More usually than not, development is normally restarted after a product is finished, which is recognized as an ideal, which means it was a trial to determine if the technology was set for daily usage.

Thus, mobile technology development means Mobile technology is the technology used for cellular interaction. Mobile technology has grown rapidly over the past few years.

Many specialists believe that the future of computer technology pauses in mobile computing with broadcast networking.

So in this blog, I will discuss mobile technology development that will teach you many things about mobile technology.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Technologies To Develop A Mobile App Faster
  2. The latest technology in mobile phones
  3. Impact of mobile technology on people’s lives
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

Technologies To Develop A Mobile App Faster

1. Swift 

If you are increasing something especially for Apple products, Swift is one of the best languages to attempt as it has very advanced features including least coding that can be easily maintained.

2. C++ 

It makes the simple goal for most programming languages and controls the power to build powerful apps.

The simple and effective compiler-based way makes it is a handy tool that can be used for various platforms as its sibling language, Objective-C, was later used for app development in Apple systems.

3. Java 

This object-oriented programming language is the main language for Android development. This language is simple to handle and many free source libraries are offered available for users to choose from.

4. HTML5 

There is no more useful technology to use than HTML5 if your company is looking at growing web-frontend applications for mobile devices.

5. PHP 

A very easy language to determine, PHP is object-oriented and uses a three-layered design to help build dynamic mobile apps and web applications.

It acts great for apps that need database integration.

The latest technology in mobile phones

1. Project Ara

Project Ara of Google is going to bring modular phones, it includes an organic frame or endoskeleton that continues smartphone modules of the buyer’s selection, such as a display, camera, or an extra battery.

It would let users exchange out malfunctioning modules or update different modules.

2. 3D Touch technology

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are the earliest iPhones to feature 3D touch technology.

3D Touch lets the iPhone recognize how difficult you’re holding, and you can touch harder on the screen in any place to do various things.

3. Flexible mobile phones

The flexible mobile phones are real sounds like science fiction. This is achievable due to the innovation of OLED and AMOLED display. Samsung has Picture gives Windows Phone 8 device from Samsung which employs a completely flexible AMOLED display.

4. Fast Charging Technology

In Qualcomm lab experiments using a 3300 mAh battery, a Fast Charge 2.0 allowed device went from 0% to 60% charge in 30 minutes, while a device outwardly Quick Charge 2.0 using a standard (5 volts, 1 amp) charger gained just a 12% gain in the same 30 minutes.

A device with Quick Charge 1.0 ran a 30% charge in that time period. They have come up with Quick charge 3.0 also.

5. USB Type-C

USB Type-C type of data cable which is a term for a reversible-plug connector for USB devices and USB cabling.

Impact of mobile technology on people’s lives

Mobile technology changed people’s lives in many different phases.

  • Firstly, It makes people become much closer to each other through texting, social networking apps, video or voice phone calls, and any other social actions. 

It provides users different contact ways to meet different needs. People can choose the most suitable and proper way for themselves to reach friends and families.

  • Secondly, mobile technology also can ease people in their extra time by providing them many types of entertainment.

Unlike the cell phone in1995, a cell phone can do no more than just make a phone call. People can use it to surf the Internet, play games, read e-books, take pictures and videos, and so on. In addition, mobile technology also supports people’s work a lot.

People ought not to work at offices.

They don’t have to worry about the sudden work problems that occurred during their vacation since they can sell with it by the mobile devices distantly. Another application on work is the use of a CRM system.

By viewing customers’ data on tablets or mobile phones, sales can access customers’ reports within a limited time, such as on their access to see customers so that they can provide useful services  Lastly, mobile technology makes life more comfortable as well.

In the past, you could recognize most travelers hold a map on the street, while they use the GPS.

People can get weather information anytime they want through mobile devices rather than only through the newspaper, radio, and TV.

Generally speaking, with advanced mobile technology, people benefit a lot from it.

However, from another point of view, the development of mobile technology also has its negative side. They say that each coin has two sides.


Although mobile technology brings convenience to human lives, it would impact people’s lives negatively on both physical and mental levels when it comes to the overuse of mobile technology.

  • Firstly, Since mobile devices provide so many convenient features, lots of people become slower to do things on their own purposes such as visit friends, buy things in-store, etc.

They will also experience the hearth issues because of the lack of exercise and radioactivity from electrical devices.

  • Secondly, the overuse of mobile technology hurts people mentally as well.

With the development of mobile technology, people forget the real sprite level communication with others as they depend too much on mobile devices.

Previously, the only method to do face to face communication is to meet in person. While today people can also do face-to-face communication by making a video call.

From the outside, it seems that people are more associated with each other, however, the truth is not like that.

The most serious thing is that people are bored to think by themselves when problems occur because of mobile technology.

With mobile devices, people can search for an answer for any questions on the Internet, which will lead them to lose the sprite to do innovative brainstorming.

Therefore, people should use mobile technology properly rather than totally depend on it.


This study addresses importance of mobile technology development in our life.

Today’s technology has quickly grown from being limited to a single location. With mobile technology, people can work from the convenience of any place they wish to as long as the connection and the protection concerns are properly factored. In the same light, the presence of high-speed connections has also increased the use of mobile technology.

Being an ever-growing and developing technology, mobile computing will proceed to be a focused service in technology, and Information and Communications Technology.


Q.1.How can mobile technology improve lives in poor developing countries?

A.1.This could be real-time weather/crop information to farmers, market information to dealers and traders, reference info to general people, health-related info services, and nearly all aspects of life.
Kenya is the prime example of the great efficiencies a mobile-based payment method could bring to the developing and developed markets alike.
A big part of the time spent on mobile in developed countries is spent on gaming and other entertainment-related movements even with so many entertainment choices at public distribution in developed economies. People in developing countries have very lesser options when it comes to entertainment and mobile can simply fill that gap.

Q.2.How can mobile technologies change education?

A.2.Mobile technologies change education by in most schools and colleges now teachers are asking students to bring their mobile devices in the school itself giving them devices and tablets in the classroom. So there is no need for a pen and paper to explain a particular topic. They can easily download the study app and access it from anywhere both in the classroom or at home.

Q.3.What is the future of mobile?

A.3.Future of mobile will be like –
It will have holographic displays. It will also have flexible frames. There will be more educational tools in cell phones. Mobile will be Eco friendly.



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