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Subconscious Mind: 3 Things You need to Know to Control it


Have you ever wonder why it is difficult to persist with new habits you trying to develop….

Do you remember the first time you learned to drive a bicycle or car and do you know once you learned it why you never forgot it?

Well, all these actions are controlled by our MIND!
Our actions are controlled by our conscious as well as the subconscious mind.

Let’s understand how they work.

What’s in it for me?

1. What is the conscious mind?
2. What is the subconscious mind?
3. Daily activities based on conscious and subconscious mind.
4. Power of subconscious mind
5. How to use the power of subconscious mind?
6. Summary
7. FAQ

What is Conscious mind?

Our brain receives tons of information day and night. We received it through our 5 sense organs. When those information received through total awareness of our mind it is a Conscious mind.

For example,
• The initial stage of learning any new language we have our total awareness of each words or sentences that we are using.

• The first time we learn to ride bicycle, we pay attention to handling and paddling of it as well as our attention towards balancing.

In all those activities our conscious mind is actively working, but have you ever thought why don’t we require much efforts once we learned to riding bicycle or driving car….?

Why does our foot moves to break paddle whenever accidentally others car comes in front of us….? where was our awareness…?

who was controlling our mind at that exact movement?? Here comes the picture of Subconscious mind

What is Subconscious Mind?

It is a part of our brain which control our body actions where we don’t need total consciousness or awareness. As simple as that.

Let’s take our daily life situations were our Subconscious mind is active (with Conscious mind being inactive).

• Speaking of native language which needs no efforts.
(A 1-year-old baby learns the meaning of new words when it hears any new word and right after any action performed which is done consciously (Conscious mind active).

But when the same kid grows up due to constitutes repetition of the same words over the per the iod of the time those words sit in its subconscious mind and once this happens mind speaks language subconsciously.) Also read : Fear in subconsicous mind

Daily activities performed under conscious and subconscious mind

Conscious ActivitiesSubconscious Activities
Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Belief, Creativity
Logical Thinking Emotions & FeelingsLogical Thinking Emotions & Feelings
Short term memory Development strategiesShort term memory Development strategies
Will power Long term memoryWill power Long term memory

Power of subconscious mind

It will be interesting to know that your subconscious mind constitutes 90% of your total mind, and rest 10% is by the conscious mind.
Source: simplifyinginterfaces.com

Everything in your daily life is run by your subconscious mind. It keeps on working continuously day and night.

Everything that you see through your see, feel, touch through your sense organs gets automatically stored in your subconscious mind, actions along with their particular emotions.

For example, a person who gets very anxious at speaking in front of people. This could because in his past there could have been an incident where people might had made him disappoint by laughing at him in his speech.

This incident get stored into his subconscious mind attached with a negative emotion of FEAR.

Subconscious mind will remind this incident again in future whenever he has to deal with speaking in front of people which will make him more nervous.

This is the emotions stored in your subconscious mind related to that particular incident. If the same incident happens with a person again in the future it will get stronger.

Any thought or emotion related to a specific incident over the period of years becomes quite impossible to change it.

Our inner mind is derived from what we see externally.

For that reason, people stuck in below poverty line. Because all their life they have just seen poverty. That becomes their conviction and they stuck in the same situation.

There by it is difficult to change the mind of an adult who has been programmed for 30, 40, 50 years of his life.
In this way, your subconscious mind affects you in a negative way and we become part of the Hypnotic Rhythm.

Well, that was just one side of the coin, what I mean is you can use the subconscious mind with your total awareness and harness the positive in life.

Your subconscious mind accepts any thoughts be it a positive or negative, it doesn’t concern about that.
This is how all the concepts of success has been developed, like

1. Repeat positive thoughts.
2. The point of your focus gets expands.
3. Feel gratitude for every little things God has given to you.
4. Always focus on the upside.
So on…

Alright, now you might say I know all secret power of the subconscious mind and now I can use it the way I want.

Yes, it is possible but it’s not an easy process, you are trying to change your mind which has been programmed for the many years of your life. If you try to change your mind it will surely resist.

So, I have provided some of the ways to reprogram the subconscious which works effectively if used persistently.

How to reprogram your subconscious mind?

Right now what internal mind of the people is derived by their external structure and what’s in their inner world is outcast in the external world. They have been doing it unconsciously.

Your internal world consists of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and this collectively forms your IDENTITY.

Your external world consist of what you see, materials etc
How to transform ourself?

Do this exercise, take a piece of paper divide it in two sections, left and right.

LEFT side write down your current versions Traits, Characteristics and Achievement.
RIGHT side write your desire versions Traits, Characteristics and Achievements.

Then follow the methods given:

One of the most effective ways is Affirmation, it is also referred to as Mantra’s nothing but a set of words.

How to Reprogram your subconscious mind using affirmation?

It requires 3 ingredients

1. Concise choice of positive words (Affirmations)

2. Clear visualization.

3. Corresponding feelings.

Read: Think and Grow Rich book to understand this concepts in depth.

How to use it? Here is the way…

First, choose the concise positive such ‘I AM CONFIDENT’ or ‘I AM HAPPY’ then clearly visualize the picture of your words as in our case being confident visualize how your body language would be, your voice tone, you are having proper eye contact.

And also the visualize the place where you are standing, who are the people around you.

Lastly, feel the corresponding emotions: as you say CONFIDENT feelyour self-confidence level, feel the vibration of your voice tone, feel the emotions triggering inside you.

Out of these three feelings is the most important parameter, FEELINGS are EMOTIONS, emotions vibrate at a certain frequency. And this thought is reached to the subconscious mind in the form of vibrations.

Read our other blog: How to build True Confidence?

In the beginning, it would little difficult to convince your mind, but doing consistently you will realize the power of your mind.


1. Behavior that happens in your whole presence or awareness is control through your conscious mind.

2. Behavior that happens without your conscious attention is under the control of your subconscious mind.

3. Conscious activities such as Critical thinking, logic, short term memory, willpower.

4. Subconscious activities such as beliefs, thoughts, habits, long term memory.

5. Your current version is the result of your past years of programming,

6. The inner world and external world works corresponding to each.

7. Till now your inner world has been derived by your external world.

8. To take control of your life you need to reprogram your mind life by your consciousness.

9. Steps to reprogram your mind:
1. Concise choice of positive words.
2. Precisely visualizing your desire want.
3. The corresponding feeling should be experienced.

10. Do it persistently until you manifest your desire into reality.


1. Can Subconscious mind work negatively on us?

Ofcourse, it can it doesn’t look whether the thought is positive or negative, it just accept any of it. But we can control our thought through our conscious mind. Therefore, conscious mind is called as gate for the subconscious mind.

2. Subconscious mind to create wealth?

Not just wealth infact anything you want you can program your subconscious mind in that way. You can achieve anything in like, only you should know the right way of using it.

3. Book to read more about Subconscious mind.

3. How to Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious Mind: A 52-week Guide by Joseph Murphy.
4. The Genie Within: The Essays by Harry Carpenter



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