information technology

Information technology has been a very essential part of human life because we today human are connected to each other through telecommunication and internet. Today IT has been using on different sectors like communication, business, healthcare etc. The importance of IT is so broad. But here we are discussing some of the important significance of IT.

Information technology in communication

As we told that the world is connected to each other, the way of communication is important. Information technology is used in communication between the point of the world. Whether it is through telecommunication or through the internet, communication is always going on. If there were not anything like IT then the communication, we are doing today is not possible at all.

Information technology in business

Today, businesses are growing that much faster than ever before. World economy relies on business, and information technology has made business so easier. Everyone can do business through the internet and earn money. Internet business is growing geometrically in the last few decades.

Billions of dollars of IT start-up (Know more about startup here) companies are in the market. For example, Facebook, Google, etc.  The server requires to run a business are part of the IT. SQL Server, Apache, like companies are doing great business but also helping others to grow their business using IT. The information technology has great business application than that of others.

Information Technology in health care

Information technology is can revolutionize the health care system. Since IT is being used in hospitals and clinic, the communication between patient and doctors become effective and they also can provide prover health care and patient safety. Mainly IT uses in health services, in data storage of patience’s medication, disease etc. and using them to make health service more effective.

Similarly, information technology can be used in a defence system, space exploration, robotics, and fintech also. IT is now becoming the most important pillar of development and innovation.

Career in Information Technology

Information technology has a leading job market in today’s time. people who want to pursue their career in IT sectors, they can have a great future. IT and computer engineering job sectors are booming currently. These jobs have an excellent salary and other facilities. Google, Apple, Microsoft are some of the IT companies who have great demand for IT professionals.

The career option which are going to boom in next few years are:

1. AI and Machine Learning Specialist

AI is the future of technology. A career is the most booming career in future. Most of the works in future are going to be automated by robots. To operate those robots, machine learning and AI is used. That’s why this job has a great potential in future in the information technology sector.

2. Data Scientist

Data is the most important asset for businesses or government these days. People are nowadays spending a lot of time on the internet. Big companies have their data which is most important for them. Data they have collected from the users can be misused, so data scientist know how to manage and use that data properly. In the information technology sector, a data scientist will be one of the most profitable jobs in the near future.

3. Information Security Analyst:

Another job in the information technology sector is information security Analyst. Companies have their secret information and data about their security system and customers. There is a high risk of cyberattack in these sensitive data. An information security analyst is someone who prevents these data from cyber-attack. Companies can pay high remuneration for this job.

4. Software Developer:

Another very booming job in IT sector is software developing. We nowadays do all of the work on computers and computers need software to run. The demands of new software are increasing day by day. There are lots of software companies in the markets which provide different software for different works. For e.g. Banking software, a health care software etc. and to make the software they need software developer. For that, they can easily pay decent money for software developers. Different programming languages are used in software development. check out the blog related to the language related to software development

5. Mobile App Developer:

Today almost everyone uses smartphones for various purposes. Whether it is for communication or for entertainment or for business, they lookup for the application in mobile phones. The application developer is the one who builds all these applications in our mobile devices. In future also, mobile phones are going to be more powerful and people are going to use mobiles more than from now. So, you can have a great career as a mobile app developer in future.

6. Game Developers:

Gaming industries are earning billions of dollars a month through different variation of online and offline games. Since, from children to youngsters, all love to play games. So, Different types of addictive mobiles and PCs games are already in the market and they are doing very good. The demands of games are going to increase in the next few years. So, in this scenario, the game developer has great potential in the gaming industries. Gaming company can easily pay a high amount for game developers. So, if you have any interest in game development then you can pursue your career in this field.

7. Web Developer:

To grow any business you must have your own website. To make a website, a web developer is used. Since the internet business is growing rapidly in past years, the company are also hiring web developers to make their website and also optimize their web page. So, companies are paying a decent amount of salary to this information technology sector’s professionals.

8. Cloud architect:

You may have heard about cloud computing. It simply means storing the data and information in the cloud instead of a computer. Cloud computing is becoming very popular nowadays. A cloud architect is an information technology professional who manages cloud data and information. Since lots of companies have started to use cloud computing they need an expert on that to handle them. So, the company can pay good money for a cloud architect. 

These are some information technology sectors jobs in which you can pursue your career. There are lots of other careers in IT sectors like digital marketing and others but these all are the most important one. 


The future of Information technology is very awesome. Further, the invention of new technologies can bring a great change in the field of information technology. Information technology will not only revolutionize in communication but it also going to help much on business, economy and health care services also. Overall, future information technologies can bring up our life in a completely different world.  

Frequently used Questions

1. What is the difference between Computer Science & Information Technology?

The main difference between computer science and information technology is that Computer science focuses on proficiently programming computers using mathematical algorithms and also deals with practical problems in the computer system to fix them through hardware and software. Computer engineering is also part of computer science. But, information technology deals with organizing and maintaining computer systems and also designing and operating databases and networks.

2. what information technology can do

Information technology can work in the field related to the software and hardware of computer. The information technology have different sectors like web development, software development, data science, networking and telecommunication sector etc.

3. Can we get information technology job without degree?

Yes, nowadays many companies doesn’t need collage degree but you must have the proper knowledge about your field. If you have proper knowledge then you can get jobs related to IT by giving exam taken by company.

4. Are IT jobs hard?

IT jobs are most demanding jobs of today’s world. if you have proper knowledge in you field then it is not that much hard job but if you have not proper knowledge then it will definitely makes you trouble in these jobs.



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