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Amazing Tourist places in Kolkata in 2020 | The City of Joy


Hey! Are you looking for help in planning your trip? Kolkata can be a good option for you. So let us know in detail about the Tourist Place of Kolkata.

I think you don’t know, Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium Is The 3rd Largest Cricket Stadium In The World. Kolkata was the capital of India from 1773 to 1911 under British rule.

So in this blog, I will tell you about some beautiful Tourist places in Kolkata

What’s in it for me?

  1. Victoria Memorial
  2. Howrah Bridge
  3. Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium
  4. How many seats are in the Garden of Eden?
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is a historic and large marble building in Kolkata. Now Victoria Memorial is a Museum and a tourist attraction in Kolkata. It is located in Queen’s Way Kolkata.

It is built in the memory of Queen Victoria Celebrating 25 years of rule over India. This beautiful monument shows the joy of the city. The Victoria Memorial in London is almost Same to the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. It is a must-visit place in the city of Joy.

The architecture is the mixture of British and Mughal. It is also known as Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture. This architectural style was followed by the British in the 19th century in India. The foundation of the Victoria Memorial was laid by The Prince of Wales on 4 January 1906.

In the top of the central dome of the Victoria Memorial, a figure of Angle of Victory which rotates with the air. Near the central dome of the Victoria Memorial, there are many sculptures are made which symbolise art, architecture, charity justice, motherhood, learning and prudence.

Makrana marble

Like Taj Mahal Victoria Memorial is also made of Makrana marble and its dome and other structure are also inspired by Taj Mahal. In Victoria Memorial, there is a total of 25 galleries of which one of it shows the whole history of Bengal.

These 25 galleries also include the royal gallery, the national leader’s gallery, the portrait gallery, central hall, the sculpture gallery, the arms and armoury gallery and the newer, Calcutta gallery.

I have read some articles which say before the Victoria Memorial, there was a presidency jail. To build the Victoria Memorial the presidency jail was shifted to Alipur. The most important thing is to build the Victoria Memorial the fund was raised all over India and all over the Bengal, it means the Indians have funded the Victoria Memorial.

Many of the statues from the Victoria Memorial were built by the British after independence in 1947, removed or replaced with Indian sculptures. So feel proud to say that the Victoria Memorial is funded by the Indian people. The Victoria Memorial is one of the best Tourist Place of Kolkata.

How to visit Victoria Memorial?

You can visit here by all means of transport, it’s very easy to find a Taxi, Bus or E-rickshaw. The nearest metro stations are Maidan Metro and Rabindra Sadan Metro stations.

Best time to visit Victoria Memorial?

The best time to visit Victoria Memorial is between October to March. The summer is very suffocating in Bengal and the winter season is best to visit Victoria Memorial.
The Victoria Memorial opens at 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and remains closed on Monday and National Holidays.

Please Note: Ticket counter closes half an hour before the closure of galleries

Howrah Bridge

Do you know? The Howrah Bridge is the one and only bridge in the world without any pillars. The beauty of Howrah Bridge is popular not only in Bengal but It is also a famous bridge in India and all over the World.

I know you have seen many types of bridges in your life but Howrah Bridge is a very unique bridge. People in India as well as in all other countries discuss the uniqueness of this bridge. Howrah Bridge is also famous in Bollywood as well as Hollywood movie shooting.

The Howrah Bridge is the first bridge to be made without any pillars and if you see the bridge with a distance you will get to see that the bridge is lightly swinging. Howrah Bridge is also known as Rabindra Setu, and it connects Howrah to Kolkata.

You will be amazed to know that 100,000 vehicles are burnt daily on Howrah Bridge. Howrah Bridge was the third-longest cantilever bridge at the time of its construction but now it is at sixth position.


In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss the construction of this bridge was started in 1937, the weight of this bridge is 26,500 tons. It has a total length of 705 m and a height of 82 m. The bridge flows through the heart of Hoogly River. From the bridge, the whole Hoogly River can be seen and the cool air which comes from the Hoogly River gives pleasure to the tourist.

