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21 Essential Tips for Skincare in Summer for Radiant skin


Summer is that period when your skin has to face loads of challenges. Skincare in summer is important because summer brings with it many skin problems like sunburn, tanning, dull skin and oily dark skin.

Harmful UV rays can not only make your skin dark and dull but also increases the signs and aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Skincare can help.

What’s in it for me:

  1. Morning and Night Skincare in summer
  2. 13 skincare tips
  3. Home remedies for skin burn
  4. 5 refreshing skin recipes for glowing skin
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ’s

 Many dermatologists and experts have advised that summer needs more care. Skincare should be perfect like Korean skincare. Want to Know how-10 steps Korean skincare for glowing skin

Morning and Night skincare in summer

CleanseFirst step of skincare in summer is to clean your face and get rid of all dirt and pollution. In summer days, due to the hot climate and harsh sun your pores are clogged with sweat and pollution.

It is very important to clean your makeup before going to bed. This step should be followed in the early morning and before bed at night.

Cleansers are of two types oil-based cleanser and foam-based cleanser. Apply both the cleanser and wash of your face with cold or lukewarm water.

Exfoliate– Exfoliating is crucial. It is recommended to exfoliate once or twice a week. If you have hypersensitive skin then exfoliate with a mild exfoliator once a week.

Exfoliation helps cleanse your pores. It reduces acnes and pimples.Use mild exfoliator and scrub for 2-3 minutes on your face and neck.

Don’t exfoliate too harsh as it can lead to breakouts.

Toner– Toners are used to tone your skin and get rid of skin discoloration. They help in pH balance of your skin and gives instant glow.

It helps to control excess oil production. It helps get rid of acne scars, and gives you even skin tone. Choose toners that contain aloe vera or green tea extracts.

Apply toner with cotton pad or directly. Pat on your skin for more absorption.

Moisturizer– Moisturising in summers is also important. Many of you might be thinking that there is no need to moisturize in summer.

But it’s a myth, your skin needs moisture in summers also. It basically depends on your skin type. Dry skin needs more moisturizer than oily skin. It’s important to moisturize in summers also. It will make your skin look more young and flawless.

Sun Protection– It is the most important step of all. In summers the sun is at its highest peak. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a higher level of SPF. Don’t go out of your house without applying sunscreen. Reapply sunscreen after every 2 hours. Cover your hands and feets with sunscreen. Stay hydrated and drink lots of juices that help you get hydration. 

13 skincare tips for summer –

13 skincare tips will help you get radiant skin this summer.

Skincare is not just applying products on your skin. You have to genuinely take care of your skin by changing your food and lifestyle just a bit.

Follow these Skincare tips to make your skin visibly attractive.

1. Stay Hydrated

Sun and heat soak all your moisture and makes it dull and dark. Proper hydration is a must in summer. Hydrate yourself by drinking refreshing juices.

5 refreshing juices for Skin Hydration are mentioned below .

2. Skincare is Suncare

In Summer, blazing sun and heat radiate harmful UV rays. UV rays are extremely harmful to your skin. A proper sunscreen that gives you ultimate protection from UVA and UVB rays is a must. Generally, dermatologists recommend to choose a sunscreen with a higher SPF broad spectrum. PA level should be high.

3. Exfoliation is a must

Excess heat and humidity makes your skin sticky and oily. Due to open pores and oily skin, more dirt and pollution is stick into your skin.

     Exfoliation only can help. Pollution and dirt should be removed by regular exfoliation. It also makes your skin smooth and your pores dirt-free.

Many natural exfoliators like brown sugar, coffee grounds can help you. But don’t over-exfoliate your skin, as it will leave your skin irritated and you might end up getting rashes.

4. Wipe off your makeup

Due to the hot climate your pores are widely open. If you sleep with your makeup on can clog into your pores and cause pimples and acne.

5. Time to switch your moisturizer

      No moisturizing in summer due to oily skin is a – Myth. Switch to a lighter and non-greasy moisturizer that will help you soothe your skin and help sunburn.

6. Try a hand on DIY recipes

 DIY masks, creams, and gels are the best option in summer days. Try DIY soothing masks and gels. They are 100% natural and paraben-free, which help you get perfect skin and glowing effect.

7. Use a Refreshing Toner

A Soothing toner is a must when summer is around the corner. Toner helps your skin even out your skin tone. It gives you a refreshing feel.

8. Eat antioxidant, nutrition-rich food

Fruits, Green veggies, fresh juices are best during summer. Oranges, grapes, and berries help protect your skin cells. They help your skin to get glowing skin from within.

9.Things to carry

Make a list of essentials when going out in the sun. Always carry water, sunscreen, scarf and other essentials to cover your face and body to protect from harmful sun rays.

10. Seek for Shade

Sunscreen is not enough. Sunscreen does not provide you 100% protection. Use sunscreen and also carry an umbrella or scarf to protect your face and body from direct exposure to harmful UV rays.

