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Top 10 Best Cow Breeds That will Earn You More Profit


Cow breeds have been a metal in our country since ancient times. The climate is different in every geography in our country, so the breeds of cows are also different.

Cows are very important in our Indian culture. Cow’s milk is very nutritious for our bodies. So cow’s milk should be included in our daily diet.

A cow is an animal that does not adapt quickly to climate. So if the cow’s habitat changes, it will have difficulty in surviving.

So I have mentioned here some of the oldest and most famous cow breeds of India.

The following cow breeds are very popular and good in India.

What’s in for me

(1) Gir
(2) Hariani
(3) Sahiwal
(4) Red Sidhi
(5) Rathi
(6) kankrej
(7) Ongole
(8) Deoni
(9) Tharparkar
(10) Krishna Valley

(1) Gir

The name of the Gir cow indicates the area in which it is seen.

So, Gir cow breeds are found in the forests of Gir in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

It is also found in the surrounding areas like Jamnagar and Kathiawar.

Apart from Gir, it is also known as Bhadavari, Deshan, Gujarati, Sorathi, Kathiawadi.

The color of the Gir cow is red, And in cow breeds, there are spots of creamy white color on the body. It is either too long, And it has horns half round, And both are parallel to the ground.

The body shape of the Gir cow is low and heavy. So, This is a strong fading.

So these bulls are very strong, And used to work hard in heavy soils. this cow breeds are famous for stretching more weight.

Gir cow is the best cow breeds of cow in India. It gives an average of 5-6 litres of milk twice a day and once a day. Some improved Gir cows also give 10-12 litres of milk at a time.

But, In Sarangpur village in Surendranagar, Gujarat, Gir cows are found to be giving 12-15 liters of milk at a time.

Gir cow’s milk also has a fat content of 5-6%, Which is higher than other species. And it contains very good nutrients.

So, Gir cow’s milk is very beneficial for our body.

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(2) Hariani

Its area can be known from the name of the Haryana cow. So,The breed of Haryana cow occurs in the Haryana area.

It was also formerly known as “Hisar” and “Hansi”.

The name derives from its place of origin.

So, cow Breeds of Haryana cows are found in Hisar, Rohtak, Sonipat, Gurgaon district of Haryana.

And in Haryana, as well as in some areas of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

The breed is white and sometimes gray in color. So,Their horns are small. but their face is long and slender.

The bull of this breed is very famous. So,This breed is a well-known name for producing bulls of good breed.

Cows of this breed do not give much milk. It gives 6-7 liters of milk during a day.

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(3) Sahiwal

The place of origin of Sahiwal cows is Montgomery district in the Punjab of Pakistan.

The cow breeds are also known as “Lola”, “Long Bar”, “Tally”, and “Montgomery”.

The Sahiwal breed is the best milking Indian breed.

This caste occurs in Ferozepur and Amritsar districts of Punjab, And occurs in the Ganganagar district of Rajasthan.

The color of Sahiwal is brown-red. Its horns are very small. but upwards. His ankle is very developed.

These cows give 10-12 liters of milk during the day, And her fats are good too.

(4) Red sidhi

The Red Sindhi breed is derived from “Las Bela” cattle in the Bela state of Balochistan.

Red Sindhi Jati is originally from Pakistan,But it is found in many states of India like Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Bihar.

The cow breeds are also known as “Malir”, “Red Karachi”, and “Sidhi”.

The color of this cow is reddish-brown to dim yellow. Its horns are initially thick and then abyssal. but the upper side is curved.

These cows give an average of 1824 liters of milk during the period of lactation, And gives a maximum of 2600 liters of milk.

(5) Rathi

The origin of Rathi cow is “Lunkaranasar” taluka of Bikaner district. Which is also known as Rathi region.

These cows are bred in arid areas of Rajasthan like Bikaner, Ganganagar, and Jaisalmer districts.

This cow has the blood of Sahiwal cow.

So,The color of this cow is brown. And there are white stripes all over the body. But The lower part of the body is light.

The horns of this cow are short and of medium size, And the outside is curved.

These cow breeds give an average of 1560 liters of milk in the Lactation period, and their milking range  is 1062 to 2810 liters.

(6) kankrej

The name Kankraj is given from its geographical area. So, It is known as Kankraj as it is found in Kank region in Banaskantha district.

So,This Kankrej caste occurs in Banaskantha, Kutch, Mehsana, Sabarkantha and Ahmedabad districts of Gujarat.

As well as in Barmer and Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan.

Kankrej is also known as “wadad”, “vagadia”, “Talabad”, “Nagar”, and “Bonnai”.

These oxen are very fast, powerful, and strong. This breed is famous for producing bulls.

Which is used in the work of farming

They range in color from silver-gray to iron-gray or steel-gray.

This cow gives an average of 1738 liters of milk in lactation. And its range is from 800 to 1800 liters.

(7) Ongole

Ongole is named after its geographical area. So,The caste is known as Ongole as it is found in Ongole taluka of Andhra Pradesh.

Ongle Breed is also known as Nellore. That is also because of its geographical area Nellore taluka.

The color of Ongol breed is glossy white. And the color of the bull is gay.

The horns of this breed are abyssal and the back is long.

These cows give an average of 798 liters of milk in lactation. And contains 3.79 fat.

(8) Deoni        

The name of this cow is derived from its native “Deoni” taluka.

The region of this breed is Parbhani, Nanded, Osmanabad, and Latur districts of Maharashtra. As well as Bidar district of Karnataka.

The color of this breed is mainly spotted black and white. But it is also known by other names because of its color. Such as “balankya” if the complex is white, “Wannera” if it is completely white with a few black faces. And if there are black and white spots known as “Waghyd” or “Shevera”.

This breed gives an average of 868 liters of milk at the time of lactation and contains 4.3% fat.

(9) Tharparkar

The Tharparkar breed is named after its native region, the “Desert of Thar”.

This breed is found in the Indo-Pak border areas. Such as in the desert of Kutch, in the area of ​​Barmer and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.

The color of this breed is white or gray. The color of his bull is dark.

It is a suitable animal for the climate of the arid region.

This breed gives an average of 1749 liters of milk in lactation time, and its milking is 913 to 2147 liters.

And her milk contains an average of 5% fat.

(10)  Krishna Valley cow breeds

The name Krishna Valley is derived from its place of origin.

These cow breeds are found in the riparian areas of the Krishna river.

Krishna Valley Breed occurs in Belgaum, Bijapur and Raichur districts of Karnataka. While in Satara, Sangli and Solapur districts of Maharashtra.

The usual color of this cow is gray-white. But her bull is a little dark.

This breed is strong enough to be used for weight lifting. Krishna Valley Breed gives very little milk.

you want know milk production of India.


In our country India, cow has been given much importance since ancient times. So in our country all breeds of cow have developed. Which we saw in this blog. Apart from that, there are many other varieties. But in all this, Gir and Sahiwal are very good varieties.



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