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Waste Management in India- Challenges & Opportunities

Waste management ensures that the disposal process is carried out in an efficient and safe way. Now let’s talk about India.

Solid Waste Management – Know How

Solid waste refers to all non liquid waste generated from animal and human activities that are discarded as unwanted and useless.

Waste Management- Know How to Save Earth

Waste Management includes all the activities and actions that require managing the waste from its inception to its final disposal.

Plastic Waste Management- An insight

Plastic seems all pervasive and unavoidable. This is why we need plastic waste management system. India generates 15...

Waste water Management-How is it done?

Wastewater is any water that requires cleaning after use, for instance water that has been used for toilets, kitchens, bathing etc.

Waste Management at Home-Why and How

There is famous saying that "Charity begins at Home" which means before taking care of others one should take care of his...

Importance of Waste Management-Why we need it?

Waste =useless unwanted things that people doesn't need, also known as garbage, trash, rubbish etc. This is the definition...

R’s of Waste Management (Evolution)

The R's of waste management are the lifeline of effective waste management system (Check this out: Waste Management- Know How) because without...

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