11. Don’t forget your body

Apply sunscreen to your hands and feet too. Use sandals to cover your feet.

12. Avoid Junk Food

In summer days your body needs more antioxidants and hydrating diet. Junk foods are extra spicy, oily, and unhealthy which can be harmful to your skin and body.

13. Choose products wisely for summer.

The first thing to consider while buying any products is to know your skin type. Take a skin test and know your skin type. Choose a product according to your skin type. Types of skin-Normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive.

Home remedies for sunburn and tan removal

Sunburn is caused due to excess exposure to the sun (UV rays). Sunburn causes skin redness, pain, and skin burning.

Skincare in summer is important to get rid of sunburn. Check out how you can protect your skin from sun naturally even without sunscreen.

1. Place a cool pack or bath in a cool shower to heal sunburn.

2. While bathing you can add apple cider vinegar for pH balance.

3. Aloe Vera– Aloe Vera has magical healing properties. It is well-known for soothing and giving refreshing feel.  Directly apply aloe vera from plant or apply aloe vera gel on the affected area.

4. Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin.

5. Apply moisturizer to heal sunburn and soothe your skin.

   5 refreshing Juices recipes for glowing skin

  Truly, it said “Beauty comes from within”. This has to remember nowadays because your lifestyle has changed a lot. Instead of Healthy greens, fruits, and nutrition-rich diet our plates are filled with burgers, pizzas, and carbonated drinks.

Health should be your lifestyle. These juices are well-known to flush toxins out of your body and making your skin fair and glowing. Properly consumed these super drinks can reduce acne, acne scars, dark circles give you glowing skin.

These juices are perfect for summers. If you truly are a bit concerned about your skin then replace your carbonated drinks with these healthy juices.

1.Watermelon Juice                                 

Watermelon is rich in Vitamins A and B. They are most loved fruits in summer, to cool down a hot blaze of summer. Super Tasty, this drink will provide you hydration and nourishment.It is best juice for skincare in summer.

 Watermelon is rich in Vitamins and Minerals like potassium and magnesium. It contains lycopene which gives you natural protection from harmful UV rays. It helps reduce blemishes, acne, and wrinkles.

Drink watermelon juice for a month and you will see visible results. Drink about a glass of watermelon juice in breakfast. Add mint leaves, ginger, or honey for better taste.

2. Orange Juice

This tasty juice which is rich in Vitamins can do wonders to your skin. Rich in Vitamin C helps you get rid of uneven skin tone, gives you glow from within. This juice is best to hydrate your skin. It contains citric acid which helps get rid of acne, pimples and fade scars. Early morning glass of orange juice is perfect to start your day.

Drink freshly extracted orange juice. Bottle and canned juice are filled with preservatives, and lots of sugar which ultimately not benefit your skin in any way.

3. Tomato Juice

Easily available in Kitchen, tomatoes can help you against aging signs. Tomatoes are well-known to de-tan and provide natural UV protection from the sun. It will give you a natural glow and fair skin.It is best juice for skincare in summer.

Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and A and Lycopene helps get rid of acne scars, skin discoloration, de-tan your skin. It also helps reduce pigmentation. Consume one glass of fresh tomato juice in the early morning for better results.

4. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is the most healthy and refreshing juice. It has a long list of benefits. In summer, your body needs hydration and Aloe Vera is known for its cooling effect. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals like B, C, E, and folic acid. It is best juice for skincare in summer

Aloe Vera provides hydration and helps fight acne. It also provides natural protection from harmful UV rays. It helps against acne, wrinkles, and fine lines. Consume Aloe Vera juice empty stomach in early morning.

5. Pomegranate Juice

This anti-inflammatory juice is the most nutritious. It is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. This juice will provide you hydration and give you glowing fair skin. This is best to consume in summers.

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Skincare in summer is crucial for Radiant skin. Skincare just doesn’t mean by applying multiple products on your skin.

You have to genuinely take care of your skin like a baby.

Above are mentioned 13 skincare tips to care for your skin this summer.

Also, you’ll get home remedies for sunburn and tan removal. These home remedies will help you get rid of suntan.

Also follow skincare routine for morning and night for glowing skin. These is a simple 5 step skincare for summer.

These Skincare routine will give you clear and spotless skin.

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF

Moreover, I have mentioned 5 refreshing juices to hydrate your skin.


1. What sunscreen should I use?

A. Choose a sunscreen that provides Broad-spectrum protection. SPF should be higher than 30.

2. From which age should I start using sunscreen?

A.  You should start using sunscreen form 10 years. Most Asian women apply sunscreen to their children’s from the age of 5. It’s better to start applying sunscreen early with dermatologists consultation.

3. Do I need skincare in summer?

Yes, Of course. You need to follow Skincare routine for whole year. Skincare changes from season to season but it’s mandatory to have a skincare in summer.

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