HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST HACK TO SAVE TIME AND STAY ORGANISED… By the way. There is no such field in the world where professionals do not need productivity and calendar hacks to save time. But the entrepreneur is more than they need because for their company, They have to do many times, which usually … Read more

Top secrets of living a Balanced Life

Keeping balance in life Do you know how peace and happiness is gained in life? A simple answer is by keeping balance in life. Keeping balance between all the forms of life, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. The idea of keeping the balance and what does it really means differs from one person to another. … Read more

25 Ways of Saving money as per your Profession in 2020.

Many of us might be feeling or wondering about saving money but you are not alone. Because according to statistics, nearly three in 10 (28 percent) U.S. adults have no emergency savings, according to Bankrate’s latest Financial Security Index. The only way to save money is you should be conscious, figure out the utmost things … Read more

What is Income? Secrets of Passive and Active Income 3 Important Assets.

“Income is money you get in exchange for service or product selling in any company or corporation.” In ancient times the people exchanged their things or service behalf or their service that is called the Bata system. Now the currency is coming inflow. Money is a value or your work or service which you are … Read more

The NBFC Crisis In India

The NBFC crisis is a situation where NBFC face liquidity problems and losses by default loans, NPA, and high-interest debts. Non-banking financial companies play a vital role in the economic growth of the country. These financial companies provide funds to infrastructure projects like real estate companies, businesses, and individuals. These financial institutions offer banking services … Read more