Tourist visit here and take selfies and photos to capture the beauty of Howrah Bridge. If you ever visit Kolkata and you haven’t tasted the world-famous Roshogulla of Kolkata and secondly the Howrah Bridge then

you haven’t seen anything in Kolkata. And the night view of the bridge is so awesome you will think that you are watching a bridge of heaven. So I think Howrah Bridge is a must-go place in Kolkata and it is one of the best Tourist places in Kolkata.

Who made Howrah Bridge?

Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company Constructed the Howrah Bridge from 1936 to 1942. Rendel, Palmer and Tritton designed the Howrah Bridge.

What is special in Howrah Bridge?

Howrah Bridge is carrying almost 100,000 vehicles daily and 150,000 peoples. Also, the Howrah Bridge doesn’t have any pillar and this makes the Howrah Bridge so special.

How old Howrah Bridge is?

The construction of the bridge was started in 1936 and ended in 1942. It was opened for the public transport on 3 Feb 1943. So you can calculate the age of Howrah Bridg.

Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium

Do you know? Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium is the oldest cricket stadium in India which was established in 1864 with a seating capacity of 66,349. Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium is both cricket and football multipurpose ground in Kolkata.

It was the largest stadium in India but currently, the newly built Sardar Patel Stadium is the largest stadium in Ahmedabad, India with a seating capacity of 110,000. The Stadium is the home ground of Kolkata Knight Riders and Bengal Cricket Team.

Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium also hosts the Test, ODI, T20 of India National Cricket Team. The first-ever day/night test match was played on 22 November 2019 at the Eden Gardens between India and Bangladesh.

Rohit Sharma breaks the record of highest runs made by an individual in ODI with 264 runs here. First match played without any artificial lighting was The Hero Cup knockout matches

The match played between India and England on Jan 5, 1934, was the first test. Match played between India and Pakistan on Feb 18, 1987, was the One Day International. The match played between India and England on Oct 29, 2011, was the T20 match. The Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium is one of the best Tourist Place of Kolkata.

Best Time To Visit Eden Gardens

You can visit the ground at any time of the month season, in pleasant weather in the evening hours. You can spectate the stadium when no matches are going on just you need the permission from CAB or Cricket Association of Bengal, but can’t play on the playground.

How many seats are in the Garden of Eden?

The seating capacity of Eden Gardens is 68,000. In 2011 the seating capacity of Eden Gardens was 66,349.

Why is the Eden Gardens famous?

Eden Gardens is famous for its seating capacity of 68,000. And it is one of the most iconic stadiums in the world. It has also withness some of the most memorable thrilling matches of the history. And these matches make Eden Gardens most famous Tourist places in Kolkata.

India v/s England1962
India v/s West Indies1975
India v/s South Africa1993
India v/s Australia2001
India v/s Pakistan2005
India v/s West Indies2013

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Visiting Kolkata can be a best and memorable trip for you, here you will find some new dishes, a new language and the historic places makes the place more beautiful. The Roshogulla, Mishti Doi are some famous sweets you can try. So whenever you visit here, you must try this.

Frequently asked Questions

For What Kolkata is famous for?

Kolkata is famous for its name ‘City of Joy’, and the sweets and more like Roshogulla, Mishti Doi, Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium, Indian Museum are some Famous places in Kolkata are the pride of Kolkata.

What is the best time to visit Kolkata?

October to February are the best months to visit Kolkata. The winter and autumn are the best seasons for Kolkata. If there is a Cricket World Cup then you must visit once to watch the thrilling matches of the world cup.

What is the Capacity of Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium?

The seating capacity of Eden Gardens is 68,000. In 2011 the seating capacity of Eden Gardens was 66,349. Eden Gardens is the oldest cricket ground in India which was established in 1864.



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