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Off-page SEO Techniques to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings 2020


Off-page SEO techniques are the factors that do not happen to your website directly. These techniques mainly include the backlink building from various platforms available on the World Wide Web.

In the early 2000s, the off-page SEO was the main factor to determine the search engine ranking of a webpage. With the advancement in the search engine bots and algorithms, the off-page SEO is becoming less powerful. Still, it is enough to the power that it can play a decisive role in search engine rankings. You cannot ignore the off-page SEO. But the way of using the off-page SEO techniques has been changed dramatically.

Now, you have to act practical and smart to get an edge over your competitor’s webpage ranking with the off-page SEO.

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  1. What is the off-page SEO?
  2. Why off-page Seo is important?
  3. Why Blackhat techniques are harmful to your website?
  4. Difference between do follow and no follow backlinks?
  5. Off-page SEO Techniques
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Conclusion
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Before going forward, you need to understand

what is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to the activities that do not occur directly on your webpage.

In the last decade or so, Off-page SEO reckons to link building. You drop a link back to your website wherever you get a chance. This actually worked very well a few years back. But it is not the case today. Now, this practice will harm your website ranking.

The key to a successful link building campaign is to get the backlinks from relevant and high page authority web-page.

For example, if you are having a webpage that sells kitchen appliances and you are getting backlinks from a webpage has the information of an antivirus. This kind of link is called the irrelevant link. If you really want to get the benefits from a backlink, you need to get the link from the same category web-pages.

Why off-page SEO is important

Off-page SEO is much deeper than just building backlinks. With the help of off-page SEO,

You can build the trust and the brand value of your company. It is an ongoing and never-ending process.

Let’s understand this with a simple example.

You see TV commercials in your favorite programs. Most of the commercials play in a loop and telecast again and again. This does not mean that the commercial is not been able to convey its product’s potential value in a single time. But, it is to build the brand and trust value.

A TV commercial for bathing soap is promoting a soap that can be used in bathing. You can understand its motive just once. But it keeps on repeating. It means it is building trust. Next time, you go to the market to buy soap. You will ask the shopkeeper for the same soap you see in the commercial.

The same is the case with a website that has done a good off-page SEO. It enhances the brand value of your website and product.

When you see a product repeatedly on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, you feel familiar with that product while buying. When it comes the time of buying that product, you place an order without any hesitation. Social media marketing helps in increasing the sales conversation rate.

Why Blackhat techniques are harmful to your website?

When you build links pointing to your website or webpage using illegitimate techniques it is called the black hat SEO technique.

The search engines give value to the links that you get for free. In simple words, the major search engines do not recommend you to buy backlinks.

There is another concept of the reciprocal link.

When you give a link to a website in return to the link you get from that website is called the reciprocal link.

The reciprocal links are also considered illegitimate and categorized under the black hat SEO technique.

The search engine algorithms are upgrading every second.

You cannot cheat the artificial intelligence of the bots. If you try to act over-smart your website will be penalized and all the search engine rankings will go. So, it is a gamble that is not worth taking. No SEO professional will recommend you to use the black hat SEO techniques. If you really want to get the search engine rankings, it is advisable to do legitimate off-page SEO.

You get two types of backlinks from other web-pages. One is do-follow while others are no-follow. The do-follow links let the SERP or bots to follow your webpage from that link while no-follow link restricts bots to follow your webpage.

The do-follow links pass some link juice from the source web-page to your web-page.

You need to get both kinds of links to look natural in the algorithms of search engines. Too many do-follow links may also raise a flag against your website. There should be a natural mix of both. Usually, the 80-20 ratio is ideal where 80% is the high-quality do-follow link.

Off-page SEO Techniques:

There are mainly three off-page SEO techniques.

Link Building:

It refers to build high quality and a relevant link pointing towards your website. It is the most important off-page SEO technique. A link means a vote that endorsed your website. You should try to get as many high-quality links as possible.

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you are a doctor and a few people are recommending you for a particular treatment. Will this help you in building your reputation? To an extent, Yes.

But, what if your area councilor is recommending you? The recommendation from such a high profile person will build a lot of trust among people.

Now, imagine if the MLA and MP are recommending you. You will build your authority with such recommendations.

The same is the case with link building. The backlink from an authority website will boost the authority of your website. Always try to get high-quality backlinks only. Initially, it will be difficult to get authority backlinks. With proper techniques and patience, you will surely get some.

Over time, SEO experts have found a number of ways to get backlinks. I am explaining a few of those for your better understanding of backlinking.

Guest Blogging:

When you write a blog or article for other website and in return, you get a backlink from that website is called the guest blogging. It is the most powerful kind of backlink.

Directory Listing: Just like a printed directory, you can promote your business in online directories. You will get the backlink from the directory listing. If you do this properly, it also helps you do drive traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking:

You must have used the bookmarking feature in your favorite web browser. But when you are not using the same system, you will not be able to access your bookmarks. To overcome this issue the social bookmarking comes into existence. But, nowadays, it is a very good source of getting backlinks.

Image Links: There are a lot of platforms that allow you to share your image file like Pinterest, Flickr, etc. These websites also allow you to place a backlink with the image.

Blog Comments: Almost every blog has the section of commenting underneath that blog. This section is called the blog commenting section. You can comment in that section to get the high-quality relevant backlinks.

Social Media Marketing

At present, social media marketing has great significance. Every SEO expert is considering SMM is a part of his off-page SEO campaign.

When you share a piece of information over social media, it points a link to your website. So, it is a form of link building. The links you get from the social media platforms are no-follow links. But it does not mean it has no value.

The search engine bots can read a number of links and shares of your post on social media. The more the people link and share your content on social media the more authority you will get in search engines. When SMM is integrated with proper configuration, it actually boosts your search engine rankings.

Brand Building:

Brands mean reliability, trustworthiness, and authority. Search engines love brands especially Google. All the major search engines can pick up social signals and add value to your brand. It is very difficult to compete with a branded website over its brand name.

You should plan your off-page campaign to build a brand name for your website. It may take time but once your brand value is developed you can dictate terms to your competitors.

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To get the higher search engine rankings you need to have good on-page and off-page SEO campaigns. You cannot get success with a single campaign. When it comes to link building, try to get the high-quality relevant links. Here quality matters over quantity. In the past, you could easily get thousands of links very easily. But at present, if you can get a few of the high-quality relevant links then you are way ahead in your competition.


1. Does off-page SEO still work in the 2020s?

The answer to your question is yes. But you need to learn the techniques that actually work in the 2020s. In the past, you can drop a link to any webpage to get the links. But if you follow this strategy at present, it will instead harm your website. So, learn thoroughly about the art of off-page SEO before actually implementing it.

2. What are the best practices to use off-page SEO?

The best practice to use off-page SEO is to be legitimate. Don’t try to act over smart. If you do so, sooner or later you will be caught by the search engine bots. Then, all your efforts will be wasted. Be practical, honest, natural and realist while making off-page SEO strategy.

3. What is the high-quality relevant link means?

When you get a link for authority website or from a website that has high page authority and the content of that source website is similar to your web content that link is referred to as the high quality relevant link.

4.What are the benefits of off-page SEO?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization of your website, both On Page and Off Page techniques are very important for the ranking of the site. Alone On Page SEO can’t get you to the top of the search engines that easily. But trust me that Off Page SEO technique will not only help to boost your rankings but also it will give you some fast results with a lot of fame.

5.Which are the off page activities you are using?

The most common off-page SEO techniques are:
Forum Posting
Video Submission
Blog Posting
Social Media



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