A computer is an electronic machine in which we give the command as an input and then it gives the result as an output.

It is both electronic and digital, as the Latin word computer which means a calculating machine derives the name computer.

Thus, the technology of computers is very essential for all of us nowadays as without computer technology we don’t even imagine ourselves.

So in this blog, I will discuss the technology of computers that will teach you many things about computers.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Future of computer technology
  2. Latest technology in the computer field
  3. The technology of computer keyboard
  4. The latest trends in computer science
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ

Future of computer technology-

Today the technology of computers is in practically everything we touch, all day long. We still have a vision of computers as being rectangular something either on a desk, or these days in our pockets

But computers are in our vehicles, they’re in our thermostats, they’re in our fridges.

In fact, increasingly computers are no longer objects at all, but they suffuse stuff and virtually every other element.

Because of that, we really do want to care about what the future of computing continues because it is going to change our lives all day long.

Mobile computing and wearable technologies are now developing at a very high pace.

The technology of virtual reality is also a future technology that has come up with Oculus Rift.

Intelligent robots and better computer interaction will definitely improve our way of living and make our life luxurious.

Besides this, Cloud computing will become a common thing, and with the development of cloud operating systems, It is the next big thing in computer technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is the next big thing in computing as the impact of the technology will be game-changing for law implementation, home security, personal security, and the expanding universe of data analytics.

Latest technology in the computer field-

Computer Industries is no one the biggest and rapidly growing industries, and things change much quickly here,

Hence, some impressive concept under research or new to this trade are

  • Superior Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligence Amplification
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Human-Computer Interface 
  • Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Practical Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things
  • Computer Vision
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Big Data
  • Driver-less cars
  • Security Systems
  • Mechanization
  • Machine learning

There are also some famous technologies and concepts emerging in hybrid industries like robotics and networking.

The technology of computer keyboard-

A computer keyboard is an input device. It used to access characters and functions into the computer system by pushing buttons, or keys and it is the first device used to enter text.

A keyboard carries keys for single letters, numbers, and special characters, as well as keys for particular functions.

It stays connected to a computer system using a cable or a wireless connection.

Today, maximum keyboards are similar to each other where keyboards start to differ the most is with their constructions as some keyboards are automated, while others are using membrane keys.

While many keyboards use the QWERTY layout, there are quiet people who use the DVORAK layout.

The laptop keyboard is also different from the desktop keyboard.

For example, pressing the Fn key and the up or down arrow on the keyboard,  increases and decreases the brightness of the screen.

Moreover, many laptop keyboards except the numeric keypad to save space.

Big data analytics

These data-based choices are proving to be more realistic, they minimize human mistakes and maximize the performance expected in the industries and there is enough data that can help people to obtain the results they are looking for, Almost 3 billion terabytes of data are produced by a single cross people flight hence, If we look nearby, data analytics is almost universally and organizations are continuously making their efforts to make its effective use.

Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the most interesting options for the students of computer science and all multinational tech giants are continuously focusing in this field as it has a large scope of finding opportunities that can ensure a bright future as AI helps to execute tasks efficiently and carefully as compared to humans.

It simulates human intelligence and makes tasks such as image identification, speech and models, and decision making.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security explains how to defend operating systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks and It helps to decrease risks and track all warnings which might harm the system, thus this digital time shows that there are numerous possibilities that hackers might hit the systems and networks and one demands to take extra measures to preserve their data.

Edge Computing

Recently a new field began under the umbrella of computers and is promised to grow more in 2020 and edge computing is known as a type of applications which are applied in multiple industries hence, Its demand is increasing with each moving day as it offers everything required in the industry with customized portions from the development level as computing, collecting, and networking will include flexibility, which will help to control the current and future requirements of artificial intelligence and allows faster replies.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality known as VR. It serves to enhance the user’s skill and is actively used all over the world.

All the tech giants are the outstanding players of VR, which involve Google, Samsung, Oculus, as well as developing tech startups and all you need is essential programming skills and a forward-thinking approach to get begun with this field.


This study addresses computer Technology that, it is the activity of creating, building, and programming computers. Thus, It directly interacts with learning technology. Hence, computer technology includes a developing list of various software programs and tools.


Q.1.What are the types of computer memory?

A.1.The computer has primarily three memories first one RAM which persists for Random Access Memory is the primary/main memory of the computer that is information is stored here at the beginning but RAM is light that is data can be lost when the power supply is off so the data process can be lost as these have a short capacity and they are not as fast as registers.
To overcome this query a secondary memory is required which is called external memory or backup memory which is non-volatile in creation in which data does not lose when the power supply is gone.
The other one is cache memory which acts as a buffer among CPU and the main memory and It is used to keep those parts of data that are commonly used by the CPU, It is faster than the main memory.

Q.2.What is the use of computers in different fields?

A.2.Computer science is used in almost every field in today’s generation like-
A computer has now become an essential part of corporate life as it can do business transactions very quickly and accurately and keep the history of all the profit and loss.
Diseases can be quickly diagnosed with the help of a computer and can also know about its medicine.
Almost every type of editing and audiovisual compositions can be made by doing special software specially made for this purpose.

Q.3.Who invented the computer?

A.3.The computer is invented by Charles Babbage. He is also known as the father of the computer. Thus, he was an English mechanical engineer.

Q.4.Is computer still use binary?

A.4.Yes, computers are still using binary numbers. Thus, binary numbers are made up of only two numbers that are 0 and 1.



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