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Best Mehndi Designs in the latest trend- which is your favorite Henna Design


Are you searching for new designs in Mehndi?  Then you are at the right place. With time new variation come in designs, and pattern.

Here we are come up with the latest trend of Mehndi that makes you fall in love with Mehndi.

What in it

Glitter Mehndi

Glitter Mehndi is the latest trend that has popular nowadays. We can do it with the use of glitter. It is a unique art of Mehndi. It adds shine and sparkling color to a beautiful brown Mehndi design It makes entire Mehndi extremely attractive and alluring. Hence it is becoming so popular.

These designs are loud, elaborate and can be full of bling. These designs are same like the other Mehndi designs but the addition of glitter drives all the attention toward them.

Glitter will not last for a long time, so we can just spend an evening with it. We do it mostly for a party and functions, this glitter Mehndi design much attractive and stylish in look   

This kind of Mehndi best suitable for an engagement ceremony or family wedding engagement ceremony or a family wedding. You can apply it on the palm or back of the palm. Pair this with a beautiful Lehenga.

Portrait Mehndi Trend

Portrait designs are the most popular and latest trend nowadays. Aside from dulhan, the artist draws portraits of real-life people. Mostly the bride wants to draw a portrait of her groom on her hands.

Nowadays it is the most favorable Mehndi designs that everyone prefers. Portrait Mehndi is difficult. It needs very much expertise. It is costly too.

Some time marriage date and slogan written on hand too.

Tattoo Mehndi

Mehndi tattoos are getting popular with not just women, but also with women, who love to get some Indian inspired tattoos on their bodies. We make these using the permanent of semi-permanent ink to intricately to replicate the beauty of the Mehndi designs. Some tattoos are also inspired by Arabic designs, which feature oriental designs like floral motifs. These Mehndi tattoos are significant for every woman, who considers the lovely Henna pattern auspicious.

 The upper arms of a girl can also be beautified by decorating it with this amazingly attractive henna art tattoo. If you were looking for Mehndi tattoo designs, then this is probably one of the best Mehndi tattoo designs suitable for this purpose.

You can consider this design as one of the best Mehndi tattoo designs for hands. Any girl can easily look attractive by carrying this awesome Mehandi design on the arms. The floral pattern on the top of this henna art tattoo makes this design look very attractive and grants it the capability to easily persuade anyone to wear this tattoo.

This Mehndi tattoo design will be suitable for those girls who like art alongside tattoos. The henna design will allow you to sport unseen beauty in the form of tattoo ink. This tattoo design needs a lot of hard work and creativity that has been put into making this design a reality.

One thing is for sure that if you’re not already popular among your friends, this tattoo will make you famous. It is not compulsory to draw a tattoo Mehndi design on arms only, You can do it on the back of the neck too.

Here I am sharing some useful tips for Mehndi tattoo for rich color and stay for long time

  • You should the pleasant quality of the Mehndi cone and test it whether it suits your skin.
  • Use pure natural henna for safety purposes. It will also render a rich and dark color on your skin.
  • You should wax your body and remove unwanted hair before getting these tattoos

  Henna tattoos are temporary and last only for a week or a maximum of 10  days. So, getting them done a day or two before your occasion can help in maintaining the color.

  • You can use clove smoke to brighten the color of the Henna tattoo

This type of tattoos is made with natural Mehndi that gives you rich color.

We hope these tattoos inspired you to get one right away! These tattoos look not only beautiful but painless too.

These designs are perfect for a sweltering summer to give you instant soothing relief. They stay on your body only for a less period, so you don’t really have to worry about your designs.

The concept of Mehndi tattoo is the rage today. Youngsters are sporting them not just on the hands and feet but also on the arm, neck, and even the back! Mehndi is also crossing over the boundaries of Indian fashion.

Mandala Mehndi

With, changing time Mehndi designs also changed and come into new patterns. Unfamiliar patterns of Mehndi like floral patterns, jewelry patterns, and mandala designs also come in trends.

Mandala designs come in round shape. It is becoming more popular nowadays. Tibetian monks create mandalas. Mandala has special importance in this tradition.

Mandalas are ormate hover believed to speak to the entire mess, prosperity, and association among individuals and the remainder of the universe.

You can carry this design with the latest Indo western outfits or gown for your ceremony.

You can do Mandala Design Henna Tattoo on your back or shoulder or the leg and get all the heads turned as you walk on the beach. The trick in making a Mandala Design is symmetry. It needs lots of practice to create a perfectly symmetrical shape.

You can mix this mandala design with natural elements like leaves and flowers. These ways add richness and uniqueness to your design. You can create a royal look on the hand…

Script Henna Designs

These types of designs are in trend now. There is some script that written with henna on hand. We can do this design in combination with other design.

Bride prefer this design. Where wedding date and venue written on hand.  Some other sentence  written like “papa ki pari”, ‘raj ki dulhaniya’

White Henna

White henna contains, water, acrylic, emulsion, glycerin, guar gum, sorbitol, titanium dioxide, and a trace (less than 1%) of benzyl alcohol. Your design looks unique from this.

Apply white henna as you apply normal henna. you can apply this with Cone. White henna will stay on the skin from three to ten days depending on a person.

We use this henna with glitter. This henna less used.

Menhndi for kids

Kids are too clingy and messy! They do not have enough patience to sit through long hours of Mehndi application process. Therefore, it is always best to keep its Mehndi design minimal and classy.

Try including more traditional Mehndi motifs such as flowers, dots, spirals, paisleys, and chakras in their Mehndi designs. They are not only easy to make but also look great on those tiny hands.

If you are good at drawing, you can draw any of her favorite cartoons on her hand You can draw down the caricature at the back of their hand and highlight it with bold strokes. There are so many other different kinds of designs are there for kids. You can draw a mandala on the backhand of the kid’s hand.

There are some designs are in a trend for kids too.

Kids like to get animals and birds on their hands. They like tiger, lion, parrot peacock, etc. 

Kids want to draw on hand their favorite cartoons and superheroes. You can see that Doremoan, Barbie, minions are some favorites cartoon characters for a kid. They also demand fantastical creatures like unicorns, dragons, fairies, etc…

Mehndi Designs for Groom

Mehndi designs for groom have their roots in ancient traditions, but not every groom today is open to the idea. But these designs are part of a growing trend that symbolizes a powerful bond and a sense of equality for the bride and groom. Embrace this trend and put your own spin on it, to make your wedding even more memorable!

Get the Mantras Imprinted

Some bride like to write holy manta in her bridal Mehndi design. Sometimes they prefer to write a script that we write in Mehndi card.

Absolute love for food

The entire current age group is a big food lover. And modern brides like to highlight their food love on their bridal Mehndi., food above everything, duh!

Do you want to know how to choose mehndi artist? just click here-

You can make your Mehndi function most memorable with this latest trend ideas


These all are unique types of Mehndi designs that are in the latest trend you can select according to your function and dress. There are many more designs and patterns available. You can use any single or use in combination with other designs to make your Mehndi unique.


Q-1 can henna apply on a pregnant woman’s belly?

A-1 yes, It is safe to apply.

Q-2 What will the color of tattoo

Q-2 Reddish-brown or dark reddish-brown, depending on your Mehndi quality and body temperature

Q-3 How long Mehndi tattoo last on the skin?

A-3 Design last from 6 to 10 day



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