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New startup founder? Top 10 Skills You Must Have


Being A startup Founder and Manage its Operation is really hard. Most startup founders and Businesses man found it difficult.

Everything needs investment, Caring, and skills For maximum potential.

As we know every year more than 50 million startups being started out of those 90 Percent failed, why?

There are several reasons behind it, But the most Common ever Mistake of founders is

They don’t have enough skill set to run  A successful Startup.

Are you a startup founder or Businessman? Let me know in the comment section. If yes then keep continuing reading this blog.

I will share with you the most 8 Common skills but still powerful skills Every startup founder and Entrepreneurs should must-have.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Who are Entrepreneurs?
  2. 10 skills For a startup founder
  3. Great entrepreneurs examples
  4. Conclusion

Who are Entrepreneurs?

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business to solve people’s problems and add values into their lives and also generate revenue itself.

We have seen many world-changing Entrepreneurs including Steve Jobs, Elon musk, Henery Ford, and many more.

 These Entrepreneurs will always be the inspiration for new age Founders and Entrepreneurs.

They had developed and invented something which is Solving billions of people’s problems.

As well as World’s biggest problems like Global Warming, pollution, space travel, Artificial Intelligence, and Many More.

Elon musk is the Founder Of 4 innovating  Companies.

That shaping and curating the Future world,  Space X, Tesla, the boring Company, the Neura link, and Solar City.

These companies are literally insane you can’t imagine how big problems they are solving.  You can see how powerful is being an Entrepreneur.

Startup founder Work With Different Environment, being an Entrepreneur is Not Easy, behind Over Night Success there are Years of Struggles.

You sacrifice, demotivate ,pathless and Many More terrible thing Will Happen with you but Never Give Up.

All these Great Entrepreneurs/Leaders like, Steve jobs, Elon Musk,Bill Gates are Gone through this Phase.

So Entrepreneur is Someone Who Never Gives up.

10 skills For a startup founder

Here are 10 skills to practice to Master your Entrepreneurship journey.

  1. Networking and Communication Skill (Including community building)
  2. Be a Pro on Marketing and sales
  3. Human Resources management( hiring and firing)
  4. Finance Management
  5. Relationship building skills
  6. Quick Adoption and curiosity to learn
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Self Motivator
  9. Time management skill
  10. Creativity skill

Networking and Communication Skill

Networking and Communication Skill

The First skill every entrepreneur need is Networking and Communication Skill, these 2 skills are for almost Everyone.

If you are able to influence and build connections with peoples then your work will be easier.

Almost every successful entrepreneur has these skills

Lack of communication skills will represent you as low energy person if you are handling a team you have to be good at communicating.

A powerful verbal and body language always delivers a deep message to the receiver. And when it’s come to Networking we know that

Your Network is Your Net worth

Meet  New people’s share your knowledge , experience and  build Strong relationship.

Be a Pro in Marketing and sales

Marketing and sales

Do you know Every successful Entrepreneur and startup founder is the Pro Marketer and salesperson! They know how to market their products and how to sell it

 Every person always sells something to someone whether it’s a Product or skill .

you also need to good at the Marketing and Sales part this is a key part that will drive your organization Sustainability.

By doing sales and Marketing part you will able to understand your customer deeply.

I want to give you an example of Elon Musk, one of the greatest Marketers in the 21st Century if you remembered Tesla motor’s recent cyber truck launch event.

Cyber truck windows glass got broken, Can you explain is that was a failed product launch event? Absolutely Not!  Even they have been 2,50,000 Pre-orders for Tesla Cyber truck now you can imagine how the freaking Marketer is Elon Musk.

By doing Marketing and sales you will also able to guide your Sales and Marketing Team. That’s Also reflect your business Model.

Human Resources management( hiring and firing)

This is the toughest Challenge ever in the history of the business world. hiring the right talent according to work is not a cup of tea.

Especially in India most of the Peoples are running out of skills and Knowledge, every company needs skilled employees for maximum potential growth.

As a startup founder, you need to choose the right talent unless you will end up in losses.

And also you need to know how to manage their KPIs and Assign daily tasks.

Another thing is Firing, Almost Every Startup play hiring and Firing Game. No one here wants to waste their money by paying salaries who isn’t even capable of that work. You need to understand when to fire an Employee.



It’s all about  Expenses and Profits. In the initial stage of your startup, you also need to Manage Your finance department.

How much money involved in working capital, product development, rents, employee’s salary, Marketing, maintenance, and What’s the result of your ROI.

You have to maintain a steady cash flow for your company. To do this you have to learn how to manage finance.

Relationship  skills

Building relationships is always a vital part of the business. A good relationship with your employees and customers will give you more success and happiness. People will connect more in relationships.

To build relationships with customers you can use social media and you can also personally gather feedbacks about your product service.

A healthy relationship will also help you to build a community. You can go deep in customer emotion by building relationships. That why it’s an important skill.Quick Adoption and curiosity to learn

Quick Adoption and curiosity to learn

Successful entrepreneurs and startup founders always accept market changes and they are fully curious to learn something new.

Those who don’t adopt Market changes they soon go out of business. The greatest example of this is Nokia, they didn’t adopt Android, and rest history says itself.

Be curious to learn something new every single day. Starting a venture will give you new adventures and challenges to be ready for that. More you will learn more you will improve.

Always try to accept what market looking for. Focus more to learn about your industry and always try different things.

And the most important thing is tools and technology, these both things quite need in order to get success.

So always be aggressive to learn about the technology and different things including your industry related knowledge.

Strategic Planning

Every business needs planning and strategy, As a startup founder, you need to Be more practical with planning whether it’s business model planning, marketing, or assign tasks to employees.

And strategy will give you a clear path of what to do. A simple and effective way to complete any task. Always try to plan your business.

Self Motivator

It is the utmost important Skill nowadays. Become a startup founder is not fancy anymore. Every one needs external motivation but as an entrepreneur, you need to create motivation yourself.

Remember you started your startup to inspire many other entrepreneurs behind you, so never think to give up.

Always try to push yourself harder, Many Challenges will Come you have to face it. So be your own self-motivation Machine

Time management skill

In this busy world the term time management feels like mission impossible ;),  everyone has 24 hours in a day but using it effectively is something that few people can do.

As an entrepreneur always remember your time is limited so don’t waste it into useless things.

Make a proper schedule for your day to day tasks, and give priority to important tasks. To learn time management only thing you need to do is practice.



it takes you to the next level. Nowadays brands going creative in Their Marketing campaigns, social media.

You need to be more creative in order to outrank your competitors.

No one wants the same thing, again and again, to be creative on what you are offering and how you delivering.

To learn creativity apply new things on every vertical of your brand whether it’s marketing, branding, social media advertising, packaging. Try to add some creativity.

Great entrepreneurs examples

 Elon Musk

Companies – Space X, Tesla Motors, Neuralink, the boring company, Open Ai, Solar City, and More,

Elon musk ( the real Tony stark) this man is literally changing the world. Anyone can’t match his vision, visionary and hardworking.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Companies – Apple, Next, Pixar

A man who introduced innovation to the world.

Jeff Bezos


A man who took revolution in E-commerce World.

Larry Page

Company – Google

Founder of Google worlds top search engine which changed the world and lives.


If you want to become an entrepreneur then skills are of utmost importance. Try to learn and execute more.

They are only want to achieve success is by doing that work only learning skills will not give you results. You can learn the above skills to be work more efficiently in your entrepreneur journey.



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