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Jobs in Film Industry-2020- How to get Job in Films

Jobs in Film industry

In this blog I will tell you about the top 3 jobs in Film Industry. There are different jobs in the film industry based upon the skill set of a particular person.

Well on talking about the Film Industry you will agree that every person in his or her childhood has dreamt of doing something in films or related to films most of the kids had thought to be an actor.

But the actor is not the only job in the film industry there are other respectful jobs also in the film industry, like Director, cinematographer, Producer and many more.

You must have always thought that the two main jobs in filmmaking are the actor and director. But it’s not true let me tell you that there are many other jobs other than the actor and director in the film industry. 


Types of jobs in the film industry

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Introduction- What is Acting

 I  think that anything that is related to art or any other creative form is inborn within a personality.

The definition of art only tells that art is an inborn quality or a skill that is Mastered over a long period of time by practicing it and experimenting with different things or theories in it.

Acting is a job where you need to portray characters that are different from you. Acting also needs a good observance skill.

Usually, people think that acting is an easy job and one only needs to speak in a different way and act like someone else but that’s not the real game.

 Sometimes actors while giving a shot or a performance also inculcates their real-life experience and emotions to have a connection with that character. And this thing can be seen through the screen when the audience connects with the emotion and the journey of the character.

I feel that a person is to be a good actor when the people think that the character which is being depicted by the actor is the same in their real-life also. If you want to know more about some successful actors click here: Superstars of the Film Industry

Well, once a great  acting teacher said:  Acting is Behaving Truthfully in an imaginary situation .”


Acting as a profession compulsorily doesn’t need a formal education but if you are having the money And the power to spend it then you must opt for acting school. But experience also works as a learning you can also work in theatre workshops to know more about the profession.

Theatre plays- Acting

There are many well-reputed and good acting schools opened in India also as India is the largest market for the film and entertainment industry. 



Students who don’t have enough money or cannot afford a school can go to the Center for Research in Art of Film and Television school. As it is a non-profitable organization and serves for the public interest. 

But the admission is given after a session of personal interview and only limited students are taken.


Jobs for Actors in film industry- tips and tricks

When it comes to jobs for actors I think that one should start from whatever role is offered to him without having any reservations for their dream role at the start of their career.

But the most important trick is networking more the people know of you and your talent more work you would get. This can be done by giving more auditions and showcasing your talent.


  1. What Does a Film Director DO
  2. Qualifications
  3. Jobs

Director is often called the captain of the ship. it’s because as a captain directs or decides the destination and the direction of the ship.

In the same way the director also decides the destination of the film and the way the pen would be presented.

According to my point of view a director is a Blend of an actor, editor,  cinematographer, costume design, etc.

  What does a Film Director do?

 In a nutshell this question means what are the roles and responsibilities of a film director. As I already told you the director is the captain of the ship.

So he decides the look of the film and many more things

In filmmaking there are three stages pre-production, production, and post-production and he is the only person who is involved in all three stages other than the producer.

The director plays an important role in casting the character of the film and he only gives the briefing of the character to the casting director.

In production the film is shot according to his vision only, in the post-production stage he sits with the editor and decides how the film is to be shown. Director is closely linked with the producer who sees the business of the films .

To know more about the business of the films click here: Business Model of Films

In a totality, the director is responsible for all the creative and technical aspects.


The job of a director is based on his skill set rather than his degree or any other professional qualification. A director must have certain skills like Leadership skills, Decision-making skills appreciative skills, and many more. if you want to see some magnificent examples of movies with great filmmaking click here:

  1. Begum Jaan
  2. Tumbbad

Most important is how he incorporates his experiences into his films

If you want to know more about filmmaking click here: 4 Stages Of Filmmaking


Every person requires some experience of the job. That experience can only be taken starting from the lower level of the work. Director also requires his team to guide him and help him.

So there are many jobs related to directing such as the job of chief assistant director. The director And the chief assistant director work very closely on the three stages of filmmaking. The chief assistant director understands the creative behavior of the director and according to that assigns the work to his team.

Another job is of assistant directors. Assistant Directors are appointed as per project requirements. Normally in any project, there are minimum 2 assistant directors but the requirement increases as the scope of the project increases.


  1. What is Writing
  2. Qualifications
  3. jobs

1. What is Writing

In every film, the story is the most essential thing that has to be there and without that, the film is only a set of moving pictures. Writing is the most difficult part of the filmmaking process. The story is one of the conventions of film genres. To know more about film genres click here : Film Genres

WIthout story writers no one in the industry would get any work. for eg if there is no story then actors would not get to play any characters on the screen, producers would have nothing to manage and financer would have nothing to invest on as without a story a film cannot be made

But unfortunately in India, we have the least amount of people working in this profession. This is because they never get the due recognition and compensation.


Well there are many courses from the certified film schools for creative writing

But in any form of art more than the degree the important thing is the skillset. A writer must possess certain skills like imagination, creativity keeping technical aspects in mind. the most important is that one should have a good command of a language.


 From my research, I want to tell you that this is such a profession where the requirements writers are more but people with such great skills are not more present in the country. So if your an aspiring writer with a good skill set you can also choose you can choose following hobs in film industry for writers

  1. Scriptwriter
  2. Screenplay writer
  3. Dialogue writer
  • 1. Scriptwriter: So the scriptwriter writes the storyline, theme, and plot of the story on which the film has to be made.
  • 2. Screenplay writer: writes the  movements, action, and gestures which means from where will actor say the dialogue how he moves things etc.often director has a huge contribution in screenplay wiṛiting
  • 3. Dialogue writer: simply writes the dialogues according to the scenes and story. In simple words he writes the conversation of the characters

After seeing many interviews of writers, producers, and directors .They have been complaining about the lack of presence of good writers in the industry and majorly Hindi film industry.

That’s the reason why in recent years Bollywood has produced more sequels and remakes of either old films or south films. The trend of biopics has also begun in Bollywood because of the lack of original story writers.


So these were the top 3 jobs recommended by me if you want to have a career in the film industry

More information you might like to know about Indian films click here:


1.what job in the film industry is right for me?

It’s all upon you. In which job do you feel more interested and can not think of anything while working.

2.How to get a job in the film industry with no experience?

What I think is experience is must needed for increasing your skill.
But if you don’t have any experience you should be a pitch for assistant jobs

3.How to find jobs in the film industry?

Nowadays social media helps you to find some. As there are many posts uploaded on social media for every kind of job. So you just need to search for it.



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